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Page 100 from The Latter Fire by James Swallow.

I’m illustrating the 100th page of books that I’m reading or have read.

I’m really enjoying this one, it’s been a while since I’ve sat down to read a Trek book and this is a nice stand alone story at the cusp of the Animated series.

I’ve got some leave coming so I’m hoping to knock it over next week! 

Ghost Ship (More like Gay Ship)

I take back anything I might have said that could be construed as derogatory about this book.

I adore it.

First, let’s get this scene out of the way:

I think they meant to say that Riker is impressed with Picard’s command skills, but that sounds more like “Picard is so ridiculously attractive that Riker can’t look away”.

But this is only a hint of what’s coming next.

Which is…



Translation: Data is such a fabulously perfect being, how could anyone ever hate him? I love him so much!

And that’s not all! 

The main plot of the story involves a ship that eats people’s souls, which is as cheesy as you’d expect. But dear Data wonders if he has a soul, and steals a shuttlecraft to go see.

Geordi and Data’s exchange before Data leaves:

Data’s thoughts while stealing the shuttlecraft:

and Geordi’s thoughts while trapped (because Data had to confine him to stop him from following):

Wow. Just…wow. The connection these two have is just…well, this is some of the best Data/Geordi I have ever read.

But it gets better! I know, that seems impossible.

While Data is ‘dead’ (obviously he had a soul):

And the best part, the reunion:

That’s right.

They stared into each other’s eyes.

They held hands.


And Riker “blurted finally” - blurted implies breaking a silence, and finally implies a long time.


I AM IN FANGIRL HEAVEN RIGHT NOW. *runs off into the distance squeeing*

Heterosexuality not found. Again.

I just finished reading the TMP novelization. This comes during the final scenes, when they find Vejur’s “brain”:

What the fuck. Like, humankind is at the brink of extinction, they have seven minutes left to save everyone and Jim not only finds the time to notice Spock calling him by his first name again, no he even finds it comforting.
As if he didn’t care about global extinction after he finally has his boyfriend back.

Jim, are you even real? What the fuck. Seriously.

Error 404, heterosexuality not found

I’m finally getting around to reading Gene Roddenberry’s novelization of The Motion Picture. I will skip over the well-known T’hy’la part and go straight to the chapter where Spock returns to the Enterprise and steps on the bridge, much to Jim’s delight.

So. Is this a reaction to a friend you haven’t seen in a while? Not for me, even though I do get excited when I see friends again after a long time.

Why is there talk of “friendship and affection”? While affection certainly doesn’t have to mean love, the term “friendship” already includes “affection”, doesn’t it? So why use both terms? Because there is more to it than mere friendship?

Also: “superior even to the wild physical love which affected Vulcans every seventh year during pon farr.”
Holy hell, what is this? The connection between these two is superior to pon farr? (Well, okay, we knew that since Amok Time.)

This doesn’t necessarily imply that they have ever been engaged with each other sexually, no, it goes beyond that.
But do they need to be sexually involved?

Basically, what Roddenberry tells us here is “Fuck sex this is much better!”

I don’t consider Spock to be asexual (TOS has shown us he is capable of experiencing sexual attraction outside pon farr), but I can easily see these two together without ever needing to get physical.

(But I also find it rather easy to imagine they did go down that road after TMP.)

The marriage was a quiet one, but the news was still greeted with astonishment on Earth. Sarek took it calmly. One particularly annoying newspaper, which published a slight alteration on Amanda’s headline—”I Married A Little Green Man!”—received an interesting riposte from Amanda, when she was interviewed on one of the broadcast news services shortly thereafter: “There is nothing little,” she said with great dignity, “about my husband.”

Spock’s World by Diane Duane

Amanda no

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