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Bones meets science officer Jim at the Academy. Jim tries to cure his aviophobia and Bones makes sure Jim doesn’t go blind studying.



SDCC Posters revealed for Star Trek: Discovery!

Plus: win one at an off-site event! The U.S.S. Discovery captain’s chair will be available to fans to take photos with at Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts Gallery. From Thursday though Sunday day, 1,000 lucky fans will also be eligible to receive a limited-edition Star Trek: Discovery poster. A Comic-Con badge is not required to visit the exhibit or be entered to win one of the posters.

Gotta love how it suddenly turns out Spock can totally just sight-read hand-written piano pieces, and play them without problem

And Kirk doesn’t even comment on it

It’s just a thing now

uhura’s relationship with spock ruins the movie

uhura ruins spock as a character

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