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Guys?  My fellow Trekkies?  People?

Some of you know this already.  Some of you don’t.  But this song was almost the theme for Star Trek: The Next Generation.

No, I am not kidding.  I’m serious.  It really was.  They almost used this as the theme to TNG.  It’s even on the first soundtrack, the one with the music from the pilot “Encounter at Farpoint” if you don’t believe me.

Yes, this song was almost the TNG theme.


I mean it’s not horrible horrible, right?  But it’s… it’s not the TNG theme, you know? 

It really is very 1980s though.  I mean, you’d have to do 80s visuals with it, you know?  Not just text.  Picard would have to come on horseback galloping over the top of a hill.  Riker would have to do one of those half-turn-and-smile manuvers.  Troi would have shake her hair like a shampoo commercial.  Worf would have to do a toothy growl as he chopped wood with a bat’leth.  Beverly would have to be fixing Wesley’s uniform collar or something before turning to the camera.  Geordi would do the two-handed point-and-grin like Guy in the end opening credits from “Galaxy Quest” and Data would totally be painting a portrait of spot before spot knocked over the paints…

Star Trek LCARS Theme: Live Preview | Code

"LCARS" is a computer operating system within the Star Trek universe, an acronym for "Library Computer Access/Retrieval System". Consoles in the TNG, DS9 and VOY series all use this GUI system.


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quick reminder for hard times:

we’ll always have star trek.


star trek into darkness: official soundtrack


This is awesome. Star Trek TOS theme. Wonderful.

I love how that band director dances.


Two of my favorite things together: Star Trek and fine bone china

Pfaltzgraff made the china seen in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, afterwards they released the pattern to public. They also made patterns for TNG and DS9 for a total of 5 different patterns. Although these patterns are discontinued you can find sellers online.


Star Trek Theme by the Harp Twins (On electric harp) x

hey, remember that one time when the captain dared the commander to dress up as each other and bleached his hair?

spock is thinking death and dismemberment, of course


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