star wars christmas sweater


A Star Wars Holiday Special… because flower wreath crowns and terrible Christmas sweaters are universal X)

Happy holidays friends, and may the Force be with you! :D <3

Christmas in London ► Grayson


I was from London, England. He was from California.That’s 5,446.950 miles away. I met this boy once and I fell in love with him. Every month I get something from him. It explains just why he gave it to me and what it reminds him of me. This month is December. Meaning you know Christmas time. Which you spend with your family and loved ones.

I was already at my parents house but I wanted Grayson to be here. I’ve already met his family and they love me. But when I was introduced I was known at the friend and now i’m known as the girlfriend It’s a major deference. This month I got a big package with a smaller one. I was told not to open the big one till Christmas. It didn’t weigh a lot so I knew it wasn’t him.

The second one I could open. It had 24 containers in it with numbers. A long with a piece of paper explaining start with 24 and work your way down to the 1st one. So I opened the first one. It was a necklace with a G on it. I smiled at the cuteness and put it around my neck.

I walked over to my suitcase and grabbed out a simple outfit. Skinny jeans and an ugly Christmas sweater. Which was star wars related and black. RIP my queen. Along with that I grabbed high black comfy Uggs and got changed. Once I was done I brushed my h/c h/l. Once I got downstairs my mom greeted me along with my dad and we went to get a tree.

On the 23rd day I got a ring.

On the 22nd day I got a bunch of post it notes saying a bunch of cute things on it.

On the 21st day I got small rocks with faces on them.

On the 20th day I got a white apple watch.

On the 19th day I got another necklace with a birth stone in a heart form on it.

On the 18th day I got my favorite book signed.

On the 1st day on Christmas Eve I got a note saying : go to bed early beautiful. You need your beauty sleep. Don’t stay up for me. Don’t want Santa to come later ;)

And with that one I added it with the other gifts I got that were in a beautiful box in there containers once again. I walked out of my room with my sweats on and a blue shirt with Grayson’s face on it. But a funny one of course. It was on day 11th I got it and always wore it to bed so I would know he’s next to me.

It was currently some time after one and I made my way to the kitchen where there was a note. I picked it up and read it out loud cause I mean hey why not. “Honey we went out to get some last minute food for Christmas. Grandma and Grandpa should be coming over at two. Let them in and take their things to the guest room. Love Dad.” I said. I nodded and went into the pantry grabbing a box of cereal.

I made my way over to the family room and turned on the tv putting it on one of my favorite shows. Y/f/s. I love it so much. After I finished one episode it finished and I then put on Home Alone. There was a ring of the bell and I got up going ot the door opening it. It was my grandparents. “Grandma, grandpa.” I smiled hugging them both. “Hi Deary.” My grandmother said. “Here let me take you bags.” I said motioning for my grandfather.

“Hell no. I may be old but I can still move.” My grandfather said proudly. I giggled at them and let them in out of cold London’s air. “Can I get you two anything to drink or eat?” I asked. “Some coffee would be wonderful deary.” My grandma said taking a seat on the sofa as my grandfather walked down the hallway to the guest room after mumbling a give me one too. 

I made my way to the kitchen and made them both coffee as the front door opened. I guess it was my parents coming home. I walked back into the family room where my little brother and sister both sat listening to their grandparents stories. I handed them both their coffee and made my way back into the kitchen to help.

The rest of the day went by fast and it was now time for me to go to bed. I got no text or call from Grayson today and it made me upset. I know he was probably spending time with family but a nice hey could of done it. I laid in bed after some time and looked out my window. I sighed and got up opening the window from my bed and rested my arms on it breathing it the London air.

I wanted to be with Grayson again. I haven’t been able to see him since last year when he visited me for my birthday. After some snow started to fall I closed the window and finally feel asleep.

By time I woke up the next day the big box that laid in my room was no gone. I thought to myself my parents probably moved it to the family room. I got up and picked up my phone to still see no texts. I sighed. I knew the time was really bad and was probably sometime in the morning but you know.

I quickly changed into something more Christmas related and put on my converse and fixing my hair before leaving my room. No one was up which was weird. Because my younger siblings would of started already making noise. I made my way to the kitchen and started to make breakfast for everyone. Once almost done my grandparents have woken up and same with my parents.

“I’ll wake them up.” My mom commented before leaving the kitchen as everyone have already sat down and started eating. “Merry Christmas everyone.” I smiled. “Merry Christmas.” My family returned. My two younger siblings appeared in the kitchen and started to eat fast just so they could open their presents.

After finishing eating I was told I had to open my big gift from Grayson before anyone started. I tore the wrapping paper off and opened the box. Once I opened it I stood on my tippy toes and reached in grabbing something fluffy. I started to pull it out. It was a giant bear. Taped to the forehead was a note saying : I love you From Grayson.

There was a tap on my shoulder and I turned around to see Grayson. My eyes widen as I started to cry. “Merry Christmas baby.” Grayson said as he smiled. I couldn’t say anything. I just nodded. He pulled me into a hug and I quickly wrapped my arms around him and cried into his shirt. “I love you Y/n.” He whispered in my ear kissing my cheek.

Christmas with the Triplets HC’s


  • Kylo would want to steal you away all for himself like the Grinch, so he makes this elaborate plan to spend some alone time with you only to be foiled by his brothers and his family
  • He’d wear a matching Star Wars Christmas sweater with you because he likes people thinking that you’re together, always has his hand on your shoulder, back, or waist to emphasize that that you’re his girlfriend
  • In general, he tends to get a lot more jealous and possessive around the holiday’s, which seem to bring up a lot of his insecurities. It’s difficicult for him but you don’t mind giving a little more of yourself so that he doesn’t feel that way, he’s just so thankful that you that you stay with him when he’s like this so he really wants to spoil you 
  • He makes the best Hot Cocoa, with just a shot of expresso to keep you awake for his nightly activities, he spends a lot of time perfecting it too
  • He buys you way too many gifts, literally he notices anytime that you liked something when you went Christmas shopping together, silently observing you as you walked together through the mall. He also throws in a few surprises, a dress that’s way too expensive, a leather jacket to match his, and a necklace with your birthstone

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