star wagon


Winter thaws while spring blooms all around the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Estate.

[Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Estate | Fuel consumption combined: 8.6-8.2 l/100 km | combined CO₂ emissions: 200-192 g/km |]

#MBsocialcar by Johannes Glöggler

signs as joey tribbiani moments
  • Aries: tries to speak french but ends up with "we poo poo"
  • Taurus: ichiban, lipstick for men *wink*
  • Gemini: when he got a turkey stuck on his head
  • Cancer: eats all the food in the fridge cause it broke
  • Virgo: drinks 4 gallons of milk
  • Libra: goes commando, wears all of chandlers clothes and does lunges
  • Scorpio: cant decide if he wants sex or food more and comes up with girls on bread
  • Sagittarius: smell the fart acting
  • Capricorn: hey, how you doin?
  • Pisces: custard good, jam good, meat gOOD

Headcanon: Winn has a much smaller, Maggie-sized Guardian suit on standby in a box somewhere, with a label that says “IN CASE JAMES GETS KIDNAPPED”

Additional: Winn also has a complete instruction manual for how the suit and everything in the van works, entitled “IN CASE I GET KIDNAPPED” which is prefaced by two important instructions:


and, in smaller letters,

2: use air freshener

His officer’s cap was a bit askew, his uniform was slightly wrinkled. In his arms was a variety of…things: a portable holoprojector, a bottle of lilac liquor, a basket with a wedge of cheese peeking out from beneath the cloth, three holodiscs wedged between his fingers and a small box balanced atop of it all, held there by Lyste’s chin. It looked as if he had run a marathon to get here.

Those impossibly blue eyes glittered at Eli, his small, narrow lips pulled back into a shy smile, and a rosiness bloomed in those pale cheeks.

“Hi…Eli…May I come in?”

The Welcome Wagon: Chapter 2 by  @white-rainbowff

Rainbow gave me a lil sneak peak so i was able to add a bit more detail like the movies and so on. 

Lil headcannon, Lyste got to nervous/excited that he forgot which way he need to