star trek soundtrack


This whole scene was so breathtaking and, combined with this music, the start of it almost gave me tears of joy due to its sheer beauty and hopefulness.

I just realized that the star trek soundtracks have silly track names but the corresponding scenes are sometimes really sad

 star trek 2009

nailin’ the kelvin” that’s just sad
hella bar talk” because san fran ? hella bay area
nice to meld you” in other words give an unsuspecting jim kirk a sudden surge of crippling emotional pain thx spock
does it still mcfly” please don’t tell me this is a back to the future ref
that new car smell” scotty probably named this one

 star trek: into darkness

london calling” cry i love the clash but this is also one of my fav tracks
meld-merized” all the meld scenes are too sad
buying the space farm” because you are mY FRIEND
the san fran hustle” ain’t nobody fresher than my motherfucking clique

bless michael giacchino 

okay hi i’m back 
i listened to a playlist of the softer songs from the 2009 and STID soundtracks on my headphones white making dinner and i am quite calm now
something about the star trek soundtracks calm me down so much
i seriously just want to write michael giacchino a thank you letter for how many anxiety attacks and dark thoughts the song “labor of love” has gotten me through 

it’s my most played song because no matter what, it has the needed effect. if i need to calm down, it calms me down. if i’m feeling trapped and empty, it can make me cry. if i want to feel loved, i can hear the love and self-sacrifice in that song. i never get sick of it. i know that’s so cheesy but that song has become such an integral part of me and it’s one of my biggest anchors. 

so yeah
doing something methodical and productive + blocking the world out with headphones really helped UvU my mind isn’t racing anymore 

thank you for all of your patience and kind words i would be lost without you