star trek predicts the future

sometimes i feel bad for people from the 50′s- 70′s, they had such incredible hopes for going into space in the future, even star trek predicted that we would have far more advanced technology 17 years ago then we have now in the ways of medicine and other enterprises, and i especially think about what people of color who dreamt of that future might be thinking, like, was the hope for advancement into space also supported by a hope that it would be matched by an advancement in anti-racism.

but instead we here, on a dying planet, killed by capitalists, strangled by white supremacists, and voyaging to the edge of our own solar system still seems like little more than a dream.

racism and classism really robbed those folks of their dreams and their future. 

Star Trek Predictions

Promised for the future and delivered IRL:

- Flip phones
- Flat screen TVs
- Video conferencing
- Touch screen tablets
- Transparent aluminum

Still pending:

- Faster than light space travel
- Matter to energy to matter transport
- Terminals that explode upon OS crashing
- Mirror universe of evil goatees
- Nebula full of coffee