star trek plus


It’s out! My nerd parody band, @librarybards‘ newest parody music video, all about Star Trek OST’s Spock! (Plus, I play both Kirk AND Spock!)

Let me know what you think!

the boys spend extra time learning classical dance so they can be the hottest vulcan/human couple at the federation’s next gala

(meanwhile t’pring and uhura are flawless goddesses)


And the end to the TNG character sketch portraits based on their personalities. lol this one’s hilarious because of the juxtaposition

Of course Wesley gets that rainbow sweater. He’s such a sweet and happy kid and such a youngster. There are lots of young artists out there with styles that are so simple but so expressive.

Bonus Soong because he just screams Leonardo Da Vinci, he really wasn’t supposed to be included haha

Listen to me… Data would be so fascinated (DELIGHTED) with the nonbinary identity.

While some of his programming does rely on binary functions, his personality is open, organic, always developing. He has learned from men, women, and others. He has adapted their traits into his personality, and never feels quite justified in referring to himself as a man. He is the sum of a spectrum of identities and experiences.

He understands ‘binary’ as something unique to computers. Not to sentient life.

Discovering this identity is another step on his journey to humanity.