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“Please call me bee-bee-eight…I have a full name and I intend to use it”

BB-8 at Sci-Fi Scarborough 2017! Was so much fun to roll around on the beach as the BEST droid also hot damn shooting on a beach makes editing deserts in easier

Bonuses because of photo limit!

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Bugging me.

Hera took another sip of her caff and continued reading the datapad, examining the details Fulcrum had pulled from the Imperial database with a thoroughness honed from years of researching these things.

They were all still winding down after the mission to Garel and another, shorter mission to some swampy backwater world that only had a numerical designation.

Sabine was off ship with Zeb, catching up with Ketsu as they shopped for supplies in one of the underground markets.

Kanan and Ezra were on ship but they were out of her way, Kanan napping and Ezra…

Hera’s thoughts trailed off as the padawan trudged into the common room with his face twisted into a grumpy grimace and a hand scratching at the back of his head.

“Oh, hey Hera.” He said with a wave as he started searching cabinets for something.

“Looking for something?” Hera questioned.

“Uh, yeah I’m just looking for some of those headache pills.” Ezra replied as the short padawan tried to reach one of the top shelves.

“Why do you need one of those?” Hera asked raising an eyebrow.

“The back of my head’s been hurting since way early this morning, it’s like an insect bite or something.” Ezra said as he started to try and climb up onto the counter.

“First, Ezra down. Second, let me take a look.” There were several species of biting insects on Ryloth and she’d been bit by all of them more than once.

“It’s fine Hera, I’m sure it’s just-”


Ezra let out a huff and climbed down as Hera walked over. She turned him around and took a look at the skin he’d been scratching, parting aside blue hair too take a peak.

There were three bumps, each was crusted over with dried blood and other gunk and it looked like he’d been scratching at them nonstop.

“Oh Ezra, how much have you been messing with these?” She asked, already pretty sure what the answer was.

“I may have scratched at them a little.” He admitted sheepishly.

Hera ‘mhmmed’ and kept looking at the bumps, she could’ve sworn one of them twitched very slightly.

“Huh, alright I need to clean all this stuff off the spots too look at them, put your head under the faucet Ezra.”

“Hera it’s-”

“It may or it may not be, Ezra Bridger, but double checking never hurts.” Hera said in a voice Kanan jokingly called the 'mom voice’. It worked well for cutting off an errant crew members whining.

“Fine.” Ezra grumbled as he stuck his head, face down, under the faucet in the sink.

Hera stood off center, grabbing some detergent from underneath the sink. It was basically the same as shampoo if Kanan was to be believed.

“This might sting a bit since I’m pretty sure you scraped all the skin off back there.” Hera admitted as she turned the water on lukewarm. It flowed across Ezra’s scalp and down his bangs.

“Ow! You were right!” Ezra hissed as Hera poured some of the detergent onto the spot and started scrubbing, cleaning off the dried blood and gunk covering the bumps.

The bumps looked like massive pimples once cleaned, and Hera began to wonder if maybe Ezra had been stung by something-

Oh. Holy. Gods. The pustules were moving, what the..?

Hera almost dropped the detergent bottle as the realization hit her.

Boots fly larvae from the swamp planet, she’d told all of them about it in the report but never expected any of them to get one, or any for that matter!

But sure enough, the butt end of three larvae were sticking out of the back of Ezra’s head.

“Ezra, do you remember the booga flies I talked about in the briefing?” Hera asked calmly as she opened a cabinet and grabbed the medkit inside.

“Yeah?” Ezra asked nervously.

“Well, sweetie, don’t panic but three larvae are in your scalp.” Hera said gently.

“What!?” Ezra shouted and tried to rise up from the sink. Hera stilled his movements with a calming hand on his back.

“Easy Ezra! It’s nothing too serious, but we do need to pull them out. Now what I’m going to do is grab the tweezers here and do just that. I’m going to need you to be still, okay kiddo?” Hera asked. She was grateful he nodded in answer and steadied himself.

Hera grabbed the butt of the wiggling larvae and pulled, trying hard not to notice Ezra’s whimper as the little spines ringing the worms body scraped the enflamed hole. It tried several times to go deeper but Hera redoubled her grip on it and finally yanked the ugly little worm out, before tossing it down the drain.

One down, that only took almost ten minutes and Ezra almost crying a couple of times.

And here she went again.

“Thanks Hera.” Ezra mumbled from beside her as he took a drink of hot chocolate with cinnamon, which Hera thought he’d probably deserved after…ugh those worms were creepy.

“No problem sweetheart, I know that wasn’t any fun. Luckily we caught them early though. But next time you got to a tropical world you’re wearing a helmet.” Hera replied as she scrolled through more of Fulcrum’s information.

“Yeah, can we never speak of this?” Ezra asked.

“Absolutely, after seeing that I don’t even want to see an ant crawling on my ship.” Replied with a grin. Ugh those worms probably would’ve even given Chopper the creeps.

Unless the droid thought they’d make a good weapon of terror, so no mentioning this to him for sure.