star trek; ds9

Until today I always thought Captain Benjamin Sisko was the darkest and most ruthless Starfleet Captain protagonist. Throughout the season so far, and especially after S01E05 I believe this mantle has been passed to Captain Gabriel Lorca.
He is ruthless and somewhat cruel, however, I love the direction Star Trek is going with this. After so many years, Star Trek is back and with a dark twist.

I made the same face as Garak when I realized that my blog reached over 1000 followers so:

But I have absolutely zero idea how to properly thank you for this?? I didn’t even know Star Trek when I created this blog 5-6 years ago lmao. But since 2015 this is the 1st fandom I am heavily invested in and I’m so glad I got sick 2 years ago or I might wouldn’t even have started watching TOS :o Anyway, DS9 triggered something in me. It’s truly my favorite Trek series and you can clearly see it through my edits and my blog in general. I’m just glad that I can share peacefully and respectfully different point of views with all of you and I hope it’ll last for a long time ♥