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Hi! I love all your barrisco art and recently saw a westallen piece you did and was hoping you might draw Barry/Cisco/Iris cuddles? <3

Took me too long to get this done but here ya go! It’s movie night and Iris promised not to fall asleep…                

The Absolution

Prompt 8: Write about a time you broke a heart.

Dean watched the lights from the cars outside flitter across the darkened bedroom wall.  It wasn’t a major highway outside their home, but it always had its fair share of traffic even at two in the morning.  The slatted blinds made the lights weave in a hypnotic pattern, but he still couldn’t fall asleep.  He knew sex made a lot of people sleepy, his husband for instance often reacted to it like a dose of Zzzquil, but he always felt energized afterwards.  Like he could run a marathon or climb Everest.  It was why he often tried to get his husband to agree to morning sex rather than bedtime sex.  Tonight the man had put on an old T-shirt advertising the “Mirror, Mirror” episode of Star Trek, so Dean had had no choice but to take him at the foot of the bed.  Of course that meant now his beloved was snoozing like a baby and he was watching the lights chase each other on the wall.

And yet…there were no other words he could think of to describe the moment other than contentment, happiness, security…

He would never share those words with anyone of course, he wasn’t some sort of modern day sap who was totally in touch with his emotions and his “feminine side” and all that warm, fuzzy cra—

“Dean?” his husband snorted awake.

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