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“Julian, Zimmerman is going to file a report saying that Doctor Bashir is unsuitable for computer modelling because of his suspected genetically enhanced background. Do you know what’s going to happen when that report gets back to Starfleet Medical?”

“There’s going to be a formal investigation which will lead to my eventual dismissal from the service.”

“Then it’s true? You’re–”


Summary: AOS Star Trek fic. Friendship between McCoy, Kirk and Reader. Helping the crew with their problems can sometimes leave you strung out. You tinker to unwind, no one knows where all the suddenly fixed PADDS keep coming from until…

Word Count: 1713

Warnings: None I think. Mentions of death but nothing too strong… I don’t even think I swore… Points for me

A/N: This is my first Star Trek Fic, so please let me know what you think! Thanks to @writingwithadinosaur for helping me out! Drea, thank you love!

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You didn’t have too many secrets from your crewmates; it was hard to keep anything secret in such a close knit group, especially since you were all stuck together on a multi-year mission in space. You didn’t even really mean to keep this a secret, it just never came up, so now, you just sorta kept it hidden by default. It wasn’t like it was embarrassing really, just not something you felt like explaining.

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SpockFact #21

Once a week Spock teaches a class in sickbay in which he guides officers through a series of mental exercises and meditations designed to help crew cope with stress and mental illness. Nearly every member of the crew has attended at least one class including Sulu, Chekov, Uhura, and even Dr. McCoy.

I have not said one SINGLE thing about Discovery, but since it is so close, now is the time :)

First off, the reason I haven’t said anything and have avoided reading a lot about it, watching preview videos, etc. is that I really, really hate pre-speculation on shows, movies, speeches, anything. I did look at the preview images and I couldn’t help but catch some of the discussion – I’m in too many Trek communities not to have - but yeah, I really would much rather form my own impressions rather than have people telling me in advance what to think. I am especially annoyed by people declaring in advance how much they HATE a thing, and listing all the many reasons, before they have seen a full episode. Or several.

Second off, I just actually coughed up $ for CBS All Access and it is solely for Discovery because thirdly, I don’t watch new TV or new anything. I have great trouble watching anything I haven’t seen, even if it’s old. Like… name a big series of the past 15 years, genre, drama, sitcom, I can guarantee I haven’t seen it. The last new series I watched as it aired in TV was Cosmos with NDT. I also watched the new V and Enterprise. I also watched Sherlock and Doc Martin kind of close to when others did. Um, yeahhh. Can watch old things I’ve seen before or documentaries but that’s about it. I’ve got a wicked bad complex about this, which keeps me even from watching DVDs I bought 3 years ago or my own Netflix queue.



genos-idol  asked:

yeah but hear me out, scotty and a humanized enterprise, going on dates and stuff

Imagine the enterprise being a real sweet, quiet girl most of the time

Imagine her being able to throw a punch when needed

Imagine scotty just spending hours listening to all her stories ((space battles are much more interesting when you’re the ship))

imagine the two of them walking hand in hand, talking about the latest engines