star wars autograph


Greatest Star Wars autographed memorabilia ever!!!


So, yesterday i had the opportunity to meet Daniel Logan (Cute child Boba Fett from Episode II) at a Roleplay Convention.

He was so awfully friendly, a genuinely nice guy. He was really excited about my Cosplay and he seemed amazed that it is actually scratch-build, with the Helmet consisting of cardboard and cheap putty.
He was so hyped, he actually asked whether he could sign on the inside of it!

Also, i let him sign one of my selfmade thermaldetonators, and since he seemed to like them, i left him one as a present.
It was awesome!

Sorta bummed I could only go to one day at NYCC this year, but on the bright side, I did 95% of what I wanted to do this year.

Met Mark Hamill, got his autograph (he blew me a kiss 😘😱)

Got my Darth Vader comic signed by Kieron Gillen 👍

And I did a bit of shopping.

If I’m being honest though, everything is secondary to meeting Mark Hamill. He’s the only reason I went to the con this year.


If you know me at all, you probably know I’m a fan of Mark Hamill. He’s always popped up in media I end up loving, from Star Wars to Batman: The Animated Series to Wing Commander … even Slipstream (which was the first album I ever got a credit on - and my longest credit to date. It’s also one of my favorite film scores of all time.).

So meeting him yesterday was amazing and surreal. I wish I could say I was more “in the moment” but the people working his table were a little pushy (not as bad as last year’s NYCC but bad enough), but when they handed him the Wing Commander 3 poster (not pictured here) one of the guys working there flipped out - apparently he worked Q&A for Origin on the game! Mark was surprised to see it after days of nothing but Batman and Star Wars stuff.

Then they handed him the Slipstream CD and he stopped… flipped through it real quick… gave it a quizzical look before giving me a once over and then signed it, as seen above. (Staff said he wasn’t signing inscriptions only his name and your name if asked - so he obviously liked what he was given).

By the time he got to the final item (the ROTJ photo above) he seemed pleasantly surprised to be well remembered past his Luke Skywalker role. I tried to get a few words in but between the room noise, the staff pushing us forward, the Beatles blasting in the background … I didn’t really have a chance to get any of my questions asked. But he did tell me “thank you for coming, Justin” with a sort of “Huh, I wasn’t expecting that” to his voice.

All in all, I wish I had another 20 seconds with him for those questions but what a great guy to his fans.

(Next month in bringing the WC3 poster to RICC to get Tom Wilson to sign it, ill post a photo then…)

I suppose I ought to tell my little Jared autograph story from SeaCon. 

Well, first I have to preface that, near the beginning of the day, I had been in the Jared M&G, where he and I geeked out for a couple minutes about Star Wars and generally had a lovely time. He’s such an enthusiastic and kind person, it was such a wonderful experience to get to nerd out with him. <3 He even mentioned how much he loved the Thrawn Trilogy!

Later, at the end of the day, I had my copy of the first book in the Thrawn Trilogy with me, a book I’d planned to have him sign for months. It was so awesomely coincidental; I was elated.

The problem, however, was that it was near the end of the day, after a huge autograph line. I expected him to be somewhat burnt out after working so hard all week and then going and going all Sunday. I mean, I would be.

When I gave my book to the handler for him to sign, though, he seemed just as lively has he had been that morning, I don’t know how. Then, when his gaze landed on the title of the book, his eyes lit up and he hit the table excitedly. 

“Dude! Really? Yes! YES!” he happily exclaimed.

Words cannot express how delighted that made me. 

I don’t remember too much about the next minute or so, save that we spoke about the book, how he had his own copy of the Thrawn Trilogy at home, and particularly how we each pronounced the word “ysalamiri.” Turns out, we pronounced the word the same way! How cool is that?

Anyhow, the long and short of it is, I walked out of that autograph on cloud nine, hugging my book close. It was one of the best experiences of my life, on what was probably the best day of my life. 

I can’t thank him enough for that, that and everything else he’s done for me and so many other people. What Jared’s done has always meant so much to me, especially AKF, and getting to spend time with him was a gift. I’m so glad I got to give back to him a few minutes of nerdy joy. He deserves it, it and so much more.

Long and short, Jared Padalecki is a sweet, lively, wonderful, nerdy person. I’m so glad I got to speak to him, and I can’t wait to do so again. <3