star trek reboot au

Among My Stillness

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS)
Prompt: Soulmate AU – you can hear your soulmate’s heartbeat.
Word Count: 
Small, slightly graphic description of a minor injury.
Rating: All ages.
Author’s Note: this idea came to me when I was in the shower tonight.  I tried to get out so quickly to write it down before I forgot it that I almost killed myself by accident.  All in the name of fanfic.  Special shout out to @yourtropegirl – I know you didn’t request it, but I’m hoping you’ll enjoy this soulmate AU anyway!  Beta’d by @starshiphufflebadger

Among My Stillness was a Pounding Heart

It had all started when you’d first set foot on the USS Enterprise.  At some point on your first day, you had become aware of a soft, distant pulsing in your head.  At first you’d thought it was the beginnings of a headache, your own heartbeat pounding in your ears, but you had soon realized that the rate and rhythm of the beat were different from your own.

You had been startled.  You had always heard talk of people finding their soulmates, but you had gone for so many years without any inkling as to who yours might be that you had almost entirely given up searching until you’d begun hearing the rhythmic thumping here and there.

It was an almost-constant presence. Sometimes you lost the sound when you were on away missions, or when you were sealed off in the physics lab in the belly of the ship, working on gravity stabilization experiments or cold fusion dynamics.  Other times, it was like there was a drum set right inside your skull, going off like your brain was throwing its own, personal classical rock concert.

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Star Trek/Kingsman AU

  • Admiral C. Pike as Arthur
  • Captain Jim T. Kirk as Galahad
  • Commander Spock as Lancelot
  • Lieutenant Commander L. McCoy as Gawain
  • Ensing P. Chekov as Percival
  • Lieutenant H. Sulu as Kay
  • Lieutenant N. Uhura as Lamorak
  • Lieutenant Commander M. Scott as Merlin

- Imagine Kirk, Sulu and Chekov being Team Instinct because of their shirts

- Scotty and Uhura being Team Valor

- McCoy and Spock being Team Mystic

Kirk :

- Only bothers levelling up his Jolteon and Growlithe

- 7,563 Weedle’s that need to be transferred still

- Having like 3 pokeballs from only catching Eevee’s to get Eevee candy

- Referred to as Spark

- Changes all his Pokemon Names to puns. Like Digglet > Dicklet

- Names every Physic Pokemon Spock


- Literally Blanche

- Always feuding with Uhura who is literally Candela

- Carefully levels up his pokemon

- Pisses Kirk off because Spocks lowest CP is 567 and Kirk’s highest is 487

- filled most of his Pokedex

- Has a Pikachu which pisses Kirk off


After seeing thesadchicken‘s awesome Star Trek mermaid pieces I decided to add a little AOS to the mix 

(Bones is human but soon discovers the mermaids have magic that allows him to breath underwater)

Edit: added Uhura and Scotty
(Scotty is definitely the type who collects all the random stuff he finds and wears it as jewellery)


Star Trek x Iron Man AU

“You’re fucking Iron Man!” Leonard stares at the screen in disbelief, incredibly angry and proud and fascinated at the same time. He knew something had to be off with this kid. “No, you are fucking him. I’m just the lucky guy in the suit.” McCoy wants to say so many things and his brain is composing the most eloquent fuck yous in the universe, but his thoughts are interrupted by a dozen of tiny flickering lights and Jim’s smart-ass computer, S.P.O.C.K., starts to give instructions immediately. Listening to the too-calm voice of the too-perfect A.I. makes him dizzy. He hated Artificial Intelligence and considered it to be potentially dangerous, but he also understood that this invention must’ve saved Jim’s life a dozen times. “Just look at the monitor and tell me where Harrison is. I can’t see him in this crowd! Mr. Spock, please make sure that the old man doesn’t have a heart attack right in my lab while I’m saving the city.” Kirk’s laughter is charming and distracting and all Leonard wants is to choke the little bastard and then kiss him and fuck him hard so his ass will not get itself in trouble any more. Maybe not in that particular order, but… “Dammit, Jim, I’m a doctor, not a navigator!”

The Dance of Destinies

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS)
Prompt: @yourtropegirl ‘s Ballerina!reader challenge.
Word Count: 3209.
Minor injury, fluff.
Rating: All ages.
Summary: 21st century AU – reader is a ballerina preparing for an audition and Bones is watching her through the studio’s window.
Author’s Note: I love that this gave me a chance to go back to my roots.  I trained in ballet and folk dance on and off for nearly 13 years until I got too busy with school and work to continue. It’s nice to be reliving some of those days!  The title for this fic comes from a quote by Shah Asad Rizvi: “One step, two steps, three steps; like winds of time experience joy of centuries, when movements become revelations of the dance of destinies.”

The Dance of Destinies

Plié.  Soubresaut.  Chassé. Piqué.  Fouetté.  Jeté.

Your movements are fluid and completely intuitive as you dance, the music simply an afterthought in the background as you go through the motions you’ve been practicing for months now in preparation for an audition for the American Ballet Theatre.  It’s your dream to dance with the world-renowned corps de ballet and you’ve been training eight hours a day for the last two weeks so that you’re ready when your audition rolls around in less than a week.

Your joints are sore and your muscles are weak with exhaustion, but you don’t give up.  You can’t give up.  It’s your one shot at achieving your dream and you’re not about to give it up for a few aches and pains.  Stopping only long enough to catch your breath in between repeats of your chosen piece of music, you shake off the fatigue, get a quick sip of water, and then get right back to your routine.

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Star Trek crews AUs  | Merlin

The USS Excalibur crew.

Captain: Arthur Pendragon
A captain who spends more time off the chair than on it, preferably leading an away team to check a new planet. He will stop at nothing to protect his ship and the people living on her (friendly named respectively “the den” and “the hoard” by his half-sister).

First Officer: Guinevere le Blanc
The unofficial captain of the Excalibur, her reliability and honesty has helped her raise through ranks until earning the rank of lieutenant commander and first officer, despite not coming from command school.

Communications Officer: Gwaine Lotson
He speaks much, and most of the time his blabbering makes the captain develop a headache, but he’s the most reliable communication officer one would wish to have at one’s side when dealing with hostile aliens: he specialized in languages while training as security officer, after all.

Chief Medical Officer: Gaius Blaze
His Eyebrow is made of legend and its renowned in the whole ‘Fleet: he will make you do what he wants just by silently staring and pointing his Eyebrow at you.
He’s the only crew member who served under both the Pendragon father and the Pendragon son.

Science Officer: Merlin Emrys
Curious and hyperactive, Merlin is the kind of science officer a captain would never want to have on the ship. Despite his inability to be tidy and the tendency to improvise, he’s still a genius in a blue shirt. He also doesn’t know what “chain of command” means. Inexplicably, Captain Pendragon always refused to kick him out of the ship and went out of his way to save his scrawny ass too many times to count.
He’s been recommended for the position (and forced on the captain) by Admiral Pendragon.

Chief Engineer: Elyan le Blanc
Brother of the first officer Guinevere, he happened on the Excalibur after finding out his sister was employed on this ship. He has inherited the passion for engineering from his father, who served many years before under Uther Pendragon’s captaincy.

Weapons and Armory Officer: Leon Cameliard
Childhood friend of Arthur and resident expert of weapons, he hung around the ship’s armory too much time for a simple security officer until Arthur, out of pity, promoted him armory officer when the position was vacant. Quite proud of how he’s in charge of virtually every weapon aboard the Excalibur, he is known to give dissertations to every crew member who happens to ask him a weapon.

Computer Officer: Morgana Pendragon
Always eager to learn more about computers and their language, Morgana is the only one on board, with Merlin, to be able to backtalk to the captain and not end up in the brig for insubordination. She might abuse of her ability to manipulate him, but always for the good.

Helmsman: Tristan Lyonesse
One of the few, in the whole crew, who dared to openly disagree with the promotion of an admiral’s sons to captaincy of a brand-new Constitution, Tristan’s pastime is still to grumble about the captain’s oddities (first of all his protectiveness and propensity to always be where he shouldn’t - namely, with his ass on the chair), although he long since changed his mind on Arthur Pendragon’s worthiness of sitting on the chair.

Security Chief: Lancelot Du Lac
Following his dreams, he gave all of himself at the Academy to get the high rates that would’ve allowed him a chance to run for a position on the Excalibur. His career has been hindered by Admiral Pendragon, who didn’t approve of him as security chief, but he proved his worthiness in countless times.

Deputy Security Chief: Percival Grail
Easygoing and funny despite his ruff appearance, he has become the running joke of the starship because the tunic fabric doesn’t stand the power of his biceps. His has been the only request to have sleeveless tunics to ever reach Starfleet HQ.
He’s the right hand of Security Chief Du Lac, who convinced him to apply for the Excalibur to Captain Pendragon.

Navigator and Tactical Officer: Isolde Blanchmains
The only reason why the Excalibur wasn’t without a helmsman right before leaving spacedock for her maiden voyage. She and Tristan spend their on-duty time gossiping and commenting about the rest of the crew (and especially the commanding crew).

Helmsman, Tactical officer: Mithian Nemeth
An Arthur Pendragon in skirt, as Merlin would grudgingly say, Mithian has been personally invited by the captain to become part of the dragon’s hoard after they met at an exclusive Starfleet event in which they found out they shared many interests.
She is the only daughter of admiral and member of the Starfleet Aristocracy Rodor Nemeth.

Security Officer: Mordred Druidson
He joined Starfleet just to work with the Pendragon siblings, of which he is quite fond since he was eight years old and they helped him that one time he was alone and lost in San Francisco.
He is the youngest member of the crew and one of the youngest in the whole Starfleet (sharing the record with USS Enterprise’s Chekov).

Head Nurse: Morgause Fay
The nightmare of every patient, she acts as if she were the sole ruler of the sickbay. She isn’t much a fan of men and she finds it hard to serve under them, but she always imposes herself as the medical member of any away party (parties that usually are all-male). Every time.
Her hopeful ambition is to see Morgana Pendragon become captain of the Excalibur in the future.

USS Excalibur Mainframe Conduit: Freya
The humanoid version of the USS Excalibur. She has a crush for Lieutenant Commander Emrys.

Pet FSN-345-58-0047: Kilgharrah Emrys
The not-so-cute reptile pet of Lieutenant Commander Merlin. He hates cuddling but, at least, he is quite calm and isn’t a nuisance.

Medical officer: Cara Nimueh
She joined the Excalibur crew to keep an eye on the son of the late Ygraine Pendragon’s son (of whom she was a friend), but eventually found a place she doesn’t dislike too much to settle.

Yeoman: George Brass
George is the perfect yeoman, a role he is proud to cover. His best quality? Efficient to perfection. Unfortunately, his humor is made only of cracks about cleaning.

Pet FSN-682-43-1054: Aithusa Pendragon
Cute and loved by virtually everyone aboard - with the only exception of the captain who hates both the overgrown lizards - she makes many happy sounds and steals everyone’s attention. She loves cuddles and scratches.

Liaison Officer: Uther Pendragon
The current head of the powerful Pendragon clan, Uther holds a great amount of influence within Starfleet, of which his family had been part of since when the Federation didn’t exist yet. Known for his sternness, bordering on tyranny, he has been allowed to get the position of Liaison Officer for a starship on which both his son and his daughter work thanks to the power he wields in Starfleet and also because he’s Arthur Pendragon’s harshest judge.

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Imagine Jim and Leonard meeting in a bar on Jim’s night off. Kirk charms the doctor, so he comes back every night when the blond is working as a bartender. He tells himself it’s because of the good scotch but it’s an obvious lie. Jim knows it too, so every time Bones walks in to the bar, he puts on the same annoying song.

Don’t you wanna come with me? Don’t you wanna feel my bones
on your bones?
It’s only natural.

The Killers — Bones