star trek predicts the future


Star Trek is way too spot on when it comes to predicting the future.

This episode takes place in 2024, but it mentions that the current status quo was established by 2020. 

Which was such a horrible corrupt economy and corrupt useless government that all the poor and unemployed were placed in walled off “sanctuary districts”. Left there to die of starvation (being given minimal food if you got in line early enough) or lack of medical care, and that every major city had one. 

And in 2024, the rebellion begins! So that’s something to look forward to I guess

Star Trek Predictions

Promised for the future and delivered IRL:

- Flip phones
- Flat screen TVs
- Video conferencing
- Touch screen tablets
- Transparent aluminum

Still pending:

- Faster than light space travel
- Matter to energy to matter transport
- Terminals that explode upon OS crashing
- Mirror universe of evil goatees
- Nebula full of coffee