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Spirk and 26? (And a nice first December to you 😊; i'll send your card tomorrow!)

Happy First December to you as well!   :D

 26.  What would be their theme song?

Strangely, it’s a song for Vulcan lute.  Initially, Jim did not respond very well to Spock’s attempts to get him to appreciate the wide and varied catalogue of music composed for the Vulcan lute.  He’d actually fallen asleep when Spock took him to see the concert performance of an esteemed elder lutenist on New Vulcan.  It had been the scandal of the Vulcan cultural season when Jim had snorted as he dozed and four hundred Vulcans turned around and stared at him in silent, barely-concealed dismay. 

But then they have a series of unsettling situations during their travels through the quadrant.  It’s nothing disastrous, no completely failed missions.  But a bright young ensign who idolizes Jim is so badly injured during a routine drill that she has to be left at the next space station.  Then some small part of the engineering process is disrupted so that they can travel at no faster than Warp 1 for several weeks, and the entire crew appears to feel the tension of the obstacle.  At last, an admiral who is widely regarded to be quite forgiving and reasonable becomes frustrated with one of Jim’s decisions and does not hide her disappointment and disapproval.  

When Spock returns to his quarters after his shift on evening he finds Jim stretched out face down atop Spock’s mattress.  And without a word, Spock fetches his lute and begins to play.  Jim does not acknowledge the music at first, but eventually he turns onto his back, and as he sighs, his ear obviously attuned to the song, some of the ever-present tension in his frame begins to fade.  Though Jim never asks for the performance to be repeated, when he appears discouraged or unduly agitated Spock will play the song again for him once they are alone, and Jim will listen and take a few deep breaths until he smiles at Spock softly.  That moment, when the music enables Jim to relax, is sweeter to Spock than any perfect series of notes. 


The black eye that Chris Pine sports in Star Trek Beyond is apparently real, courtesy of Idris Elba.

“It was great. He gave me a black eye, and that was fun, and we used that. He’s a big guy and we tussled and threw some fake punches.” —Chris Pine

“He tried it with me, man. I was like, ‘Boom, have that.’ He’s a show-off, man. We could have covered it up; he just wanted to show everyone that he had a shiner.” —Idris Elba

“The way they defeated the aliens in Star Trek Beyond is unrealistic!”

For your convenience, here is a list of some other ways Star Trek villains have been defeated:

  • By Kirk reciting the Declaration of Independence really passionately
  • Kirk literally fighting himself
  • Kirk fighting himself again (this time while Spock watched)
  • Fat tribbles eating the problem away
  • Dr. McCoy applying mortar to an acidic rock creature
  • Spock mind-melding with a probe
  • Literal whales
  • The power of love defeating V’ger
  • Spock killing Kirk instead of having sex (Kirk got better)
  • An omnipotent being got his ass grounded by his parents
  • By doing literally nothing and history happened the way it would have anyway (plus there was a cat who turned into a hot lady)
  • The crew dressed up in suits and threatened to shoot gangsters
  • Kirk explaining birth control to an overpopulated planet
  • By making children cry

So you see, Beyond is actually well within the Star Trek tradition of ridiculousness.