star trek lyrics

Nobody can convince me that Bones didn’t sing this to Jim at some point during the mission (in a deeper register than mine) to the tune of Under the Sea.

The stars always shine much brighter
In another nebula
You always want to take flight, sir
But this time we’ve flown too far
Since space is disease and danger
We’re knocking at Heaven’s door
It’s horrible and much stranger
Where no one has gone before

Way out in space
Way out in space
I would be lying
If I said flying’s
Great for our race
What have they got among the stars?
Someone direct me straight to the bars
No Altair water
Can’t see my daughter
Way out in space

The people on land are happy
Roots and peach trees warm the soul
The people in space ain’t happy
They live in a big fishbowl
And everyone wants to kill us -
We bring science, peace, and love!!
I know that you want to thrill us
But must it be up above?

Way out in space
Way out in space
Let’s not go far, please-
Beyond Antares?
Lord, give us grace!
Transporters scramble up our cells
Fixing you’s my own personal hell
Yes it’s emotion
From this fool notion!
Way out in space

Way out in space
Asking a lot here
My nerves are shot here
Starting to pace
Even your surgeon’s great dismay
Won’t stop your urgin’ me to stay
Think I’ll go mad here
From this triad here
Way out in space

The Romulans roam
The Klingons fall off
The Vulcans just can’t
Though boy do they scoff
The Tellarites ride
Orions deride
Andorians out the door

The Vians might vie
To make us all dead
The Horta exhorts
No Kill I instead
The Tholians weave
Organians deceive
The Gorn is just sworn to war!

Way out in space
Way out in space
Farewell comrades
Stay on this launchpad
Say goodbye, arms race!
Hobgoblin’s being such a pain
Aliens won’t stay out of my brain
Katras won’t rest here
Landru can’t test here
Way out in space
The Prime Directive’s
Pretty subjective
Way out in space

We can’t just flirt now
With Red Alert now
Jim I’m a doctor
Not a helicopter
You know I’ll follow
But this world’s hollow
Way out in space!!!

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Imagine having a rocky relationship with Chris. You’re happy for a short period of time, then his old habits start up again – he’s distant, unreliable, and can’t commit to the relationship. But after the fighting comes the mind-blowing make-up sex. He won’t let you leave the apartment for days just to spend more time with your body. This time, though, you decide you’ve had enough; there’s no changing your mind. You’re not wasting any more of your time on someone you can’t count on.

Imagine watching Chris get dressed. The two of you met at a charity event last night where he asked you to come home with him. You had an incredible night - he made you tremble in places you didn’t know existed. As good as it was, you had no illusions about this being anything more than a one night stand; but when you got up to leave, he bashfully asked if you’d stay. He’s travels so much, he never has time for a steady relationship, but that also means he doesn’t get too many cuddles.

Vampire weekend

“Then I see you                                                                                                                  

You’re walking cross the campus                                                                                    

Cruel professor                                                                                       

Studying romances                                                                                         

How am I supposed to pretend                                                                           

I never want to see you again?”