it’s been longer than I want to talk about and I’m still sorta mad Bones doesn’t have his medical squad in AOS

 like please let me have extremely handsome and intelligent Dr M’Benga played by Chadwick Boseman or Aldis Hodges in my eyeballs, and if you want to make Christine Chapel played by Gina Rodriguez or whatshername, Constance Wu? I would probably move into the theatre and just stare at the screen with an agony of love in my eyes forever

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We all know exactly how human Spock can be on a mental level, but what about a physical level? He has the Vulcan hair, the ears, the strength, the circulatory system and so on. But what if Vulcans aren't typically as tall and thin as he is? What if that's a trait he gets from his mother's family, like all Grayson men are tall and thin? He's probably got Amanda's eyes, he might've lost teeth like human children, got his tonsils removed like human kids. What if he gets humans sicknesses too?

I always remember that quote in the 2009 movie, “Look at his human eyes, they look sad don’t they?” though to me his eyes looked no different than all the other vulcan children. I think he definitely has distinctly human physical features that Vulcans are immediately able to identify, which mark Spock as an “other” among his peers. I like the idea that he is generally taller and slightly weaker and lighter than the average Vulcan, though he would still definitely be stronger than humans. Due to his Vulcan features, humans assume he is a full Vulcan but then among Vulcans his human ancestry is painfully obvious due to the slight physical differences alone.

And yeah I bet it was a bitch to treat his childhood illnesses like he was probably not fully immune to certain viruses that most other Vulcans would be immune to. He also might have allergies to certain traditional Vulcan or human foods. The fact that he is susceptible to both human and Vulcan illnesses make it a headache and a half for Bones to treat him in adulthood due to certain medicines and vaccines reacting oddly with his mixed physiology 


The black eye that Chris Pine sports in Star Trek Beyond is apparently real, courtesy of Idris Elba.

“It was great. He gave me a black eye, and that was fun, and we used that. He’s a big guy and we tussled and threw some fake punches.” —Chris Pine

“He tried it with me, man. I was like, ‘Boom, have that.’ He’s a show-off, man. We could have covered it up; he just wanted to show everyone that he had a shiner.” —Idris Elba

“The way they defeated the aliens in Star Trek Beyond is unrealistic!”

For your convenience, here is a list of some other ways Star Trek villains have been defeated:

  • By Kirk reciting the Declaration of Independence really passionately
  • Kirk literally fighting himself
  • Kirk fighting himself again (this time while Spock watched)
  • Fat tribbles eating the problem away
  • Dr. McCoy applying mortar to an acidic rock creature
  • Spock mind-melding with a probe
  • Literal whales
  • The power of love defeating V’ger
  • Spock killing Kirk instead of having sex (Kirk got better)
  • An omnipotent being got his ass grounded by his parents
  • By doing literally nothing and history happened the way it would have anyway (plus there was a cat who turned into a hot lady)
  • The crew dressed up in suits and threatened to shoot gangsters
  • Kirk explaining birth control to an overpopulated planet
  • By making children cry

So you see, Beyond is actually well within the Star Trek tradition of ridiculousness. 


Star Trek Beyond | Uhura