star wars christmas cards


I am so pleased to be able to share my geeky christmas cards with you for the third year running! It’s become my Christmas tradition and this years set has to be my favourite so far.

Cards (and plenty of other goodies featuring the pics, like mugs and cushions) are now up for sale on Redbubble!

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Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed obsessing over every last detail like Thorin’s Smaug slippers and holding the arkenstone which is wearing a hat to keep it warm, and yes luke has a tiny R2Ds and yes that is a reindeer on Davros’ jumper and handmade patterned socks on John and nobody will ever see close enough to know that there’s a letter S on the present Harry is sending to Sirius of course and that Peter has little stars on his christmas sweater or how obviously that dalek learned cookery out of a 1970’s recipe book…and, well… just baymax being adorable.

…I mean, as much as I enjoyed drawing them :)
Merry Christmas!

The Lucasfilm pop-up Holiday card by Doug Chiang. This photo thx to Mohammad Modarres

880 Days until Episode IX

517 Days until the Han Solo Movie









Holiday card for @milarca ft kylux of course ❤️❤️ This one was fun to make and to pick out the paper for. Hux is like sorta shiny and Kylo’s sleeves and cowl have a texture on them that I felt imitated the fabric of his actual clothes well (I spent way too much time sorting through paper at joanns hahaaa)

digital version (xxx)

R2 and Chopper don’t always get along…. 

Happy holidays and merry Christmas! 

Thanks starwars


Animation Produced By

Roque Ballesteros

Executive Producer
Corrine Wong

Assistant Producer
Udomphorn Rau

Tatyana Drewry Carvin
Sam Chi

Production Artists
Kris Lacore-Toscanini
Clara Yan
Alex Nunes

Natasha Brown

Concept Art and Illustrations
Andrea Ruiz

Music Supervisor
Steven Gizicki

Music by
Eldad Guetta

“Deck The Halls”

“Star Wars Main Title”
Written by John Williams

Skywalker Sound
Ryan Frias - Re-Recording Mixer
Matthew Wood - Supervising Sound Editor


Search your feelings…you know it to be Yuletide

Poor old Darth, he just wants to be a cool dad and make sure to get his kids the right presents. Han knows better than to write a list, he’ll just take what he can get!

I can’t believe this is the 3rd Christmas Star Wars card I’ve drawn and I’ve managed to stay away from the old “I have felt your presents” joke. That’s gotta count for something, right?

Card for sale on redbubble here! (plus mugs, tote bags, cushions…)

Rest of my geeky cards (including Harry Potter, Doctor Who and the Hobbit can be found on my tumblr here!)