star trek: the search for spock

AU where Spock is a vulcan engineer at the NASA and Kirk is an astronaut -and constantly flirting with him-

(Vulcan has just been discovered and is barely starting diplomacy with our planet. Earth is still using space rockets and Vulcans proposed to send some of their people to help us with space travel)

I’ve been rewatching the original Star Trek movies for reasons, and somehow I don’t think I ever really put it together that Kirk stole the Enterprise and ruined his career with no expectation at all that he was going to get Spock back. The whole plan was to get Spock’s body and bring it and McCoy to Mount Seleya to do whatever Vulcan mystic funeral they need to do to preserve his katra; they didn’t know about Spock’s body being regenerated until they got to Genesis.

So Kirk’s endgame here was to end up both widowed and dishonorably discharged, with no Spock and no possibility of ever sitting on the bridge of a starship again. That is: without any of the things that make Jim Kirk’s life worth living.

He didn’t sacrifice everything to save Spock. He wasn’t supposed to get a damn thing for himself out of this mission. He sacrificed everything because if there’s even a chance that Spock has an eternal soul, then it’s his responsibility. In death as in life.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, spock performs a mindmeld with dr. mccoy, depositing his katra, or soul, into the latter's mind. the katra transfers at the moment of the mind-meld rather than at the point of the original holder's death. spock gives mccoy his katra before he enters the radiation chamber. when kirk arrives to the scene, spock asks him 'ship... out of danger?' to which kirk assures him that all are safe. then spock tells him 'i have been and always shall be your friend' and dies. in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, once spock's katra is reintegrated with his body, he approaches kirk and asks him 'ship... out of danger?' again, clearly not remembering any of the events after he placed his katra in mccoy's mind. however, soon after, he tells kirk 'i have been and ever shall be your friend,' a clear echo of his previous 'i have been and always shall be your friend,' which he should not be able to remember. there is no in-universe explanation for this, UNLESS kirk was thinking of spock's death and how he said 'i have been and always shall be your friend' and those thoughts transferred through a vulcan marital bond to spock's mind, in which case spock's vocalisation of those thoughts, which was said in a questioning manner, could have been a test to see if their marriage bond were still in place.

“The cost would have been my soul.”

-James Kirk, ‘The Search for Spock’

Well, what can I say? I’m in way too deep. I just watched the first three movies one after the other and TWOK broke my soul into tiny little pieces (again) so I had to do this to fix it back up.