star wars cosplayers

Hey Padme, do you think anyone would even want him if we recycled?


Some more of my favorite costumes from Katsucon! I apologize for being in so many of these photos, myself haha. Oops. But all of their costumes were amazing!

Winter Belle: disneyprincessnia
Art Nouveau Zelda group (part of our friend Shauna’s group ahh): lettelle, mangosirene, and melvinopolis
Sailor Neptune: aureliancosplay
Darling Charming: phantasmalfawn
Snow White is me!

Just a test out of my dark side Rey cosplay: featuring this overly extra pose and a missing glove.(also I’m replacing kylos saber with a normal one) but its my very first cosplay/cosplay I’ll be wearing to a con so ahh :,) nervous and I suppose excited simultaneously??

So Happy to announce we’ll have more Reylo shoots planned <3
one being a more boudoir one.
Photographer: Steve Ram Cosplay Images

Human Ahsoka Tano Inspired Look :).

Recently got into Star Wars Clone Wars, thanks to my dad, and instantly loved watching Ahsoka so I wanted to try out a human version of her! Yay Snips lol.


“The plan worked, Senator Amidala. He believes you and the children are dead.” So I never got around to posting some photo’s of my amazing Funeral Gown for Padmé Amidala. I am going to be wearing this for Megacon 2017 and I cannot stress enough how excited I am. So much work went into this and I honestly cant wait to wear it again.

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Even more super neat cosplayers at STAR WARS CELEBRATION 2017 in Orlando.

Here’s my next Human Ahsoka look, this time with another hairstyle :). My hair was inspired by this art piece by @kyleeann1996!

My other Human Ahsoka look