star wars campaign

So today in my star wars tabletop campaign, our group was sneaking through a star destroyer and ran into some guards trying to fix something in the wall

So my character walked up and distracted them by pretended to be a maintenance worker and making them hold flashlights for me in increasingly complex configurations while I dug into the wiring and the rest of my team snuck past behind us.

This took the form of everyone making stealth checks while I rambled on in real time about connections and shorts in the wires and really, it’s an ongoing problem with this model, they’re replacing them all over the fleet it’s a huge scandal just don’t tell anyone they’re trying to keep it on the down low-

Then once everyone was past I was like ‘ah yup you’re gonna need another part, lemmie just go get that for you, wait right here don’t move don’t go anywhere’

But I kept failing my persuade and deception rolls and the guards were getting really suspicious, so I finally had to pull out the ID of the guards we’d (gotten drunk and) beaten up earlier to sneak onto the ship to try and convince them I was legit

only it wasn’t maintenance workers we’d (gotten drunk and) beaten up earlier

they were Imperial Agents, so I pull out my Evil Space Cop Spy badge and tap my nose like ‘yup I’m undercover just go with it’ and the people I’m sneaking by are like 'YES SIR OF COURSE SIR HAVE A GOOD DAY SIR’

it was beautiful

Catching up on Campaign

The argument at the end of Flashback Episode 10 about whether Bacta is or is not a Black Widow, and the revelation that he apparently kissed Obi-Wan in a bar, was fantastic. I couldn’t stop giggling for several minutes. 

“How many times have I kissed Tryst? Is he dead? NO!”
“Tryst kisses everyone.”
“Tryst doesn’t like kissing but he gets drunk and starts kissing everyone.”

I just … I have no comments on this. (Flashback, Episode 10)

According to Sidequest Episode 3, Tamlin puts nailpolish on his horns.

Leenik and Aava talking is everything I ever wanted and I never knew I wanted that until now. (Episode 54)

“You must be a level 5 friend to unlock my tragic backstory.” Good gods. 

Bacta being tired of being long-suffering and unliked and herding cats, and deciding to go back to the party, hurt real bad. 

Aava is 5′3′′ hell YEAH tiny badass.

Leenik would make an interesting Sith. 


In the Dear Mynok letter, Bacta, Tryst, and Lynn debated robot ethics. Lynn thinks droids have personhood, Bacta doesn’t but could be persuaded, and Tryst is just plain awful. I once took a class in college that focussed heavily on this and I agree with Lynn. Droids in Star Wars overwhelmingly demonstrate several markers that should indicate personhood according to a variety of schools of ethics. 

Cardoz needs to stop calling Tryst “boy” it’s giving me Terrible Ideas. 

“I put my hand on her leg, not in a sexual way.” Look … Leenik is a Space Ace. 

Aava hates Blue and loves that Leenik threw him off a roof. I adore Aava. 

Bacta’s Imagine Spot of Leenik in the bar, sobbing “I’m Leenik Geelo! I’m a wanted criminal! And I’m so sad!” was funny and upsetting all at once. (39 min in)

“Ok Sass Machine, what’s that about?” Bacta dealing with his nemesis is lovely. (40 min in) 

Apparently, sometimes the Valentine siblings just need to dance. Tryst regularly spins and dances on the Mynok apparently. This is FANTASTIC news : DDD

Great now I ship Bacta and Zero (53 min in)

Leenik night driving in the rain, probably listening to 80s synth music, good lord. (58 min in)

“I’m a good bounty hunter … and one day … I’ll rule the stars.” Great now I’m crying.

The cupcake phone call story from increasingly drunk Bacta was the most amazing thing. I want an entire comic illustrating it. I want all the fanfic. I want it all. 

The Cowboy Bebop letter dragging Spike Spiegel was beautiful. (Sidequest episode 4) 

this @campaignpodcast fanart has been sitting around on my desktop for a while and so this weekend I said “I gotta just make some weird and ill-conceived brave and heroic decisions about how I’m gonna finish it”

but I’m pretty pleased with it just as a process experiment and as a piece of fanart, which I don’t make that often!!

p.s. while working on this and re-listening to some Campaign I discovered that the first episode of Phindar establishes a #kananical flannel-and-jeans concertgoing outfit for Nemo, which is not at all this.  But I’d like to assume that once on Phindar station he’d replenish his stock of “space turtleneck and space-elbowpatched space blazer”, which, as we all know, is what everyone wears on planet Author