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2017′s Top Movies

Moonlight beat La La Land in this list, too, but neither were No. 1.

1. Wonder Woman

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2. Beauty and the Beast +15
3. Moana +17
4. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
5. It
6. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
7. Zootopia −5
8. Heathers
9. Black Panther
10. Guardians of the Galaxy
11. Moonlight
12. Logan
13. Thor: Ragnarok
14. Justice League
15. La La Land
16. Deadpool −12
17. Spider-Man: Homecoming
18. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
19. Dunkirk
20. Avengers: Infinity War
21. Doctor Strange −8
22. Call Me By Your Name

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23. Lord of the Rings −15
24. Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie
25. Hidden Figures
26. Descendants 2
27. Spirited Away
28. Ghost in the Shell
29. Tangled
30. Star Wars: The Force Awakens −27

The number in italics indicates how many spots a title moved up or down from the previous year. Bolded titles weren’t on the list last year.

finally, an ACCURATE list of all the types of Star Wars fans on Tumblr
  1. update blogs that reblog nothing but news updates and generic gifsets
  2. skysolo/obikin
  3. OT stans that pretend the prequel trilogy doesn’t exist
  4. stormpilot/reyva
  5. reylo shippers™
  7. anakin is my precious garbage son
  8. anidala/clone wars trash
  9. i hate sand
  10. TFA ot3 stans
  11. that one weird end of the fandom that does roleplay and vine edits
  12. obsessed with all the minor characters
  13. Millicent The Cat™ (kylux fandom)
  14. luke is trans

I made nerd paintings for Sims 4! None of the pictures I have used are mine, all I did was take them and make posters out of them. I did not make any money off of them.

If you have suggestions for which series you would like to see in the next set of nerd paintings please let me know!

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Nerd Painting 2 —

Nerd Posters1 —

Nerd Posters 2 —

Nerd Posters 3 —



Stiles Stilinski

Well That Wasn’t So Bad
Fight Fight Fight!
Holiday Party
- Don’t Leave Me
Remember  (part 2)  (part 3)
Sticky Situation
Don’t Forget Me
100th Date
More Than Star Wars
- Just Friends  (part 2)  (part 3)  (part 4)  (part 5)  (part 6)  (part 7)       (part 8)  (part 9)  (part 10)  (part 11)  (epilogue)
- Werewolf’s Anchor
- Valentine’s Day Special
- Reunion
- Alone
- Scared to be Lonely
- Video Games (songfic)
- Dating Stiles Stilinski Would Include
- Like She’s Mine  (part 2)  (part 3)  (part 4)  (part 5)  (part 6)  (part 7)  (part 8)  (part 9)  (part 10)  (part 11)  (part 12)  (part 13)  (part 14)  (part 15)
- Siren
- The Hardest Goodbye  (part 2)
- Comfort
- Camping Trips
- Wild
- Where’s My Love
- Wires (ft Void)
- The Blood on His Hands **smut**
- Halcyon
- Love Notes
- Numb
- Character Ask List
- My Own

Malia Tate

Christmas Love
School Dance
The Beach (songfic)
- Nerves
- Taste Testing
- Drive Thru
- Being Malia’s Anchor/Best Friend Headcannons
- Love you Most
- The Child and the Coyote   (part two)  (part three)   (part four)   (part five)
- Character Ask List
“I Promise”

Scott McCall

Dating Scott Would Include
Another Girl
Long Time Crush
Sleeping Beauty
The One With Little Lucy
Our Childhood
The One Where You’re a Mom  (part 2)
6x08 Aftermath
- Werewolves Don’t Exist
- Forbidden  (part 2)  (part 3)
- Soulmates
- Werewolf Meetings
- Perfect
- The War
- Youth
- Late Night Cuddles
- I Do, Right?
- Chasing After You
- Hotel in Paris **smut**
- Morning Coffee

Allison Argent

It’s a Date
- Happy Birthday
- Mommies
- Festivities
- Just Visiting
- Airport
- New Girl
- Brought Back
- I Want You Here
- Tattooed
- The Cute One
- Character Ask List
- Dreaming of Us
- Awakenings

Kira Yukimura

The Kitsune’s Anchor
- I Don’t Want to be Out Anymore    (part 2)
- Hurt for Me
- Character Ask List

Lydia Martin

My Girlfriend
The List
Drunken Feelings    (part 2)
- The Cliche Rain Scene
- Perfectly Flawed
- Cool Girl
- Anchors
- Character Ask List

Corey Bryant


Theo Raeken

Bus Seats
Future Talking
- Flirt
- You’ll Never Be Friends
- Being the Bait
- Sleep: Interrupted
- Never Hated You
- Thanatophobia

Nolan Holloway

- The Beautiful Girl With the Blue Eyes

Isaac Lahey

- Little Hale

Stydia Fanficton

Remember I Love You
- Stydia Fanclub
- Character Ask List

Scallison Fanfiction


Pack Imagines

- Watching The Superbowl With the Pack Includes

Stuart Twombly

Work Events
- Success

Mitch Rapp

- Weakness

Peter Parker

- The Night We Met

Richie Tozier

- Headcannons
- Sunshine
- School Dances
- Home.
- Drinking Confessions (and a miracle too)

Eddie Kraspback

- Asthma Attack

Archie Andrews

- Somebody Else

Other Writings

- Scallisaac: Allison’s Side of the Story
- Scallisaac: Scott’s Side of the Story
(written by my fabulous friend)
- Scallisaac: Isaac’s Side of the Story (written by another faboo friend)

a/n: requests are always open! though they may take a while i love hearing from y’all :3

Femslash February Prompts

Feel free to add more details to any of these when you’re prompting!

1. Post apocalyptic AU
2. Star Wars AU
3. Photography AU
4. Music AU
5. Time travel AU
6. Mosaic AU
7. Teleportation AU
8. Horse AU
9. Deserted island AU
10. Soulmate words AU
11. Fate AU
12. Spies AU
13. Tea AU
14. Random act of kindness AU
15. Blind date gone wrong AU
16. First aid AU
17. Enemies AU
18. Found via rainbow flag AU
19. Pomegranate (Persephone or just somehow including a pomegranate) AU
20. Literal heart stealing AU
21. Makeup advice AU
22. Royalty AU
23. Magical realism AU
24. Magical flowers AU
25. Soulmate (make up a mechanism and tell me!) AU
26. “I’m trying to trick you into thinking I stole the thirteenth floor button when actually the building went from twelve to fourteen and you didn’t notice” AU
27. Cowriting a story AU
28. Museum AU
29. Telepathy AU
30. [Based off a dream you’ve had] AU
31. Dreams AU
32. Baking AU
33. Hard of hearing AU
34. Soulmate colour AU
35. Reincarnation AU
36. [Tell me a point of divergence from canon] AU
37. KissCam AU
38. Rain AU
39. Movie (writing/producing/acting in) AU
40. [Your suggestion here] AU


favourite season 9 looks – link
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anonymous asked:

Listen up. I'm tired of Luke Skywalker being praised as a """hero""" while Snape is overlooked. Get a life.


How did you find me? Why did you decide “yup this Marauder loving Snape hating girl looks like a good choice to dump my irrelevant rant about how Luke Skywalker is branded a hero when I think he’s not”?

Did I drunk post a whole rant about how Luke Skywalker is an impeccable hero and I absolutely forgot about it?

You are the one leaving weird ass anon messages in my inbox, mate. You get a life.