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A survey of fanfiction readers and writers.
As primary research for my research essay, I have created this survey to better understand who consumes and produces fanfiction, as well as to discover which categories, genres and fandoms are the most popular, and why.

Dear fanfiction lovers, please do me the biggest favour in helping me out with a research essay by filling in my survey! 

Any and all fanfiction readers and/or writers are welcome to respond, so pass it on to your friends/fandoms/communities - the more the merrier! Thank you xxx



Here’s to the newbies just starting out, the ones discovering their ability to twist and bend plots, characters and places to their will for the first time,

To the old faithfuls, who have kids at home and a full-time job but somehow still find the time to make us forget for a while,  

To the students who publish one-shots and sagas in-between study sessions,

To the ones who posted that one fic years ago and have since moved on, but whose story meant (and still means) so much to so many readers,  

To those of you who publish short, little things that pack the emotional punch of a freight train,

To the ones who update faithfully, and to the ones who don’t,

To the ones who weave lyrics into their stories, and the ones who deal in nothing but angst,

To those who don’t write in their native language, 

To the brave ones who do it despite their fear of rejection or criticism, 

To the ones who like to write with their friends, and the ones who do it alone because their friends wouldn’t understand, 

To the ones who spend hours researching in order to to make their world as real as possible, 

To to the poets and novelists and essayists and dreamers:  

Every single one of you is precious.  

You, along with all the other fandom artists and creators, lift us up and give us hope.  You make us laugh, you make us cry, you make us think and question and wonder.  You help us escape, sometimes, when we need it most.  You bring the unimaginable to life, you translate lofty words into ones we can smell, hear and taste, and you continually encourage and inspire us.  You’re wonderful and powerful and courageous and so, so loved, even if we aren’t always the best at letting you know it.  So this is for those of you with empty comment sections, with a concerning lack of kudos/likes/favs/bookmarks. Your stories make a difference, and they always will.  

So, from all of us to you:  

Thank you.

Among thousands of them [Star Trek fans] I have met over the years—people of widely varied ages, occupations and backgrounds—one unusual quality seems to have been shared by all. Of course, when defining the quality of those who appreciate his work, a writer is mightily tempted to pick unusual intelligence. However, there is another quality which I choose to regard as a higher compliment to all of us who made the show.

The typical Star Trek fan is invariably a remarkably gentle human being. “Gentle” as in the lovely but too often archaic concept of gentleman and gentlewoman—the kind of gentleness which comes out of an affection for this universe in general and for life in particular. It was this capacity for affection, of course, which led the Star Trek fan to approve and appreciate our view that humankind is not best characterized by evil—as the visionless would have us believe—but rather, that its past has been a lusty infant’s period of learning by trial and error.

Whither this child? It is moving toward a proud adulthood, of course. And in time, perhaps beyond even that. The fans and I dream the same dreams about such things. This is our bond.

—  Gene Roddenberry, January 1975 – Star Trek Lives! (Foreword), J. Lichtenberg, S. Marshak and J. Winston

From the very beginning science fiction was very male-focused or male-controlled. There were a few women involved, but an awful lot of them were just the wives of the fans. So when Star Trek started, it had a very large female component, which I think the networks never really understood…they persisted in feeling that all Star Trek fans were sixteen-year-old guys with acne who wore eighty-seven buttons on their shirts. I mean, we tried to tell them, but they never listened. A lot of people were drawn into fandom because of Star Trek, many of them women, and the old-line fans started to feel like they were losing their grip on their own hobby…

I’m not being very polite about this but, again, it was just a question of, ‘I want to talk about Asimov and you’ve never even heard of Asimov, so why are you trying to take over? There are so many of you!’ I mean, we had about four thousand attending the Worldcon in 1967, and then when Elyse Rosenstein and I decided to do our own convention, it was so many more people. So the science-fiction fans sort of felt overwhelmed and there was a certain amount of hostility.


Devra Langsam, quoted in The Fifty-Year Mission Volume 1 by Mark A. Altman and Edward Gross.

Interesting to hear from one of the key women figures in early Trek fandom on the dynamics of SF cons after Star Trek debuted, and how the resistance to Trek fans in SF was gendered.



** = Ongoing

Last Update: 04/08/17


Alfred Pennyworth x Reader

  • ** “From Something to Nothing to Something” ( Part 1 / Part 2 )

Bruce Wayne x Reader

  • Fight Me” - Reader has a rough day and Bruce helps her out. Confessions are thing.

Edward Nygma x Reader

Dangerous Game” - Requested Oneshot using the song Dangerous Game from the musical Jekyll & Hyde

Oswald Cobblepot x Reader

  • Songbird” - Oswald and reader have been together for quite some time now. She has been with him through everything, but he finds out something new when he comes home from work early.

Victor Zsasz x Reader

  • Stage Kisses” -Reader is working a show. Victor says that he has to work and can’t make it, but ends up surprising the reader.
  •  ** “Guard Dog” ( Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 )
  • Creeper Shot” - Reader finds out that Victor has been taking sneaky pictures of her. Fluff ensues.

Multiple Characters x Reader


Bucky Barnes x Reader

  • Tea and Confessions” - Bucky helps reader after a particularly difficult day.
  • “Cautious” ( Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 )
  • Green” - Reader has been having a tough time and needs an escape. She loses control when she is stopped. Bucky has to try to calm her down.
  • Climbing” - Reader isn’t very happy with her physical appearance. The team could tell that something was off, but they weren’t sure exactly what it was until Tony throws a party. After hearing some things from other members of the team, the reader’s boyfriend, Bucky, starts to worry and confronts her.

Star Wars

Coming soon

Star Trek

 ** “Better Hands” ( Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 )

For @calliatra for @fandomtrumpshate 

Happy Valentine’s Day, I bear headcanons. Spock and Kirk, after retirement. They have an interview together because they’re famous starship captains, but Spock prefers to be known as the First Officer. They’re both past caring about decorum, so they show up dressed in civilian clothes. Kirk’s dug out his old green shirt and a jacket with a vintage NASA pin. Spock is bundled up. They’ve got a ton of in-jokes; the interviewer is bemused but entirely delighted over how affectionate they are. The vulcans are no longer scandalized—“It’s that science genius with his human again.” 

Star Trek Character Ages

Over the past few days my sister and I have been doing very important research; we looked up the ages of all of the Star Trek characters. Quite possibly one of the most nerdy things I have spent my time doing, but, the results are quite interesting in some cases. So here you go tumblr.

*note: all of these ages were calculated using either birth years found on memory alpha or memory beta, so they may not be 100% correct, but I tried to be as accurate as possible.*

——At the start of their time on the series—–


Data-26 (based on activation date)
Beverley Crusher-40
Wesley Crusher-16

Dax (symbiont)- 351(born in 2018!!! Guys that is pretty soon)
Odo- 32 (based on date he was first found)
Quark- unknown (no recorded DOB)

The Doctor-0 (Activation date)
7 of 9-21 (however she spent time in a Borg maturation chamber)

Porthos-Unknown, but at least 2 years old

Go forth with the newfound knowledge you have gained! 

  • A Series of Unfortunate Events: gets a Netflix series
  • Star Wars: gets a new trilogy and a bunch of spinoff material
  • Big Hero 6: gets a TV series
  • Tangled: gets a TV series
  • Wreck-It-Ralph: gets a sequel
  • Hotel Transylvania: gets a TV series
  • Runaways: gets a Hulu series
  • Narnia: finally gets a 4th movie
  • Harry Potter: gets a play
  • The Maze Runner: gets a new prequel
  • Star Trek: gets a new series
“Better Hands” - Part 1

“Better Hands” - Part 1

My Masterlist - Here

Leonard “Bones” McCoy x Reader

Word Count: 2402

Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Heavy Abuse, Cursing, Talk of Injuries,

Summary: After being in an abusive relationship, you have been able to turn your life around thanks to the help of the team. But when you have to go back to your ex for some of your things, some shit goes down.

Originally posted by bilesandthesourwolf

Author’s Note: So this is my first Star Trek piece and I’m super fuckin nervous about it. I’m not a huge Trekkie, but I am a fan of the newer films. Those are what I base my fics off of unless stated otherwise. But yeah, I hope you enjoy!

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces (All Works, Specific Fandoms, or Specific Multi-Parts), please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

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It’s been about 3 years since you joined the Enterprise. Starting with an abusive boyfriend and a low ranked job in engineering, it was easy to think you would never really be good enough to be an important member. But you proved yourself wrong.

Within a few months of joining, Scotty saw potential in you and began to mentor you more. Through this, you two became very close friends. You were able to be yourself around him at work. This being said, you never told him about the abuse your boyfriend delivered. You had mentioned a few things that sort of raised red flags to Scotty, but you told him it was nothing and you two moved on.

It wasn’t until you came into work one day with a “sore chest” and slightly limping that he found out how bad the abuse was. You hadn’t been thinking and decided to roll your sleeves up while you and Scotty worked on one of the many pipes around the ship. He saw a huge dark blob out of the corner of his eye, turned to look, and was mortified. Your whole left arm was covered in bruises and there was a nasty one growing on your right arm.

He asked about them and there was no turning back now. You told him about your boyfriend and how he took out his anger on you some nights. And sometimes he would just place blame on you or manipulate you in ways you didn’t think of. From that moment on, Scotty became an older brother and helped you through everything. Cutting this asshole from your life, starting over, and creating a better life for yourself.

After hearing your story, he asked if he could report this to the Captain. You nodded in agreement. He went to hug you, but as soon as he put a little pressure around your torso, you were writhing in pain. Scotty decided to end work for today and to take you to the medbay.

There, you met the infamous Leonard McCoy, and found out that you had a fractured rib and wrist as well as a sprained shoulder. As Leonard began to wrap you up, the Captain came in. You attempted to straighten up, but fell back in pain. Leonard gave you an injection for pain relief and you were thankful. You then began to listen to the Captain about how your now ex-boyfriend has been demoted and will be facing consequences. He also informed you that he, Leonard, Scotty, and Uhura will be personally helping you grow from this.

You were overjoyed, relieved, and so thankful. Tears flowed as you hugged the Captain and began your new path of life.

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