star trek print

Malcolm, Hoshi, Archer and T’Pol encounter a mysterious virus that alters who they are in “Extinction” (S3E03). Here is my poster showcasing that transformation.

one of my other favorite things that happens in ds9 is when they introduce Lenara and are talking about how the Kahn symbiont lived a nice normal life as a shuttle pilot’s wife, changed hosts once, and now lives a nice normal life as a classy physicist. and during that same period of time Dax burned through like 3 hosts (including one murderhost), became the victim/subject of a massive Trill conspiracy cover-up, became best buds with the Klingon Empire, burned a lot of shit down and/or fucked a lot of shit up (as Curzon), discovered a wormhole full of gods, and had sex with every humanoid species in the quadrant (as Jadzia)

(you just know that everyone on the Trill homeworld calls Dax ‘the party symbiont’ with varying shades of admiration and/or disgust and/or exhaustion)


You may remember my post a few weeks back about my first crack at 3D printing. If not you can scroll down on my page to take a look.

Here is the finished and painted ship. Miranda Class, USS Orion, NCC 72811. Its printed to be in scale with the rest of my fleet.

I found painting this style to be very interesting. There was a lot of detail added to the model that didn’t come out in the print, so I tried a bit by hand to put it back in. It’s a little rough but I still like how it turned out.

Help a starving artist pay her bills?

I’ve never done this print thing before, but I recently lost my job after fighting a losing battle with my dog’s cancer, and I’m struggling to find a new one. SO, I opened an Etsy.
And I’m debating taking requests if anyone is interested.

Not to beg, but if I can’t come up with a good $500+, I’ll be getting an eviction notice on the first, so please reblog. You might just save my life.