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How to upset Gene Roddenberry

Look, I knew Gene. We talked many times about the idea of Jim and Spock being lovers. He had no problem with it at all.

But you know what he did have a problem with?


He was adamant that by the 23rd century humans would have a better solution to fastening their clothes than zippers and buttons. And I mean, he felt passionately about this.


It’s because of this that those first gold shirts the crew wore in Where No Man Has Gone Before got scrapped in favor of shirts that didn’t show the fasteners. And also why the cast were sewn into their environment suits while filming Tholian Web and could only use the bathroom at lunch before being sewn back into costume til quitting time.

And it was the reason for Gene speaking quite sharply to me once—the only time he ever did — and I hung my head and felt like a kid in trouble with her dad. He read a slash story of mine and got on my case for writing zippers & buttons into the undressing scene. Really kind of chewed me out.

Didn’t bat an eye at a fairly graphic description of Jim and Spock having sex — but boy was he upset about those buttons!

You still can call yourself a “fan”, even if you

  • have not watched every single episode
  • disagree with the choice of a character
  • do not follow the actors/actresses on social media
  • have not read the original book/comic
  • do not spend all your money on merchandise
  • do not know every single background info


Here’s to the newbies just starting out, the ones discovering their ability to twist and bend plots, characters and places to their will for the first time,

To the old faithfuls, who have kids at home and a full-time job but somehow still find the time to make us forget for a while,  

To the students who publish one-shots and sagas in-between study sessions,

To the ones who posted that one fic years ago and have since moved on, but whose story meant (and still means) so much to so many readers,  

To those of you who publish short, little things that pack the emotional punch of a freight train,

To the ones who update faithfully, and to the ones who don’t,

To the ones who weave lyrics into their stories, and the ones who deal in nothing but angst,

To those who don’t write in their native language, 

To the brave ones who do it despite their fear of rejection or criticism, 

To the ones who like to write with their friends, and the ones who do it alone because their friends wouldn’t understand, 

To the ones who spend hours researching in order to to make their world as real as possible, 

To to the poets and novelists and essayists and dreamers:  

Every single one of you is precious.  

You, along with all the other fandom artists and creators, lift us up and give us hope.  You make us laugh, you make us cry, you make us think and question and wonder.  You help us escape, sometimes, when we need it most.  You bring the unimaginable to life, you translate lofty words into ones we can smell, hear and taste, and you continually encourage and inspire us.  You’re wonderful and powerful and courageous and so, so loved, even if we aren’t always the best at letting you know it.  So this is for those of you with empty comment sections, with a concerning lack of kudos/likes/favs/bookmarks. Your stories make a difference, and they always will.  

So, from all of us to you:  

Thank you.


Shout out to all of the artists making fanart

for like


you guys are the fucking best and I appreciate you 


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Bruce Banner x Reader

  • Shock Control” - Reader has the power to control electricity but is still learning to control it. Bruce helps most of the time. But when he goes out on a mission, things don’t go so smoothly back at the compound.
  • Better With You” - An away mission goes awry. The captain and your best friend try to keep calm while waiting for help.
  • “Change of Pace” - Everyone has been working hard on missions and work back at the compound. So when you all finally get a break, you decide to kind of split up. You and your boyfriend decide to visit your family in Orlando.

Bucky Barnes x Reader

  • Tea and Confessions” - Bucky helps reader after a particularly difficult day.
  • Cautious” - After being saved from a Hydra base, an old flame reawakens. But now you have another challenge: adjusting to living in the tower with the Avengers…
  • Green” - Reader has been having a tough time and needs an escape. She loses control when she is stopped. Bucky has to try to calm her down.
  • Climbing” - Reader isn’t very happy with her physical appearance. The team could tell that something was off, but they weren’t sure exactly what it was until Tony throws a party. After hearing some things from other members of the team, the reader’s boyfriend, Bucky, starts to worry and confronts her.
  • Like a Glove” - Reader picks skin a lot when stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, et cetera. She wears gloves to help her not pick as much. But when her gloves get damaged during a mission, she isn’t sure what to do. Bucky to the rescue.
  • Achievements” - You help Bucky through a nightmare but get injured in the process. But breakfast fixes everything.
  • Cat Fight” - You are part cat thanks to Hydra, but it did help you get close to Bucky. You both survive the events of Civil War, and the team is working on reconnecting. But not everything is picture purr-fect.

Peter Parker x Reader

  • It’s About Time” - You and Peter have been friends for a year or two. Peter saves you during a party that your father, Tony Stark, is throwing and helps you through some thoughts you have about college while also confessing something.

Steve Rogers x Reader

  • Dietary Restriction” - The team is at one of Tony’s parties. Natasha and Steve notice that one of their friends hasn’t been eating a lot lately. Steve decides to speak up about it.
  • Interruption” - Dinner and quality time with your family and boyfriend. Everyone can speak and be heard. Right?
  • The ‘Work It Out’ Method” - After a stressful week, you decide to work it out in the gym. Not everything goes according to plan, and Steve is there to help.
  • Hocus Pocus” - After working on one of your favorite holidays, you come home to one of the best surprises thanks to Steve and the team, but mostly Stevie.

Tony Stark x Reader

  • Frozen in the Dark” - Reader has powers similar to Bobby in the X-Men movies, and is afraid of the dark thanks to Hydra. When there is a storm and all of the power goes out in the Avengers tower, she and Tony get closer.
  • Summer Secret” - A couple of secrets get revealed at a pool party in the tower.
  • Intervention” - No one really knew about your mental health problems, until tonight. Your dad, Tony, walks in on you in the bathroom and everything changes.
  • No More Monochrome” - The reader wears a lot of shades of black, the team calls her out on it every so often. But then things change.
  • Upgrades” - After a rough day at work, you come home to a surprise from Tony.


Alfred Pennyworth x Reader

  • ** “From Something to Nothing to Something” ( Part 1 / Part 2 )

Bruce Wayne x Reader

  • Fight Me” - Reader has a rough day and Bruce helps her out. Confessions are a thing.

Edward Nygma x Reader

  • Dangerous Game” - Requested Oneshot using the song Dangerous Game from the musical Jekyll & Hyde

Jerome Valeska x Reader

Jim Gordon x Reader

Oswald Cobblepot x Reader

  • Songbird” - Oswald and reader have been together for quite some time now. She has been with him through everything, but he finds out something new when he comes home from work early.

Victor Zsasz x Reader

  • Stage Kisses” -Reader is working a show. Victor says that he has to work and can’t make it, but ends up surprising the reader.
  • ** “Guard Dog” - After a home invasion, Victor’s girlfriend gets back on her feet with the help of others.
  • Creeper Shot” - Reader finds out that Victor has been taking sneaky pictures of her. Fluff ensues.
  • Realization” - Victor realizes how much he likes reader
  • Date Night” - Requested Oneshot

Multiple Characters x Reader

  • Tightrope Walking” - When Jerome comes back, you are forced to not only tell your boyfriend, Bruce, about your past, but you have to relive it too…

Harry Potter

Remus Lupin x Reader

  • Fireworks” - You and the Marauders are all friends. It’s a holiday weekend and you all are hanging out when James and Sirius decide to play around with one of the things you hate - Fireworks. Remus can help though.

Sirius Black x Reader

  • “Cats & Dogs” - You’re a transfer from Ilvermorny and become friends with the marauders.


Eggsy Unwin x Reader

  • Fireproof” - After a genetic mutation showed itself about 5 years ago, you became a Kingsman and worked alongside some of the best agents: Your father, Merlin, Roxy, and Eggsy. When you are assigned a mission with Eggsy, things flare up
  • You’re a Good Egg” - After a bad egg triggers a small attack, a good egg comes to the rescue.
  • Proof” - You and Eggsy have been dating in secret. After finally telling Harry, you two are sent on one of your most dangerous missions yet. Will this mission help Eggsy win your father’s approval? (Harry Hart x Daughter!Reader)

Star Trek

Leonard “Bones” McCoy x Reader

  • Better Hands” - After being in an abusive relationship, you have been able to turn your life around thanks to the help of the team. But when you have to go back to your ex for some of your things, some shit goes down.
  • Jumping to Conclusions” - It’s that time of the month and the symptoms seem to be worse than before, which catches the attention of a certain CMO boyfriend.

Jim Kirk x Reader

  • Secret’s Out” - You and Jim were a secret. But during your annual medical eval, secrets get spilled.
  • I’m Here” - You are captured with the others thanks to Krall and his men. You are injured badly, but your knight in shining armor comes riding in on a… motorcycle?

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The Problem With Cringe Culture

From what I’ve seen, the phenomenon dubbed Cringe Culture is a paragon of insecurity, internalized misogyny, and self-loathing.

Let me elaborate a little here:  here on Tumblr (and in life in general, honestly), a lot of folks are very pre-occupied with what is or isn’t Cringey.  It’s a dynamic somewhat reminiscent of an eighth grade schoolyard, but that’s really not the issue here.  

What Tumblr folks dub Cringey are typically things that are enjoyed by young teens (in particular, young girls) exploring fandom and fan creativity for the first time.

Yes, these teens are frequently obnoxious, overzealous, and loud, but it’s an exciting time for kids:  we as adults may have comfortably settled into our interests, but for them it’s an avenue of unsupervised self-expression they may not have experienced before.  Moreover, they have little to no experience in moderating themselves, which is one of the reasons why I believe the act of mocking them to be a somewhat callous one.  

Are they occasionally annoying?  Subjectively, yes.  I frequently find young teens and tweens annoying, particularly when they’re being loud and obnoxious during my allotted writing time.  But I don’t shame them for it, on here or in real life, because I’m an adult and they are literally children .  

And most importantly, so are the people mocking them.

I’ll elaborate once again:  I’m nineteen.  Most of my friends, both on here and on my other blog, are fellow chill late teens and twenty-somethings.  And I’ve never seen any adult who’s secure in their own self-image do anything other than Do Their Own Thing and allow everyone else do the same.

In other words, I’ve been involved in fandom for a few years now, and almost everyone I’ve seen actively participating in cringe culture has turned out to be no older than seventeen or so themselves, and probably (consciously or otherwise) attempting to distance themselves from their “embarrassing” younger alter egos and feel more confident in their purported maturity. 

Because they probably did some Cringey things when they were fourteen, too:  maybe they drew manga OCs on DeviantArt with needlessly elaborate hair, ran a passionate SuperWhoLock blog, read Homestuck, wrote angsty poetry about turning into wolves, et cetera.  

Of course, the whole point here is that there is literally nothing wrong with any of these things:  they’re harmless examples of children exploring revenues of creativity for the first time, that we’ve been conditioned to find embarrassing.  

Now, I’m not going to pretend I didn’t have this phase myself:  I once got into an impassioned argument on Facebook with a bunch of One Direction fans when I was sixteen or so, in which I dismissed their obsession as being Stupid and Juvenile and proclaimed my favored Heavy Metal as being far superior.  

Now, I’m still not into One Direction in the slightest, but if I could go back in time I would probably smack my sixteen-year-old self upside the head and tell her to leave people alone and let them do their own thing.

Of course, a large part of my reasoning was also driven at the time by my unfortunate Not Like Other Girls phase, in which I wanted to distance myself from the silliness of my fellow teen girls as much as possible.  I may or may not have still been in my “I hate pink” phase, which I still shudder to think about to this day.

Which brings me to another one of Cringe Culture’s more problematic aspects:  it’s inherently a little misogynist, in that almost everyone who partakes in it is attempting to distance themselves from the interests of teenage girls.

Shows like Doctor Who, Steven Universe, Voltron, Supernatural, Yuri on Ice, and many others all have passionate and predominantly young female fanbases, and as such, people seem unwittingly inclined to see them as inherently vapid, annoying, or Cringey in a way that equally vocal male-dominated fandoms simply aren’t.  

Even being a Trekkie (Star Trek fan) was considered embarrassing when the fandom was predominantly female populated, although the means by which fanfiction and discourse was exchanged was via fan-run zines rather than Tumblr blogs.  Now that men are in on it, it’s considered one of the best fandoms there is.

More male populated fandoms such as Game of Thrones, the Walking Dead, the DC and Marvel cinematic universes, and Star Wars are just as impassioned, and have had just as many ideological issues in the past.  Yet are these things ever denigrated as being Cringy or annoying?  Not that I can recall.

Another one of my greatest issues with Cringe Culture is that it discourages passion:  I have never encountered a fandom, Cringey or otherwise, that hasn’t produced genuinely stunning works of art and fiction.  Moreover, I’ve never encountered a fandom that doesn’t have fans who have cited it as what saved them from depression or even suicide.  

So if someone’s passionate about something, even if it’s something of no value to you, it costs absolutely zero dollars to mind your own goddamn business and not taint their joy with your own insecurity, cynicism, and internalized self-loathing.  

Similarly, I can speak from experience when I say my interests and fandoms got me through the very worst period of my adolescence, and I’d be a significantly less happy person if I didn’t have still have them to fall back on.  Not everyone’s sole source of enjoyment and comfort in life comes from nihilistic memes.

So if you want to take a step towards fostering a more creative generation, take a step away from Cringe Culture.  Respect other people’s interests, and openly and unabashedly enjoy your own.  Question why you think certain interests are Cringey, and try to distance yourself from the mentality that you’re a better or cooler person for being less similar to young women.

And finally, try and forgive your fourteen-year-old self for whatever cringiness they may have been culpable of, and tell them that you love them anyway.