star wars anyone

I’m so shooketh right now.

So my friend’s dad- he does a lot of cool stuff, including acting. He’s been in a few movies like Lucas, and he was one of the kids running behind Rocky in Rocky 4.

Because of this, he’s eligible for Sag, which means he can vote on movies for the Oscars.

Because of this, they send him movies in the mail before they’ve come out in theaters.

One of those movies is Star Wars.

Apparently when he saw it in the mail, my friend’s brother cried tears of joy, and watched it immediately. So now he’s seen the new Star Wars movie months before anyone else can.

TL;DR- I know someone who has seen the newest Star Wars movie, and I NEED to get into acting.

It’s been a year and half and I still have not seen anyone at all talk about the fact that Luke sewed his cloak onto his robes

like?? do you see this???

what’s the point of that??

was he afraid of losing it like Obi-Wan lost all of his?/

why did the costume department find this necessary??

I have so many questions

favourite Extra™ things darth vader has done, ranked

- killed a guy, then gave his job to the guy right next to him

- did a triple front-flip over a stream of lava, only to get most of his limbs cut off

- took on an entire army of rebels by himself, and when told he was surrounded, said “all i’m surrounded by is fear and dead men”. talk about edgy

- announced he was luke’s father, barely seconds after amputating his hand, then was disappointed that luke wanted nothing to do with him

- every entrance he makes he always has to be in a dark corner or surrounded by fog with his cape billowing perfectly behind him. how Does he do it

- made a terrible pun about choking, while choking a guy

-flown a tie fighter with the force just so he could stand atop it and look dramatic

what a guy

in the comics, peter says that he’s always hated star wars and it’s been shown that he’s way more into star trek, but sm:h shows him doing star wars stuff w ned, even though he calls at-ats “walking thingies” in civil war and doesn’t seem to know much abt the franchise

what i’m saying is peter doesn’t like star wars but acts excited abt it because ned’s super into it and he wants to be supportive

luke skywalker canonically grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere, space and you hooligans are tryin to convince me that this sunshine boy wouldn’t say “y’all” in his everyday speak bless your lying hearts 


may 4, 2017 - star wars day!

here’s an old star wars creative spread that i made in my bullet journal after watching rogue one! this layout was inspired by @tbhstudying‘s rainy weather creative spread. to everyone out there taking exams and finishing up the school year, may the force be with you!

currently listening to: “star wars: main title” - john williams