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[In Voyager “Imperfection” Seven reads off the casualty list of Voyager. One of those names is a Commander Bartlett. Why would Cavit as a Lieutenant Commander be First Officer? ]

Editor’s Note: In this specific case, it was a behind-the-scenes gag. Commander J. Bartlett, Lt.Cmdr. L. McGarry, Lt.Cmdr. T. Zeigler, Lt. J. Lyman, Lt. S. Seaborn, Ensign Claudia J. Craig and Ensign Charles Young are in fact the main character names from “The West Wing” :D

liking rick and morty doesn’t make you smart. the show may have a sci-fi theme, but that doesn’t mean you’re smart for liking it. laughing at a joke about the poopy is not suddenly clever or high-brow because the poopy happened on a spaceship

you’re not smart for liking star wars just because it takes place in space either. star wars is an action movie franchise and the science in it is all fake. you are not better than anyone else for liking star wars.

you’re not better than anyone else for liking Big Bang Theory, either. just because you get the pop culture references doesn’t mean you have an IQ of 200. getting a star trek joke doesn’t make you smart. everyone has either watched star trek or absorbed star trek trivia through cultural osmosis to know who spock is. when sheldon says “the epic funny spock vulcan,” you’re not smart for knowing what he’s talking about.

enjoying things that are traditionally considered geeky does not make you smarter or better than anyone else. everyone likes rick and morty. everyone thinks the older episodes of the simpsons are better. everyone knows what star wars is. knowing the names of the members of jabba’s band doesn’t make you cool or clever.

FBI Friday

Title: Batman Wears Neon Boxer Briefs

Description: A one shot in which Reid and the reader work together at the BAU and are good friends, and one night she drives him back to his apartment after he gets kinda wasted. Drunken hilarity ensues.

A/N: Hey this is the first Criminal Minds one shot I’ve ever posted. It’s very much fluff, not even especially romantic fluff, but I tried to make it pretty funny, so let me know what you think!

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Chekov would have likely been assigned to the Enterprise after the events of “Mudd’s Women”, as Chekov did not know Harry Mudd when the crew encountered him a second time in “I, Mudd”. Chekov’s first dated appearance in the Enterprise is on stardate 3018.2 in the episode “Catspaw” and, although the character of Chekov had not yet joined the cast during the first season, he must have been assigned in some capacity during Khan’s assault in “Space Seed”; this encounter must have occurred off-screen, as Khan recognized him when they encountered each other on Ceti Alpha V over fifteen years later, stating “I never forget a face…” Koenig jokes that he believes Chekov accidentally made Khan wait an uncomfortable amount of time to use the bathroom.

Medics log

AHHH ok so as with most things I write I kinda went over board? This was just gonna be a little thing, maybe a few paragraphs, but I got really into writing the character so it’s pretty long!! I hope it’s not too ooc, I’m pretty out of it right now so I’m not sure how well I really represented the character… but I hope you like it!!
Also I know some of the details about rank labels/titles are incorrect, but I don’t have the spoons to go on a bender looking for obscure Star Trek trivia right now… also it wouldn’t make sense for them to use last names so I just switched it to first. I’m using Alex as a placeholder name for anx, since we don’t know his real name yet.
Expect some poly sanders in the future, and it’s there if you squint, but Im keeping it ambiguous… for now 👀
Blood, wound mentions, death mention (very brief, and no character actually dies), insect mention, reptiles, medical operations, sarcasm.

Medics log. Stardate…. who cares. First medical officer Alex reporting.

I have another excitement filled report about how I am trapped on a ship full of idiots! I really… really wish it was less exiting. Do you know what alien garbage monster I got to pull out of a flesh wound today? A lizard. First Officer Logan will tell you it’s a flagogis- flagogas- whatever, but it looks like a lizard, eats bugs like a lizard, and tried to bite me, so it’s a lizard. Unsurprisingly, the idiot it was attached to was our chief engineer. Just like the man-eating plant last week. And the spider thing the week before that. And the- you know what. It’s in the record. I’m not going over it again.

Look. This is why I don’t go planet side anymore. And why I didn’t go into space before that! Yes, lets fling Alex into a depressing, deadly vacuum on a tin can maintained by and emotional baby, flown by an egomaniac, and run by a teacher pet! Great idea, star fleet! A++ thinking there, pal! What’s that, can’t come back for five years? Good! Just what the doctor ordered! Except it isn’t! Because I’m the doctor! And this was exactly the opposite of what I wanted!

Speaking of being a doctor. I should actually finish my report…
Initial surveys of the planet informed that while potentially dangerous, it had the appropriate level of oxygen for a planet side mission. Since it didn’t seem to have any established sentient life, Captain ‘Operatic’ sent an away team of First Officer Logan, Ensign Adams, (who would have been much more useful in the med bay as a nurse, instead of where they are now, in the med bay as a patient, but I’m just the guy keeping you from dying so who cares what I say,) and Chief Engineer… I Still don’t know his name. I looked at his file. It literally says Officer Dad. I have no idea how he did it.
Anyways. I did my best to tell Captain Romance that that was a horrible idea, this was a horrible planet, and that it would be much better to fly off into the distance to the nearest alliance base and have them run at least five more scans on the local wildlife. Yknow. Or however many scans it takes to convince me that nothing that lives on that planet will be living on, in, or around my crew when we leave.
That reminds me. The lizard is fine. The idiot I pulled it out of insisted I name it. I told him it’s name is lizard. He suggested Brian, and kept making puppy dog eyes at me… Brian is a stupid name. I’m calling him Harold. But only because he tried to bite the captain. Nothing else… and no one needs to know that. These logs are private until the end of the mission. And I will have run away and become an alien goat herd by then. Probably.

Right. Back to the disaster of the hour. First Officer Logan got the Captain on his side, through “sound reasoning”. Sure. If that’s what you call having someone wrapped so tightly around your finger that it cuts off blood flow. He gets so dorky about new ecosystems. I generally get stuck on the “could kill you” thing. Bit of a deal breaker for me. But not the Captain. His deal breaker was that there was no possibility of a heroic rescue of attractive alien species that no man has ever romanced before! God. He could break the prime directive 8 times just by looking at it. Speaking of breaks… (great morbid segway there, Alex, how very cheerful of me…)

To summarize the mission ended predictably; with about eleven stitches to the chief of engineering’s leg who I am not calling ‘dad’ unless by gun point. Then I’d consider it. Maybe. Luckily ensign Adams only has a mild concussion. I’ll keep an eye on him for a few days, the put him back to work. The engineering team better have a good back up, because I’m keeping Officer Idiot here to see if any of the lizard bites are poisonous. My initial scans didn’t find anything recognizable, but I’m nothing if not thorough…

I’m also putting in a request to pull him from planet side duty. The way today went… he could have died. He knew it, too. I’m pretty blunt about those things, and even he knew that a wound that big means trouble. But he just kept… talking… to the lizard. Trying to keep it from being scared. Of course it was scared… hell, I was scared. He should have been freaking out too. But he kept coaxing it, calling it nicknames, trying to tell it everything would be ok… *ahem*
The point is, he’s going to get himself killed. And we need the ship to keep running. So. I medically recommend that Officer…. “Dad”… not be reinstated for active duty planet side… no matter how many times he says please.
Head Medical Officer Alex, signing off.

After Jim and Bones have been together for years, Joanna comes to live with them, claiming that she needs some space from her mother.  Jocelyn has her hands full with the new kids, so she agrees to it right before Jo starts her first year of high school.
They both drop her off, that first day, of course, but at her insistence, don’t leave the car.  That would be embarrassing.  In fact, it isn’t until Jim picks her up after second period for a dentist’s appointment that either of them set foot in the school.
A couple of her friends have walked her there on their way to lunch.  They’re talking about something, Jim idly notes as he signs her out, but he doesn’t know what.  In fact, he barely registers it’s happening at all until it stops—and turns into frantic whispering.
Jim shoots them a nervous glance.  He remembers how alarming teenage girls were back when he was that age, and he’s fairly positive that alarm really never went away.  He’s experiencing a resurfacing of it right now, certainly.
He sees Joanna shake her head with an eyeroll that comes straight from the McCoy gene pool and push her way past and over to him.
“All right.  You ready?”
“Yeah, let’s go."  He glances nervously over at her friends, who are still watching her.  Them.  He lowers his voice.
"What was that all about?”
Joanna scowls, another mannerism that’s straight off of Bones’s face.  “Nothing.  Let’s go."  She takes his arm and tugs him towards the door.

"See you, Mister McCoy,” one of her friends calls after them.  Jim turns automatically to correct the mistake.

“Oh, I’m not Mister McCoy.  That’s her other dad.”
Other dad?” the girl repeats.
“But she has your eyes,” the other insists.  “And your hair, too.”

Jim flashes them an uncertain smile.  “I promise, I’m not—”
“Come on."  Joanna tightens her grip, dragging the two of them out.
Jim doesn’t think much on the incident until two weeks later, after Joanna’s follow-up appointment.  Bones had taken her for that one, and he returns slightly… harried-looking.
"I’m glad she’s makin’ friends,” he mutters, “but Christ if they aren’t damned intimidating.”

“The two girls?  They seemed fine enough.”
Bones turns to stare at Jim incredulously.  “Two?  There’s a whole goddamned pack of ‘em!  All that titterin’ and gigglin’ and shit.  Is this a new thing?  Were high school girls always like that?”
“I… I don’t know."  For once, Jim is as baffled as Bones is, and he just reaches out to run his hand up Bones’s arm in consolation.  The subsequent neck kisses leave the matter firmly forgotten in the past.
Until the parent-teacher conferences.
Joanna is doing fine, of course—better than fine, in fact, and her teacher has only glowing things to say about her.  It’s afterwards, when they walk out to see Joanna waiting for them, that they stop, both feeling mildly terrified.
"Ain’t you all supposed to be with your parents?” Bones gets out after a moment, staring at the several girls about Jo’s age who have just turned to watch the both of them.  The giggling is worse than Jim remembers, probably because there are a lot more than two girls now.
“Please.  It’s not like we’re in middle school."  Jim doesn’t recognize the speaker, but her smile has him mildly alarmed.  Her gaze flicks to Jim, but then back to Bones.  "You’re, like, Mister McCoy, yeah?  Or, well."  She glances back over her shoulder at her friends.  "Joanna says it’s actually Doctor McCoy?”
“I—yeah, I am."  Bones’s drawl is wary, and Jim can’t blame him, especially not after the way the group starts whispering and giggling again.  "Why?”
“No reason."  Jim recognizes this one—she was with Jo the day he had picked her up.  "Just curious.”
“I see.”
Another girl pipes up.  “And you’re a Starfleet captain, right?”
The collective stare (or so it seemed) turned to Jim, and he suddenly felt more self-conscious than he ever had addressing the entirety of Starfleet Academy.
“Yeah,” he replies, trying to keep his tone light.  “Of the Enterprise, actually."  He smiles his standard grin, hoping it’ll defuse the situation, but the whispers just get louder.
"Okay, okay, that’s enough from all of you."  It’s Jo’s voice this time, detaching from the group, face a dull red color.  "You two, car.  Let’s go.”

They both follow her out, completely baffled at the entire occurrence.
And then the sleepovers start.

In a July 2016 interview in New York Magazine, John Cho said that it was important to him for Sulu’s husband, Ben, to be Asian also: “Early on I said to Justin, ‘Dude, it would be important to me to have an Asian husband.’…Basically it was a little Valentine to the gay Asian friends that I grew up with. This may be presumptuous, but I always felt the Asian gay men that I knew had much heavier cultural-shame issues. This is probably more so for my generation than for yours [meaning New York interviewer E. Alex Jung], but I felt like those guys didn’t date Asian men because of that cultural shame. So I wanted it to seem really normal in the future. I thought that would be the most normal thing, that there was zero shame in the future. I don’t know if that hit or not, but it was something that I felt in my gut and asked for that….Justin was [receptive]. There was talk of, 'Should he have a human husband?’ So it went that far. I wanted that relationship to feel super familiar, you know what I’m saying? I didn’t want to push the difference envelope; I just wanted it to be very, very traditional looking….There was something about this pairing that would seem very old-fashioned, and then something about it to gay men that would be radical.” Cho also said that it was very hard to find an East Asian actor in Dubai (where they were shooting) who would agree to play a gay man: “We had a guy and then his parents really objected. Basically, we couldn’t find an Asian actor willing to play gay in Dubai is my understanding.” So they ended up enlisting the co-screenwriter Doug Jung, who is not a professional actor, to play the role.