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If you love Star Trek and are interested in making some friends who also love Star Trek, you should consider joining Starbase ‘17! It’s a group chat on kik made specifically for fans of Star Trek! All you have to do is message me your kik username, and I’ll add you to the chat.

What you’ll get:

  • Friends!!
  • Potential new followers
  • People to scream about Star Trek with
  • Hopefully an overall good experience

The only requirement is:

  • Make the chat a safe place - be respectful of other members, don’t be rude or bash anyone’s thoughts or opinions, just be kind basically. 

If you are interested, like I said, joining is as simple as messaging me your kik username, maybe adding what you hope to get from this group or a quick intro (though it’s not required by any means), and waiting to be added to the group!

What is the Fan Studies Network? 

It’s a private blog dedicated to people interested in Fandom and its practices as academic subject. 

 What is the main goal of Fan Studies Network? 

The main goal is to provide access to useful reading material for Fan Studies researchers, especially for people that don’t have money to buy them because of the expensive cost. 

 What will you find on Fan Studies Network? 

You’ll find several articles and books related to Fan Studies available for download, donation to buy agreed upon books to expand the resources, and posts related to fandom as an academic subject. There’s also the possibility of discussing topics, if the members want to do it. 

Why is it private? 

To get less attention and reduce the possibility of having the blog deleted because of “bad” practices - which I find terrible. I mean, don’t poor people deserve a chance to study what they love, even if they don’t have money to afford it? 

Obs: There’s also books and articles related to Gender Studies and Queer Studies as they are the main discussion within Fan Studies.

List of Books and Articles Available to Download:

Fan Studies | Queer Studies | Gender Studies

If you want to be part of the group just FILL OUT THIS FORM


like i get that we still don’t know much about discovery and whatever, but a major tv show with two women of color in the leading roles? who are featured in promotional materials, not hidden behind a white guy or slipped in on the sidelines? one of whom is a black woman with natural hair? like…….this is rare and monumentally exciting

The Sight of the Stars

(Okay! So this is my super, abysmally late Star Trek Network Gift Exchange gift for @orsonkraennic. I’m sorry this is so late! Life and school and I started one, but then didn’t like it so switched and…yeah. I tried to incorporate two of your prompts, and I hope I’m able to make you smile! Thank you for being so understanding. Anyways, Enjoy!)

“I love you.”

The first-time Jim had said those words to Leonard, he hadn’t paid much attention. “You have a concussion,” he’d informed Jim, and slipped his pen-light back into his coat pocket before going to prepare a hypo to reduce some of the swelling. “Save your confessions for the next person who gives you an orgasm.”

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Quick Mckirk smut idea: Alright, teacher/student college!au, where Bones is a professor, with old wireframe glasses and a worn in sweatervest and everything, and Jim’s the star jock, with a permanent cocky grin and a letter jacket and all that.

And Bones is on his back on the old wooden desk, glasses crooked and cheeks flushed pink as Jim has the brunet’s long legs wrapped around his waist, the blond grinning wickedly as he licks his lips and fucks in harder, purring ‘Am I your favourite student now, professor?’ and Bones just bites his knuckles to keep quiet.

And Jim leans forward, bending the older man in half as he pushes in deeper, blue eyes bright and wicked as he bites at his chin, whispers, 'Aw, don’t be getting all shy on me now, you always have plenty to say during class.’ Jim grunts as he grabs onto the desk and pounds in so hard it quakes, giving a forced grin as he practically growls out, 'Especially when that little Russian speaks up. He caught your eye, doc?’

And the man who indeed has a doctorate, though right now it means nothing as it feels like his mind has all but melted at this point, just gives a muffled whine but doesn’t answer, bottom lip reddening quickly as he bites down on it desperately.

And the lack of answer makes the jock snarl, throwing the professor’s legs over his shoulders and pulling him forward to the edge of the desk and into his lap, grip tight as his voice rumbles in his chest, handsome face set in a scowl, 'Only look at me, professor.’

And as Jim bucks in again in an unhealthily good way, Bones manages enough thoughts together as his glasses slip further off his nose as he’s bounced on the young man’s huge cock, that the jock is jealous.

And part of Bones wants to grin, it really does, as the star football player with unpredictably excellent grades and damn fine good looks to boot, is jealous that his old, bitter, divorced biology professor may be spending the lecture actually looking at someone other than him.

Another, more pressing part of Bones wants nothing more than to try not to break apart into pieces as the man above and in him was determined to try and fuck him right through his desk and potentially onto the next floor down.

In the end, all he can manage to do is whimper, and blue eyes widen at the sound, before Jim lunges forward to bite hard at his shoulder, growling, 'Look at me, look at me, look only at me,and Bones can’t argue or answer because he’s afraid he’ll lose all control if he attempts anything other than keeping his hold on his desk and it just makes Jim lose it and fuck harder and work the other’s cock like it’s his mission and Leonard comes to the feeling of the young man quaking above him, liquid heat spilling inside him and leaking down his thighs, bruises blooming on his back and his hips and his shoulder that he’ll be relishing for weeks.

And he’s still rendered mute as he lays back and gasps for air, Jim collapsed on top of him, inside of him, panting and not moving even though Bones’ spread legs are beginning to ache.

But then the kid just looks at him, too bright too blue eyes staring far deeper than any twenty-something year old should, showing such a mix of feelings and wants and thoughts, and underneath it all just a desperate, almost child-like need for attention, for Leonard’s attention, and it’s raw and vexing and the professor doesn’t know how to process such a look, much less one directed solely at him, and all he can do is breathe and stare.

And then blue eyes narrow again, the change from bare to brat occurring almost instantaneously, as Jim stands and fixes his jacket and the false grin on his face, licking his fingers clean of Leonard’s come as he smears his own dripping between the brunet’s thighs, saying playfully, 'Good lecture as always, doc. Maybe I’ll come to the next one.’

And Bone still doesn’t answer him, can barely catch his breath, and Jim leaves him there, a taken apart mess on his desk, to try and piece together his unfathomable life again.

And despite Jim’s words, each and every class, Bones sees those too blue eyes staring at him. And after every class, Jim just takes him apart again.

And Bones still can’t bring himself to argue.

Okay, let’s talk about how Bones can’t seem to sleep without Jim in the bed next to him now. It’s a thing that started out slow. First, he just likes to sit and stand next to him. Always just hovering slightly behind him then pressed close enough that their shoulders touch. He’ll convince himself it’s for appearance sake. Always needing to look like a united front.

Then, it turned into near cuddling on the couch when they watched movies and Bones trying not to nod off. Jim would bite his lip to keep from laughing until he just threw caution to the wind and pulled Bones closer.

Now, they sleep comfortably together in a bed that’s a little smaller than they’d like but just big enough to wrap around one another.

And on the few occasions that Jim is out of the bed earlier than him Bones will shuffle out of the bedroom; hair mussed and lazy warm from bedsheets and collapse on top of him wherever he maybe. This time Jim happened to be sitting on the couch with coffee.

“‘S too early to be up, g’back ta sleep.” Bones mumbled into Jim’s neck, pressing closer and settling down and already halfway back to dreamland.

“Goodnight, Bones.” Is all Jim can say, sipping his coffee with a fond smile; his free hand carding through his boyfriend’s hair.

I want son of Thor!Jim, who smells like ozone and lemongrass, who smiles like a flash of light and laughs like rolling thunder. His voice booms throughout a room and echos against the walls, or it rumbles deep in his chest, simmering as sparks crackle at his fingertips.

I want grandson of Cupid!Bones, with romance and invitation written into his skin which he tries to hide with a prickly exterior. With large, elegant wings on his back and a lightness in his step and a glow to his entirety that almost no mortals notice, and he prefers to keep it that way.

I want Jim to light up when he and Bones first meet, like literally, actual sparks fly and communicators short circuit and Bones hisses, Are you trying to kill us all?? This shuttle is already a death trap!

And when Jim follows him around with wide electric blue eyes, mouth running a mile a minute, hands twitching forward to touch and pull at the feathers of the other man’s wings, Bones spins around and growls I don’t care if you’re godly; look, but don’t touch, and for the love of Goddess, kid, stop staring. But even when he’s fuming, Bones is all sparkly and aglow despite being a hungover ball of grouchiness and Jim can’t help but stare, smile wide and giddy until currents run through the air and along Bones’ wings.

Which Bones ruffles, puffs up angrily, and storms off to his dorm, only to find that the electric blonde is there too, and unpacking, because of course they’re roommates. And Bones just grumbles, It’s how I affect everyone, kid, you’ll get over it, and tries to ignore how the microwave hums or the electric kettle quivers as the kid just gives him a bright smile.

And Jim ends up short circuiting their room so Bones misses his alarm, and Bones’ wing knocks over Jim’s toothbrush into the toilet when he rushes to class.

And Bones grabs Jim away by the collar when he finds him following the Vulcan professor around with one of his arrows, and Jim freezes mid-meal when he watches Bones griping about how messy their room is while picking up his hammer from the floor effortlessly and putting it away in the closet.

And Bones finds a hidden stash of his molted feathers in one of blonde’s drawers, and Jim sometimes finds the brunette laying beside him on his bed when the weather gets rough outside.

And Bones finds himself speeding home when a huge storm erupts in the sky to find Jim curled up on himself with sparks crackling along his skin; Jim kisses Bones singed fingers later with watery eyes. And Jim finds that the feel of the campus has gotten dreary and grey and sorrowful, and comes home to crawl on top of Bones and lay there until the brunette’s tears dry and his body unfurls; Bones clutches Jim’s shirt and buries his face into the warmth of his neck as he murmurs a quiet thanks.

Bones letting Jim touch and pet and caress his wings after a long day for the both of them and they’re crashed on the couch watching holovids. Jim keeping one of the feathers in his undershirt’s pocket at all times.

Sparks tracing along their skin as they hold hands.

A taste of lightning and sweet pollen when they kiss.

Bones laying spread on Jim’s bed, body lax and warm, wings laying languidly over the sides, as Jim kisses down his neck, his chest, his hipbones, the air crackling between each one. The brunette glowing as Jim pushes into him, back arching and voice breaking and the blonde becoming entranced all over again. Every bulb in the room being blown out after Bones scratches down his back and keens, lamps being knocked over by quivering wings as Jim grabs his hips tighter and sinks in deeper and yes right there, yes, and both seeing sparks in their eyes or glitter in the air as they break and come.

Talking to security guards later about the mysterious black out on the floor in nothing but mixed up boxers and hickies and a blush.

Heading to the stars and sharing quarters and lives and meeting a family of crew as they explore galaxies together.


A neural network tries to identify objects in ST:TNG intro

Experiment by Ville-Matias Heikkilä applies deep learning recognition to the Star Trek: Next Generation opening titles … and doesn’t really do a good job of it …

There isn’t a lot of space stuff in ILSVRC12, so pretrained Googlenet has some serious trouble classifying stars, planets and the Enterprise.

Imagenet-pretrained Googlenet. Top three classifications translated into text for each frame. The classification marked with an asterisk is the top choice. Green color indicates that the network is relatively sure about the classification (neuron value above threshold and at least 10% above the second candidate).


Okay, so I saw something that said punk!Bones/chubby!Jim and this got stuck in my head

Mckirk au idea: Instead of tiny!Bones, what about chubby!Jim, who never really lost his baby fat and is a bit round in the face and more round in the belly and it makes him look baby-faced and a bit too adorable and a bit too shy and geez his southern hottie best friend just can’t stand it and one day when they’re sixteen just smooches him right on that damn, adorable face. And Jim is a bit shorter and a bit wider than his boyfriend, and despite all his damn intelligence and genuineness and that damn special spark that always amazes Leonard, Jim can’t help but wonder why this gorgeous, brilliant beauty is with him.

When he accidentally says it out loud one day when they’re nearing their twenties and finishing exams, Leonard pushes him down on the bed and rides him like a proper cowboy would. Afterwards, he whispers, I wonder why you’re with me sometimes too. It seems I’m just real lucky, I guess.

When Bones goes away to the south that summer, Jim decides to get two or three or eight jobs (with many an odd job on the side) to make enough to go visit him and take him out somewhere real nice. He buses tables, hauls hay, walks dogs, moves furniture, fixes cars, weeds little old ladies’ gardens (pro bono of course, except they send him home with hearty, healthy meals), and by the end of it, he shows up at the door of Bones’ grandparents’ house at the end of August.

Except this isn’t Bones’ sweet, cuddly blonde, it’s some tall, ripped stud and Bones almost closes the door on him when he tries to kiss him. But there’s the same shy smile there and illegally bright blue eyes and holy shit, it is Jim, his same lovely Jim just in a different package.

And it’s quite an interesting package, Leonard realizes, when they can kiss at the same height, even when Jim has lifted him up against the barn wall and is fucking him like he hasn’t seen him in a couple decades, not a couple months.

Leonard still pushes him down in the hay and shows him who the real cowboy is here, and Jim lights up just the same.



As of May 12, 2016, the blog known as Art Thingies & Everything Else run by XxTheSmittenKittenxX will no longer be active. This is due to the fact that Tumblr has forced me to change my password and sent the info for such a change to an email that I cannot access simply because it’s inactive.

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I apologize for the length of this post. Getting my message out there is of the utmost importance to me. As you all can see, I am pretty upset about what happened (I’ve had a good cry) but I’m beginning to wonder if it’s for the best. Perhaps a new start will be better for me in the long run.