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for the important expressions post if you are still doing it, Bones with 1 please?

Watching DOOM really helps me get into the mood for vengeful/raging Bones

You think Jim skipped his physical again?

Help a starving artist pay her bills?

I’ve never done this print thing before, but I recently lost my job after fighting a losing battle with my dog’s cancer, and I’m struggling to find a new one. SO, I opened an Etsy.
And I’m debating taking requests if anyone is interested.

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A Fan Theory Suggests That One of Star Trek: Discovery’s Actors May Not Be a Real Person
Javid Iqbal, who supposedly plays the Klingon Voq, has no online presence and has made no public appearances. Is he a red herring?

I can’t. This seems SO plausible too.

I don’t want more dark and gritty Star Treks. Whether it’s hollywood’s paramount or simple fans or actors on the show making it themselves. 

I want a bright and hopeful Trek.

Star Trek is where I go to for my fix of optimism for the future. Don’t take that away, don’t make Star Trek like every. single. other. vision. of the future ever. Keep all your section 31’s and your “good guys all wear black” and your “The Federation is on the werge of collapse” and your wars. We’ve done those already.

I want a bright and hopeful Trek.

This is freaking tragic. According to sources he was found pinned between his car and a brick mailbox and he was already deceased by the time he was found. Star Trek fans know him as the actor to play him Pavel Chekov in the 2009 movie series and was the lead character in 2011 Fright Night and 2013 Odd Thomas. My condolences to all of his friends and relatives.