star trek reboot cast


I still cannot believe that these guys are actual full grown adults with actual lives who can legally drive cars and have to pay taxes

*this video is not mine okay*



Karl Urban plays “Bones”

John Cho: “Karl Urban is apparently incapable of taking a bad photograph.

I agree. :)


If they rebooted DS9:

  • Edris Elba as Benjamin Sisko
  • Emily Blunt as Kira Nerys
  • Anne Hathaway as Jadzia Dax
  • (or Emma Stone as Ezri Dax)
  • Manish Dayal as Julian Bashir
  • Chris O'Dowd as Miles O'Brien
  • Liam Neeson as Odo
  • Peter Dinklage as Quark
  • Malcolm David Kelley as Jake Sisko
  • Naomie Harris as Kasidy Yates
  • Kevin Spacey as Garak
  • George Clooney as Dukat

(and Djimon Hounsou as Worf, from my TNG reboot cast)


I spent like 2 hours trying to find some good actresses that I would love to see play these lovely ladies in the reboot. Sadly I doubt either of the characters will make an appearance, but here’s hoping.
Unfortunately I don’t have photoshop skills to put them in Starfleet uniforms - this is the best I can do. If someone else wants to, feel free.