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Did you just kiss me?! [Mike Wheeler Imagine]

Prompt: “Did you seriously just kiss me?!” w/ Bella name insert instead of reader.

Requested my @imastrangerthang on Wattpad

A/N: I’m starting to write the part 2 of the Steve Harrington imagine and I want an opinion if they should make up or not. Of course I have the main idea down and written but all I need is if you want a happy or feels ending. Also for this imagine I realized half way through that I started with first person and ended with 3rd so please don’t mind that. But I hope you enjoy this! And side note this is a semi AU after the events of season 1.


Today we were planning on seeing a Star Wars film! Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will, El, and I were planning on hanging out together like we always do. Mike got a VHS of Return of the Jeti we were going to watch it and sneak a butt load of food into Mike’s basement and after we would reenact it like we always do. We have been planning this day for about 2 weeks now and everyone seems to be canceling on us. Dustin has to go to the doctors for a check up, Lucas is grounded for cussing in front of his family, Jonathan is taking Will on a trip to a museum, and El is having a girls day with Joyce.
“Ohh my god! Bella! We’ve been planning this for ages we can’t just cancel the whole thing now!” Mike lets out a big sigh and jumps face first into the couch. Mike wanted us to get together and bond since we all make been busy or having nightmares about the Upside down.
I copy Mike’s sigh and place down a bag of potato chips is was just eating. I roll over to Mike and get up and sit on his back and start hitting it. I let out a big yell and say, “We can’t just cancel this, Mike! It’s Star Wars! ITS STAR WARS!”
“Bella! Get off of me! UGHHH! There is no way we can just everyone to stop what they are doing and come over here to watch Star Wars.” Mike rubs his face on the arm of the chair and starts do make annoyed sounds.
“I know. I know. But it’s return of the Jeti! I guess we can just watch it together. It won’t be as great but it’s something and we still get to watch it in the end.” I let out probably the 50th sigh I’ve let out today. I get off of Mike’s back and continue back to my potato chips as I feel a small dust of pink make its way to my cheeks. Thinking about spending time with Mike alone makes me feel a little flustered. Usually we are never alone together because we are always with another person in our gang. I have always had a close relationship with Mike even though I was one of the last people to move here considering I lived in California. Mike was the once who quickly warmed up to me as he saw a collectors Star Wars pin on my backpack. We soon became best friends and stayed together since.
Mike was one of the first people to talk to me in my new school so I have always felt like I owe him my gratitude and that means me probably spending time with him 24/7. The endless hours of us hanging out has made me develop a small crush on the floppy haired male. I was a grade below them but every hour after school he would be with me cheering me on or making his sassy remarks. No one knows about my crush besides El and El finds it really cute and wants us to get together even though we are still very young. El found out when she came over to my house and my older sister was teasing me and El overheard.
“Bella! Bella! You are zoning out again, you airhead! What do you want to go home now even though you were complaining just a second ago?” Mike sits up on the couch and crosses his arm and raises an eyebrow at me.
“I did not zone out, douche. I’ll stay here and we could still watch Star Wars and have a sleep over but it’s only going to be us! There will not be Dustin and Lucas to scream at the TV anymore!” I let out an exasperated breath and I hear a chuckle escape Mike’s lips.
“Why are you saying it like its a bad thing?” Mike’s bad mood starts to life and a smile starts to build itself on his face. His features light up at Bella’s ridiculousness. Bella doesn’t know this but Mike has had a huge crush on her the first time he saw here in the school campus looking oblivious to what’s going on in the real word as she whispered the script to Star Wars. Mike had make an effort to grow some balls and go talk to the girl and when he finally did he was relived at how normal it felt to talk to Bella.
“Because now you have to deal with my constant yelling and questions! You know me Mike-” Bella continues to ramble out a bunch of words that Mike would probably not even understand if he was listening. Instead of paying attention, Mike’s eyes drift to Bella’s plump light pink lips. Mike finds himself captivated as he soon focuses on them and wtches them move as she talks and occasionally would bite them when she stumbled on a word. Without realizing Mike started to lean closer to Bella.
“Mike? Mike!” Bella tries to get his attention as she notices his absence in the conversation but she soon realizes his close proximity. “W-what?”
Mike leans closer and soon their lips are touching. Considering this was their first kiss together it was a little unplanned and not practice for but they both felt like they were meant to me. It may all sound cheesy but they did love each other with all their heart and would do anything for each other.
Mike soon realized what he had done and pulled away quickly and soon followed by Bella as she stared shocked at him as her whole face turned a bright pink color.
“Did you seriously just kiss me?!” Bella lets out a loud breath that she realize she had been holding in and tries to avoid his gaze at her outburst that may had come off as rude.
“I-I mean.. Yeah. Ohh I’m so sorry, Bella! Was that your first kiss! I didn’t mean to but you are just so pretty and I really like you! Did I just say I like you I mean! Uhh I’m sorry…” Mike find it hard to form a complete sentence that makes sense but ends up finding his fingers more interesting than ever before.
“No no it’s okay Mike. How do I say this? I guess I like you too. Sorry I never told you I just didn’t know how! I know it’s not like me but I can’t help it!” Bella grabs Mike’s hands that makes his eyes land on hers.
Mike lets out a relieved breath as his nerves seem to lighten up. Mike’s grin that makes millions or girls swoon without realizing makes its way onto his features as he says, “umm since we like each other… Do you want to be my girlfriend?”
A smile that always seems to be molded on Bella’s face forms again as she looks like the happiest girl alive brings Mike close and kissing him on the cheek and whispers yes in a sweet tone.

The Book of Mormon Norway review

I saw the Book of Mormon at Det Norske Teatret yesterday and it’s honestly a miracle that I’m still breathing because that show blew me away. All of the actors were so good, the set and costumes were so good and overall it was just amazing. I sat in the fifth row so I got a pretty good view of everything that was going on. Here’s the stuff I remember from/wrote down last night. Enjoy!

Act 1

  • First off I have to mention that I cried from the point where Joseph Smith came on stage and all the way through Hello so there’s that
  • Second of all I gotta say that the set design was so beautiful. Minimalistic and different from the Bway or West End productions but beautiful nevertheless

Hello! (Hallo!)

This song was pretty much the same as in the other productions, no outstanding translations or anything but still really good

Two By Two (To og To)

  • Frank Kjosås (Elder Price) was really adorable, after that Elder says “you’re like the smartest best most deserving Elder this center’s ever seen,” he clicked his tongue and grinned at him
  • One of the Elders who gets assigned to Norway said “Norway! Land of trolls, and, I don’t know,, trolls!”
  • “Soy sauce! And Mothra!” was changed to “Soy sauce! And Pokémon GO!!!” and the audience (consisting mostly of people well over 30) lost their shit
  • Btw Arnold (Kristoffer Olsen) touches Kevin’s face a lot throughout the show, and my dad came up with a theory of why: “maybe it’s because he’s so used to his dad pushing him away like that (he did it once in the airport scene) so he probably thinks it’s a gesture of endearment” and that really made me feel stuff
  • Also, Arnold didn’t have a Star Wars backpack in this, but he had a SW bottle (the kind that you can hang around your neck)

You and Me (Du og Eg)

  • Arnold was dragged away on a bench in the “something incredible” bit
  • They actually kept the “you’ve done an awesome job, Kevin” line, translating every word but ‘awesome’
  • Kristoffer riffed the “my best friend” in the “something incredible” part and jesus he’s so talented
  • Toward the end of the song they got up in a set piece resembling that staircase you climb up to get into the plane and did a kind of Titanic pose

Hasa Diga Eebowai

  • When the boys first arrived in Africa an entire giraffe was dragged over the stage. A GIRAFFE
  • Also I think this might have been later in the show but at one point a woman walked over the stage with a hen, saw that it had laid an egg, picked the egg up and put the whole thing in her mouth
  • This song made the audience crack up. The people of Norway aren’t used to this kind of theatre, so I think especially the older people were kind of horrified
  • Kevin’s “what?!” was really high pitched and it was really funny

Turn It Off (Skru Det Av)

  • McKinley’s tie wasn’t blue which was kind of disappointing
  • Elder Poptarts was translated to Eldste Coco-Pops (and he looked terrified throughout the whole thing)
  • Two people share the role of McKinley because the primary (Preben Hodneland) is currently also playing Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet at the same theatre
  • So I saw a guy called Jonas Fuglevik Urstad (who was amazing) instead (although Preben looks much more close to 19)
  • This song was great (as you’d expect), the vest were pink (thank God, I’m looking at you Sweden), Kevin was awkwardly tap dancing slightly behind McKinley
  • McKinley said, “LOL, no!” after Kevin’s “I think it’s okay that you’re having gay thoughts, just so long as you never act upon them!”
  • Also Kevin was really smiley saying this and kinda seemed attracted to him so?? Idk
  • Ok so after Turn It Off McKinley leads Arnold and Kevin to their room and after saying “we’ve heard so much about you” to Kevin he legitimately leans in to kiss him and I’m,, deceased? Yeah I died
  • The stage was kind of like the Tony Awards with that little path in front of the stage and leaving K & A’s room, McKinley walked there and literally covered his crotch like one might do trying to cover up a boner?? And he legit looked like he was about to have a stroke
  • So yeah Jonas killed me not one but TWO times

I Am Here For You (Eg Er Her For Deg)

  • Arnold lies practically on top of Kevin singing to him, and kisses him on the cheek at the end

I don’t really have much to say about All-American Prophet (Den Amerikanske Profeten) and Sal Tlay Ka Siti because I didn’t take notes during the songs and have a bad memory, but I need to say that Sal Tlay Ka Siti was adorable and I cried also Frank had a lot of really nice hip movement during AAP and really seemed to be living his best life

Kevin was covered in SO MUCH MORE BLOOD here that in the other productions, also how did they manage that blast?? Like blood literally blew all over him from the back of that guy’s head and I have no clue how they did it

With the following scene out of context, you’d probably think Kevin is really really high

McKinley literally looks at Kevin so lovingly throughout the entire show, fuck me up

Kevin’s “to heck with rules!” and “flytt deg!” (“step away” or something like that) were also really high pitched and so funny! I just can’t express how good the actors were and the comedy was on point

Man Up (Mann Opp)

A lot is going on in this song and I didn’t catch all of it but here are some highlights:

  • “Kva gjorde Jesus da han ble dømt til å døy / Ble han redd og fikk panikk, sa han ‘dette e'kkje gøy’”
  • Arnold gets a lightsaber he uses to 'slay’ Boba Fett and Darth Vader
  • McKinley turns up behind Kevin at his part and just stays there dancing for himself the rest of the song
  • Honestly you haven’t lived until you’ve seen Markus Bailey’s butt

End of act 1

Act 2

It starts with Joseph Smith coming onstage and dancing to a short instrumental of Man Up with disco lights

Making Things Up Again (No Finn Du På Ting Igjen)

I don’t know how much of this is different or not from other productions and I don’t remember a lot

  • The people that showed up were two Hobbits, Moroni, Darth Vader, Cunningham Sr, Joseph Smith, a lady dressed in a Starfleet uniform and Yoda and honestly name a more iconic octet

Spooky Mormon Hell Dream (Skikk'leg Skikk'leg Skummelt)

What baffled me the most about this song was the translation and Satan’s costume

  • “And the terrible vision that I had that night” was translated into “og eg drøymde forferdeleg natt etter natt” (“and I dreamt terribly night after night”) which implies that Kevin had the hell dream for like a weak at the minimum
  • “Mormonerdrøym om Helheim!”
  • “Mormonerdrøym om Helvete!”
  • Satan’s costume was terrifying

McKinley touched Kevin’s butt at the bus station

“Something incredible…” “aaanywhooo….”

I Believe (Eg Trur)

Frank Kjosås truly is something incredible

The height difference between Frank and Markus is hilarious. Frank is like 170 cm while Markus is literally 2 meters.

The General’s car said “RØV 1” which means “ASS 1”

Baptize Me (Døype Deg) was adorable and I Am Africa (Eg Er Afrika) was really funny. I didn’t catch what they translated “let us smile and laughfrica” to but it was great still.

Joseph Smith American Moses (Joseph Smith Amerikas Moses)

This song was hilarious. The mormons and the entire audience were absolutely terrified, and Poptarts even more than earlier

Tomorrow is a Latter Day (I Morgon Er Ein Siste Dag)

After McKinley’s first “tomorrow is a latter day” one of the Elders (I don’t know who, sadly, but he looked like Ryan Steele) grabbed his hand

McKinley’s suitcase is blue with fake diamonds around the edges, which was the biggest disappointment of the show. I brought it up to my dad afterwards and said that it was originally pink and he, too, was really disappointed

The bows lasted for like five minutes and the curtain went up and down multiple times, and every time the curtain went down Kristoffer did this weird kind of jiggly dance. Markus dabbed the last time.


This production was like a breath of fresh air. Honestly. I loved it so much and nothing can ever top this experience for me

Literally every single cast member was amazing! 100% pure talent in every single person.

I wished I’d get to see Preben as McKinley as well (he’s really tall and wiry, I really want to see him next to Frank), but again, Jonas was amazing and I’m satisfied.

When Naba showed her typewriter to Mafala she asked, “but where are the emojis?”, Mafala asked what emojis are and Naba tried to imitate some of them and it was hilarious and adorable

Kristoffer Hivju was washing his hands in the men’s restroom after the show just as me and my dad walked in. Not really related to the show but worth mentioning.

littleplebe  asked:

I BE THE FIRST TO DO IT!!! Darcy/Steve, please. Something that involves a road trip maybe? Or meet cute in a foreign land?

Yes, you were the first. ;)

I also may have seen a awesome person here at Logan with a Star Wars backpack which helped spur this on.


“Adventure, excitement - a Jedi craves not these things.”

“A Jedi might not, but what does Darcy Lewis want?” Steve asks, looking down at Darcy, stretched out across the steps of the state house in Boston with her face ripped up to take in the starry night shining above them. The meeting in Boston had been entirely coincidence - Steve had been there for one of the first stops on the road trip that he’d been thinking of doing since he’d first woken in the 21st century, and Darcy to visit family and deal with increasingly uncomfortable and awkward questions about what she was doing with her life now that her internship with Doctor Foster had ended and her time in New York was drawing to a close.

The ghost tour was entirely Darcy’s idea, and Steve found her too adorable to say no.

Darcy cocks her head, giving him a look that practically glows in the golden lights that suffuse the area, giving the ghost tour a particularly eerie and out of time feeling (Steve sympathizes) and says, “I want an adventure of a lifetime.”

Steve just grins and holds out a hand, saying “What are you waiting for then?” and relishes the feeling when her small hand curls around his and holds tight.


Just a heads up, I may not finish all of the prompts tonight (especially given the state of this flight *grumbles miserably*) but I will get to all of them eventually. Thank you, all of you, for the inspiration.

Update 2: I also feel like I should admit that the first line in the ficlet up there should totally be read in the voice of Randal from Clerks. Because that’s what my whiskey addled brain is hearing and it makes infinitely more sense (look, Darcy is a Clerks fan in my stories. She’d totally think like that too).
The Teacher Blues

Prompt:  Cordelia has a kid and she’s in Misty’s class because, duh, Misty is her teacher. And she’s really great with the kids and Cordelia’s daughter always comes home and tells her mom about how Miss Day is so great and Miss Day is my favorite teacher ever and Cordelia just laughs and goes along with it and they meet at a parent teacher conference one night and immediately see what the kid was talking about?

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The Boy with the Bee Backpack

Dean was excited as he skipped to school.

Today was his first day of kindergarten.

He was going to be a big boy now.

He wanted to stay home at first; he wanted to protect his mommy and baby Sammy. But his daddy told him he had to go to school, that’s how he became a big boy.

So, he ran to school with his Star Wars backpack and his Batman lunchbox. He ran to he front of the school, not looking in front of him and then bumped into a boy, making them fall to the floor.

“I’m sorry!”  Dean said as he helped the other boy up and then looked at him.

The boy had black hair and bright blue eyes. He was blushing as much as Dean was. Then Dean took notice of the young’s boys backpack, which was in the shape of a bee.

“I like your backpack.”

“Thank you.” The young boy said, “…I like bees.”

“That’s cool.” Dean said, then smiled widely, “My name is Dean.”

“I’m Castiel.” The boy said, mirroring his smile.

Its looks like Dean made a new friend. What a good first day it’s gonna be.

AN: This based on @linneart cutie fanart, with little Dean and Cas and Cas had such a adorable bee backpack. So I had to write this. Hope you like it, hun!

Enjoy and comments are loved! I don’t own SPN!

talking with @ignitesthestars has made me 99.9% sure that luke skywalker trying to recruit for the new jedi school went about as well as tenzin trying to repopulate the airbenders

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Hide & Seek - Scott/Stiles/Theo

It was only the first day of the fourth grade at Beacon Hills Elementary. Scott had just gotten dropped off and a few second after Rafael had driven off the Sherrif dropped Stiles off.

Stiles immediately ran up to Scott and started freaking out about his new backpack “Scott look at the Star Wars backpack my mom got me! Isn’t it cool?! This guy is Anakin, he’s my favorite,” pointing to one of the men on the bag.

Scott then just smiled at it and said “It’s awesome Stiles!” - even though he had no idea who it was or even saw a Star Wars film in his life.

They then walked to their classroom together while Stiles went on and on about the new Star Wars film being released next year.

They finally made it to the classroom and found their seats. But before class could begin the teacher introduced a new student, his name was Theo.

Later at lunch Scott noticed Theo sitting alone, he turned to Stiles and said “Hey let’s go say hi, he looks nice,” while smiling big.

Stiles then replied “Ugh, I don’t know. I don’t like the look of him. Plus we don’t need anymore buddies when we got each other right?” nudging Scott slightly.

Scott noticed a girl going to sit with him, so he just decided it was fine since at least someone was being nice to the new guy.

After lunch it was recess time. Stiles & Scott were on the playground and Stiles kept suggesting they play a game of hide & seek.

“But it’s no fun with two people,” Scott said trying to convince Stiles to pick something else.

Theo & the girl approached the boys and Theo exclaimed “What are you guys playing? Can we join?”

“Sure! We are about to play hide & seek,” Scott said excitedly while trying to contain a huge smile.

Stiles then grave Scott a stare, then replied hesitantly while pointing to the girl, “I guess you guys can play. What’s your friend’s name?”

“My name is Rebecca but you can call me Harley,” she said in a snarky tone before Theo could even answer.

After the introductions were made it was decided that Stiles would be the one looking for everybody because he kept bragging about how good he is at being a detective.

Harley decided to hide in the girls bathroom because Stiles would never be allowed in there. While Scott decided to hide in the top of the slide since most of the kids were out in the field.

As Scott was waiting for Stiles to find him, Theo arrived at the top of the slide having a similar idea.

“Let me hide in there with you,” Theo whispered.

Scott immediately said “But we can’t fit! Find somewhere else before he gets us both,” trying to say it in the nicest way he could.

“But there is practically nowhere to hide. At least Harley found a good spot in the restroom,” Theo said trying to get Scott to agree.

Scott not being able to resist saying no to this boy said “Okay but hurry before he finishes counting,”, helping Theo inside.

Both of them were squeezed in the top of the slide, Scott decided now would be the time to start introducing himself but Theo just shushed him while giving him a smirk.

Stiles had finished counting and screamed he was coming to find them.

It was then Scott & Theo were trying really hard not to laugh. But Theo started to laugh a little louder when Scott decided to cover Theo’s mouth with his hand before Stiles heard.

Making the attempt Scott slipped pulling Theo down the slide with him. When Theo landed on top of Scott. Theo then rolled off while they both laid with their back in the sand.

“My name is Scott by the way,” finally introducing himself to the boy while laughing at what happened.

They both turned and looked at each other, and Theo grabbed Scott’s hand, “Nice to meet you, Scott.” while giving him a warming smile.

That’s when they looked up to see Stiles standing above them.

“Oh brother,” he murmered.

Papa Perry

Tony and you have been best friends since you were in high school. You have a kid already with someone else who died. He helps you raise your son. You’ve had a crush on him for a while. You invite him over and your son isn’t there. After you eat he kissed you and you have really fluffy sex.

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