star wars bantha

C: “ Let’s take this cute baby bantha back to the temple!”

B: “I-Is this what the force wants?”

C: “Sure..! 😉 Plus, it looks like you”

B: o///o

What if Chirrut and Baze stole a baby bantha from raiders and tried to sneak it back to the temple. By the time the older acolytes find out, all the kids are too attached to let it go. “We do not attach to material possessions,” they said. “But it’s probably better off here than with the raiders..”


You did well back there, Padawan. You made the sort of connection with the creature that Tuskens make with banthas. You would have made a good Tusken.


Hey, kiddo! Happy sixteenth! Time goes by so fast. I hope you’re having a great day so far!

I heard you’ve been having a rough time of it lately. (Guess I’m a bit of a snoop.) You know, it’s hard to be sixteen! When I was your age I tried to run away from home, but my speeder ran out of fuel and I had to take a shameful walk back to my aunt and uncle’s house. But that’s a different story.

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“I must admit, I’m impressed. You and your boys needed just five attempts to catch me. You did a better job than the Fire Nation Army. But what for?”

“You’re accused of theft, destruction of private and public property, assault, attempted murder and murder. The list is long enough.”

“Woah, stop there! I admit, I stole at least once some food and about the property- it was in my way when I got attacked. By you! And I didn’t want to harm any of you, at least not badly. But murder? I didn’t even try to murder anyone! Not seriously though.”

“Say whatever you want in court.”

“Ha ha. As if I get a fair trial here.”

“Shut up, rebel scum.”

“Rebel, no scum. And by the way, I don’t believe you’re supporting that scum on your throne. Call me delusional, but my gut says you’re actually not all bad. You could have treated me worse - get me beaten up, otherwise humiliated. Don’t look so offended, I’ve seen enough. And you care about your soldiers and civilians, hey, even for me, at least to be treated fair.”

“I don’t care for your oppinion. What’s your point?”

“Ok, so I’ll dare. Let me ask you a question, Captain. Where do your loyalties lie? With your kingdom or with that harpy on your throne, who murdered your queen? You know: We don’t have to be enemies, because we might have the same goal: save the Earth Kingdom.”

Rexsoka Week / Day 6: It’s Madness! (AU)

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Can we all just stop to appreciate the fact that Obi-wan gets his *own* large animal to ride on in the Onderon arc? And that they not only seem to be getting along quite well, but Kenobi seems inordinately pleased (for once) as he’s coaxing it along?

Obi-wan Kenobi, Friend to Large Animals, is one of my favorite Stars Wars tropes. 

See also: banthas, giant space manta rays, giant space lizards