star trek romance

The rim of the star-light
My love
Is wand'ring in star-flight
I know
He’ll find in star-clustered reaches
Strange love a star woman teaches.
I know
His journey ends never
His star trek
Will go on forever.
But tell him
While he wanders his starry sea
Remember, remember me.

-Star Trek Theme Song by Roddenberry

50 Shades of Takei

So, I tried to read “50 Shades of Grey” this weekend, but every time Anastasia said “Oh My” (which was like, 2-3 times PER PAGE), I couldn’t help but imagine George Takei saying “Oh Myyyyyy”. By page 12, I imagined everything Anastasia said was said in George Takei’s voice. By page 15, I just imagined George Takei was Anastasia. I had to give up somewhere around page 17, because Christian has started to sound and look like William Shatner/Captain Kirk circa ST:TOS, and after that, I imagined everyone wearing Enterprise uniforms, and there was no way the story was going come back from that. 

I didn’t even make it to any of the sex scenes. 

Masterchef AU:

Person A and person B hate each other and don’t think each other deserve to be in the competition.
A & B end up in the top three but only person A makes it to the finals, person A looses anyway.
Person B congratulates person A after the competition even though they didn’t win. Eventually they end up falling in love (or just become besties) and open a restaurant together.

Birthdays Aren’t So Bad

This fic is for @imoutofmyvulcanmind


You’re an amazing and beautiful person, and you’ve been a wonderful and brilliant friend to me these past few months. I love you boo and appreciate you more than you know. So what better gift for you than some McKirk smut? It’s the gift that keeps on giving and giving, again and again. ;)

2,147 word(s) of SMUT. Pure McKirk SMUT!

Leonard x Jim  -  M/M

“Bones, you know I hate celebrating my birthday.” Jim glared up, watching as Leonard loomed over him, grabbing something from behind him.

“That was before I came along, Jim. After I’m finished, you’re going to love your birthday. I promise.” Leonard spoke softly in Jim’s ear, suddenly tightening the strap that held Jim’s wrists.

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Actual Gothic Romance Heroine Beverly Crusher

- grew up in fake Scotland with the wind battering at the windows
- hears voices in her room
- wears a nightgown straight out of a period drama
- has a turbulent fling with a possessive ghost
- orphaned at 3, widowed at 30
- sees reanimated corpses in the morgue
- gets involved in a murder mystery involving a reanimated corpse
- her grandmother literally rises from the grave
- alabaster skin
- knows about herbal remedies
- falls for non-corporeal/non-humanoid life forms
- sleeps with her hair in a ribbon like some kind of Jane Austen character

Naps at Bones’ apartment

Leonard Bones McCoy X Reader

Word Count: 1042

Prompt:”I’m slightly drunk, but i want your attention anyway.”

Summary: You’re a bit drunk but, you’re hanging out with Leonard and a sleeping Jim. 

You went back to Bones’ apartment that night with Kirk because he didn’t want you to be alone even if it meant you wouldn’t talk to him. You did talk, you Kirk and the doctor. All three of you falling asleep on the couch with an empty bottle of wine on the table near you. It was an interesting night but you realised you liked the company. Jim was fast asleep leaning on your shoulder, snoring as loud as anything when you woke up. McCoy was leant across Jim and his head was in your lap. You looked down at him, he didn’t look peaceful, if anything he looked more annoyed than he did when he was awake. Which made you giggle. Leonard stirred slightly but Jim’s snores never stopped, like a sloth he slept for obscene amounts of time when he could.

You hadn’t noticed Leonard looking up at you. So when you looked down and saw him staring you jumped. Breathing fast you blushed and he laughed, Jim woke up for a second before falling asleep again. Bones rolled his eyes at Jim and yawned, you smiled down at him, he looked sleepy.

“I’m gonna go get a drink.” Bones sat up and you stared at him enviously.

“Help me McCoy.” You smirked nodding at Kirk who was still leaning on your shoulder, fast asleep. McCoy laughed quietly and pushed Kirks head onto the back of the sofa so you could stand up. You stretched out your back and upon looking back at Kirk, you put a blanket over him.

“He’ll sleep like a baby for hours.” McCoy told you as you walked into his kitchen. You sat on one of the stools that was up near the kitchen island. McCoy went to the fridge and brought out two beers.

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Arm Candy - Star Trek

HI!!! Glad to see your back!!! Could I have No. 10 with Jim and romantic, please????

#10: “No. Not the puppy dog eyes, don’t you fucking dare.”

AN: Part of my mini-shot event. You can find the info and prompt list here

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Scorch My Soul ~ part 1

Jim Kirk is many things, from lifeguard to expertise flirt and a wisher of a more accomplished life in-between. He is not, however, a believer in the paranormal side of the world. But when his car breaks down in backwater Georgia and good, handsome Samaritan Leonard McCoy comes to his rescue he might start believing in miracles.

Until his dream starts turning into a nightmare.

note: this is going to be a romantic thriller/horror/ghost McKirk story that I hope will have a Southern Gothic vibe… scary romantic with a twist?


The amber leaves of autumn are a small whirlwind down the asphalt in the wake of the red Chevy that’s just sped past the Welcome Stranger sign.

The sky is blue, the sun pleasant in a way only a late autumn sun can be and the rumble of the car’s V8 mixes unexpectedly well with the beautiful flow of Einaudi’s piano.

The weather’s perfect for a road trip which is all the better for Jim’s hardly covered half of his journey from Miami all the way up to just south of Des Moines. One world to another and he both dreads and anticipates the moment he’ll cross the Iowa state-line marking his first coming home in over six years.

Now, though, his mind is far away from his nephew’s baptism and the reality of seeing his family again – he’s never visited them since he moved south, chasing a dream of freedom. Instead, he’s enjoying the sun, the rolling hills and considers staying in the area for the night because he’d love to see the sun rise over the neatly lined rows of pecan trees.

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Kirk trying to ask you out

Jim Kirk X Reader

Word Count: 1385

Prompt: “You’re too drunk sweetheart.”

Summary: Kirk keeps trying to find you to ask you out but you’ve been able to avoid him till today

“He’s been asking me all week which classes you’re in so he can talk to you.” Nyota grinned over the table as you sat in the quieter corner of a loud club down town.

“Really?” You asked and she nodded.

“Says you’ve been avoiding him.” She raised an eyebrow questionably.

“I’d say more tactically lowering my chances of him ever talking to me.” You smirked and Uhura laughed.

“We’ll they don’t seem to be working.” She nodded to the door, Jim was practically running over. “Have fun!” Nyota quickly exited the booth and grinned at Jim.

“Hey Kirk.” You muttered as he slid into the seat next opposite you.

“You’ve been avoiding me.” Kirk grinned and you rolled your eyes.

“Not true.” You pushed over your second cocktail to him. “You’ll probably like it.”

“Thanks. But I’d rather take you out.” Kirk pushed the drink back towards you.

“And yet I’ll have to decline.” You pushed the drink back towards him with a smile.

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Sentimental - Star Trek

“May I request a kirk fic where you’re pregnant with his kid?”

“Why are you doing this without him?” Doctor McCoy asked as you laid back on the medical bed.

“You do remember how he handled the news when I first told him I was pregnant right?”

“The day the Chief Medical Officer realized he had to limit the amount of alcohol one person could replicate in a day…Yes I remember. But I do think the Captain might handle finding out the gender a little better than finding out he was going to be a daddy.” The Doctor began moving a scanner up and down over your abdomen.

“He might. But… We’ve only talked about genders and names a few times, never very seriously. I don’t know what he wants. I don’t know if he will be disappointed, happy…angry.”

“Hey. He warmed up to the idea of having a baby pretty quickly. Im sure he’ll warm up to the idea of a daughter.” The doctor set down the scanner and folded his arms.

“A girl?” You asked, sitting up. The doctor nodded. You placed a hand lightly on your growing bump. “Are you sure?”

“Are you kidding me?” He asked with a smirk. You raised your hands in defeat and stood up and began to walk out of the medbay, pausing at the door.

“Thanks Doc.” You called.

“Congratulations.” He said as you walked out.

You walked slowly back to your quarters. A soft smile tugging at your lips. You had forced yourself not to get your hopes up on a boy or a girl. But now that you knew for sure, your mind was going crazy with thoughts of the future. The thought of Jim with a daughter made your heart flutter a little.

You spent the next few hours mindlessly tidying up your quarters, trying to decide how to tell Jim. When he eventually got off duty and walked in, all your plans went up in smoke. Words fell from your mouth before you could stop them.

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anonymous asked:

Your writing is incredible - sending love and appreciation to you <3 And a prompt :)I just finished ds9 and I'm desperately need something post-canon, mb even after A Stitch in Time, when Julian is trying to go to Cardassia for some reason but gets detained on the border because of smt and has the "one call" right. And then it takes whatever direction you prefer ;) I hope you aren't too busy and you still accept prompts.

I know this was sent months ago, but thank you. <3

I’m in need of just pure happy right now. Because someone just watched Cairo Time for the second time in less than twenty-four hours. GAH. HAPPY REUNIONS PLEASE.

As a side note, I actually haven’t read A Stitch in Time yet. I have a copy. I’m just really bad at getting to books in a fast manner. The first sentence of this is the last line of the novel though, because I’m that kind of person.

This isn’t very long and I had intended on writing something horror today. I will likely fill a second prompt later.

In Person

You’re always welcome, Doctor.

Julian was sure Garak meant that. And he was also certain that there was more there than the simple “come and visit” undertones. He was so certain that he resigned his post on Deep Space Nine and made arrangements to go to Cardassia. It’s wasn’t a visit. He intended to stay. What he would do, he wasn’t sure. He wasn’t even sure Garak would approve. But the novel length series of letters was more than enough to remind Julian where he truly wanted, and needed, to be.

Without reaching out to Garak for approval, Julian packed his things and took a series of shuttles to Cardassia Prime. The entire journey took forty-nine hours. Far too long, for Julian’s liking, but it was done. And he arrived on the planet in the Cardassian filled transport a little bleary but otherwise prepared for the journey that lie ahead.

Julian waited in line as the people on the shuttle were ushered through check-in one at a time. His singular bag with his various belongings was slung over his white button-up and rested against his black clothed hip. His right thumb brushed over his passage slip, over the Cardassian letters that read off the departure time, the expected landing time, the seat he was given, and how much he’d paid for it. Under it, tucked between his middle and pointer fingers, was his identification, complete with a picture and his changed employment status. He handed the slip and the ID over to the Cardassian soldier who stood poised at the entrance to the city’s central station. He assumed the transaction would go smoothly. But steeled blue eyes met his own brown ones.

“Your paperwork isn’t complete. I can’t let you through,” the Cardassian said, handing the information back. Julian blinked and reached for it, but let his hand hover over the paperwork.

“I thought all I needed was an ID and a ticket.”

“Anyone who’s not Cardassian also needs personal verification from a Cardassian citizen.”

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Wrapped in a Big, Red Bow (a Leonard McCoy x Reader fanfiction)

Soulmate AU with some Holiday Magic thrown in! Where Jim plays Santa Clause, Bones learns a lesson in Christmas Magic, and You get everything you wished for this holiday season! This is a BonesPOV! story as well, and I tried to capture his essence as much as I could. Also, I also made the reader nonbinary/gender neutral at their part since this story is not in regular readerPOV mode, so everyone can truly enjoy this story. Merry Christmas you guys!! ︎❤︎❤︎❤︎

Soulmate AU prompt: based on the Japanese legends of the “Red Thread of Fate”, an invisible red thread is attached around the pinkies of two people who are fated to find each other. The string may stretch or tangle in the journey of the individual, but some say they can feel it tighten around their finger when their destined one is near. However, since this is the future, technology has made it a bit easier to uncover this red thread and find who is at the end of it. Also Sprik is mentioned in this fic!
Thanks to @outside-the-government for inspiring me to do this prompt!
Rated: all ages
Warning: drinking, LONG STORY

Word count: 3,048

“Love is magic at its core. But you just have to believe in it for it to find you.”

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So, What Do You Say?

(photo not mine)

Pairing: Jim Kirk x Reader

Rating: Everyone

Characters: Jim Kirk, Reader, Uhura, Ben, Sulu, Bones, Chekov mentioned

Warnings: marriage proposal,Kirk being charming, fluff, fluff, mega fluff, super fluff, did I say fluff? UNEDITED

Author’s note: I love the movie the finest hours. Chris Pine looks so damn good in that movie, so I used it as a theme for this one. Basically, the reader loves 1950’s fashion and aesthetics, and Kirk knows this. So, he uses his position as captain, and this love to melt her heart.

pst! request stuff please. :D

“So, What Do You say?”

The party was a starfleet wide event. Two weeks prior, an announcement was sent to every member of Starfleet with the orders that they must attend. It was to be held at York Town, which was just around a planned stop for the Enterprise. Your boyfriend was buzzing with excitement, you figured it was just because he wanted to hear tales from other captains about what was out in the vastness of space. He would always get excited about that kind of thing. Jim was a man of the stars. You were neutral about the party, till you found out that it was themed; and that the theme was a 1950’s bash.

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Bridal Style (a Leonard McCoy x Reader Fic/imagine)

Injured!reader and a worried!doctor ficlet that I was inspired to do by the idea of Leonard carrying someone bridal style (so romantic *swoon* could totally see him doing this). I had a heavy mind of AOS Bones for this one (because imagine Karl Urban carrying you bridal style and tell me you wouldn’t swoon either). Enjoy!
Word count: 1311
Rated: T (language)

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