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FUCK the people who say bones is not important. FUCK the people who say star trek would be the same without him. FUCK the people think he is pointless. ESPECIALLY FuCK the people who say Kirk and Spock don’t need him or would be better off without him. Leonard fucking Horatio McCoy is the one who fucking keeps them in line. He is the one who brings the heart to the enterprise. He is the one who can cure a fucking rainy day. Bones is important. Just as much as Kirk and Spock. The whole crew is important. And goddamn it Bones deserves to be loved so much.

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Do you have any Kirk/Uhura brotp headcanons, because I love their friendship in the aos & I need more of them in my life

  • Kirk routinely asks Uhura for Vulcan phrases/translations so he can profess his love to Spock. Of course Uhura figures out right away what he’s doing (I mean why the hell else would Kirk need to know how to say things like “my brilliant desert moon” and “I would wait a thousand lifetimes just for a glimpse of your beauty” and in VULCAN for that matter?!)
  • When Uhura first develops an interest in Janice Rand, she asks Kirk about her favorite color, favorite animals, hobbies, what foods she likes, etc. so she can have an easier time starting a conversation and eventually getting to know her better. After all of the fuckboys who displayed really disgusting motives toward Janice, Kirk is relieved that there’s finally someone who likes her who he knows would treat her right if they became a couple.  
  • Both Kirk and Uhura have a thing for 21st century music, so they go to “classical music” concerts together while on shore leave. No one else can stand listening to the Beastie Boys for that long.
  • Uhura takes Kirk makeup shopping when he’s first starting out, because neither of them trust Spock or Sulu’s taste in eyeshadow (too dark! have some variety ffs) and no one else on the Enterprise appreciates winged eyeliner just that much.
  • You know how it’s sort of a known/established fact that Scotty and Bones would be the ultimate drinking buddies? Well, Kirk and Uhura are the ULTIMATE ultimate drinking buddies. 
  • Every time there’s a problem with the supposed enemies, Uhura is always the first person to know/figure it out. Kirk can always count on/trust Uhura to let him know of anything suspicious, and since they’re both highly in tune with their intuition (at least moreso than any of the other bridge crew), they often find themselves unable to speak to anyone else about their “gut instincts” than each other. 
  • Both Kirk and Uhura represent Federation ideology better than anyone, and the whole quadrant knows it. Sure, enemies have learned to fear the triumvirate cracking down on them, but they all know that their absolute worst nightmare is Kirk and Uhura, side by side, wielding their phasers and armed with their unstoppable ideals. 

Did you know that Scotty, from Star Trek, was missing a finger? James Doohan lost it during D-day, when he was shot six times- by a fellow Canadian soldier. But how Montgomery Scott lost his was never mentioned, as it was kept hidden in most shots and a hand double was sometimes used for closeups.

The Signs As Gay Things Kirk and Spock Have Said to Each Other

Aries: “Please, Captain, not in front of the Klingons.”

Taurus: “I have been and always shall be your friend.”

Gemini: “Because the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many.”

Cancer: “Has it occurred to you that there is a certain… inefficiency in constantly questioning me on things you’ve already made up your mind about?”

“It gives me emotional security.”

Leo: “If I hadn’t tried, the cost would have been my soul.”

Virgo: “This…simple feeling…”

Libra: “Mr. Spock, do you consider Captain Kirk and yourself brothers?”

“The Captain speaks somewhat figuratively…”

Scorpio: “When I feel friendship for you, I am ashamed.”

Sagittarius: “Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most…human.”

Capricorn: “Captain, there is a definite pleasurable experience connected with the hearing of your voice.”

Aquarius:Jim! Good-bye my…my t’hy’la. This is the last time I will permit myself to think of you or even your name again.

Pisces: “Captain, you almost make me believe in luck.”

“Why, Mr. Spock, you almost make me believe in miracles.”


this is legitimally one of the gayest scenes that I ever had to witness in my entire life. like I’m not even joking. you have to make some intense leaps of logic to find a hetero way to read this scene. how was this aired in 60’s television. i’m amazed

Star Trek 4: In which Kirk, a giant history nerd, is so distracted by the fact that his boyfriend is back from the dead, that he forgets the Cold War and sees no problem with, while the Enterprise is stranded in the 80s, sending Chekov, a Russian, to steal the nuclear cores they need

Also there are whales