star trek plus

the boys spend extra time learning classical dance so they can be the hottest vulcan/human couple at the federation’s next gala

(meanwhile t’pring and uhura are flawless goddesses)


I’ve listened to this about 12 times now. Figured I’d share it as well :D

Listen to me… Data would be so fascinated (DELIGHTED) with the nonbinary identity.

While some of his programming does rely on binary functions, his personality is open, organic, always developing. He has learned from men, women, and others. He has adapted their traits into his personality, and never feels quite justified in referring to himself as a man. He is the sum of a spectrum of identities and experiences.

He understands ‘binary’ as something unique to computers. Not to sentient life.

Discovering this identity is another step on his journey to humanity.

Let’s talk about this picture. This is the first picture I have taken in so long where I am actually happy and confident. As a black plus size woman I have struggled to see myself as beautiful. I thought my natural hair was ugly. I thought because I was a size 26 I could never be pretty or elegant. But this picture really captures the natural beauty I am now beginning to see I have. Thank you to @unintelligentnuisance, my best boo, for taking this. You really helped a lot hun

Star Trek Headcanons(Plus the one I read on the web)

1. Vulcans don’t swear and don’t have swear words, for swearing is a sign of being emotionally compromised.

2. No one in the AOS Star Trek universe has said that they’re straight. Which means that Hikaru Sulu sure as fuck can be gay and Spirk(preferably bi/pan) can be a thing.

3. Vulcans can be demi-sexual.

4. All Vulcans lead a healthy way of life because spoiling their health would be illogical.

5. The kids who bullied Spock in AOS Star Trek are half-human themselves bc bullying is also a sign of being emotionally compromised.

6. Vulcan x Human bonds must be rare, which is why half-Vulcans are deemed by Vulcans as incompetent.

7. Bones must be not only Irish, but also German, because Germans are usually portrayed as sociopaths or just brutally honest people with a wicked tongue.

8. Spock and Kirk may be bi/pan