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Imagine seeing Leonard in a kissing booth

Came from this post by @spones-in-my-bones and I went from there. 

You heard the rumors, hardly could believe them. But as you walked into the huge mess hall that was decorated like a carnival, like ones you had seen in in those old movies, your face beamed in delight. Wanting to see if what you heard was true, you started working the room, stopping at each booth; playing a few games and sampling a oddly shaped sweet delight called cotton candy.

And then you got to the last booth and saw a huge sign that said Kissing Booth, with a long line of woman waiting in front of it. Waving hello to a few crewmembers in line, you noticed the looks of anticipation on their faces and you followed their gaze to the front of the booth.

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Divided - Pt. 2

This is a direct sequel to Unexpected Guest.

Thanks to @mccoymostly for planting the little plot bunny in my head and being my idea bouncer and beta.

3,330 word(s) of some fun fluff, and some angst.

Leonard x Reader

Part 1

You groaned softly and blinked your bleary eyes open a few times and glanced at the chronometer. It was early still, 5am, you still had a couple hours before you had to be up. You were getting ready to flip over and go back to sleep, when you looked over and saw Leonard.

Somehow during the night, he’d managed to flip over, face smashed into his pillow, with an arm and leg dangling off the side of the bed, snoring softly, completely passed out. You grinned to yourself at the sight and gave a soft airy chuckle.

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He Overheard

Originally posted by deeepsleep

Prompt: “could you please do a Bones/Reader where it’s like, one night you drunkenly confessed to Jim that you have a sort of ‘doctor kink’ (or he finds out somehow about it) so whenever Bones is near you, Jim is all smirk-y and giggly, but Bones just usually passes it off 'cause it’s just Jim, but eventually Jim can’t hold his tongue and he tells Bones and he gets all blushy 'cause he likes you, so Jim cooks up a plan for you two to get together? haha sorry it’s long but I looove your writing so much xx”

Pairing: Bones x reader

Warnings: language

Words: 2096

A/N: Sorry this is a little late, y’all. Moving has been really stressful and it’s eaten a lot of my time lately. Thank God for my tireless Beta, who puts up with me incessantly asking questions and sending her things late, as well as yelling at me when things aren’t quite up to par. <3  

Ladies night. It had taken so long to actually get everyone together, but finally, you and Uhura had managed to wrangle a few other women from the bridge, the medbay, and engineering to have a night of fun when the ship was docked. Christine Chapel from down in medbay had gone on a supply run, while you and Uhura prepared your living space for several more occupants than it should have. You’d decided that keeping it on ship would be easier, as you’d have fewer unwelcome guests at your shindig.

“That should just about do it!” Uhura says, tossing another pillow in the corner to complete the last seat around your low table.

“Finally, now we just need Christine to get back with the…” You’re cut off by the door opening, and Christine appears in the doorway, arms full of bottles.

“A little help?” She gestures her head towards one of the bottles that’s about to fall. You rush to her, snagging it before it can drop and you take a few other bottles out of her arms. Grinning, you set the bottles and glasses up, chatting with Christine and Uhura until the other women arrive.

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Look The Other Way

Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader

Beta: None. You have been warned. :P

Warnings: None that I’m aware of.

Word count: 1978

A/N: This is for @outside-the-government‘s Winter Blues Challenge (Rules Here | Challenge Masterlist Here). My prompt is in bold.

“Explain to me why you skipped coming to see me about this and went straight to this alternative horseshit?” Dr. Leonard McCoy asked you, pulling the curtain back from around the bio bed, the rings scraping against the bar as he flung it closed behind him.

“Don’t yell at me,” you said between clenched teeth from where you were sitting on the bio bed. Seriously, the day was bad enough. Yelling at this point was just unnecessary cruelty.

“I yell because I care, dammit,” he said, quieter than before but certainly nowhere near a regular speaking voice as he approached the bio bed.

“Well, care a little more quietly. I’ve gone blind, not deaf.”  

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from Portraits of Starfleet

“Join Starfleet, they said.  See the worlds, they said.  It’ll be fun, they said…”

Let the games begin - Epilogue

Photo created and gifted by the incredible: @wonders-of-the-enterprise

Today dear reader, we’re checking in On Bones and reader to see how they’re doing.. Also tying up just a couple lose ends!

4,897 word(s) of - fluff and smut

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6

Chapter 7 

This is it guys! The final “official” chapter! I accidentally deleted this yesterday for some reason? Idk, ask drunk me why, so apologies if you’ve read this already. Thank you so much for sticking with me throughout this story. Thank you for all the kind words and support. It really means a lot to me! Be gentle. I am a delicate flower.

This is my first smut piece. It’s probably bad, so so bad, and not in the good way. You have been warned.

Special thanks to: @outside-the-government for encouraging me to write again, and for being my beta and idea bouncer, and for creating this monster.  Also @imoutofmyvulcanmind for being an idea bouncer, and letting me torture you with snippets. You two have been the greatest.

Tags: @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse @yourtropegirl @fandomheadrush @hellhoundsandunicorns @bkwrm523 @feelmyroarrrr @darlinleonard @trekken81 @trekkimagines201 @arrowsshootyouforwards @captian-hannah-kirk @kaitymccoy123 @starmission @kilismaiden @malindacath @starr-trekkk @the-the-sound-of-the-bees-blog @lurkch @random-fandom-lady @supernaturalgeekygal @captainjimsexypantskirk @devanshade @imagineangryspacegrump @pokemonlover591 @earinafae @souperhoolok @falloutstump27 @azure23x @fandom-obssessed-sloth @arcticbubby @jimslovelyvulcan (so sorry your first tag is smut)

“Come back here, Jo” Bones called out over the crowd.

“Oh Len, calm down and let her have some fun” you chided “shes fine”

“Do you not remember what I told you” Bones scowled “not out of my sight for a second” you just laughed as you tugged on his hand gently.

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Originally posted by themagicthatsme

Pairing: Kirk x reader

Warnings: angst, a little bit of language (at this point you should expect a some)

Words: 1489

A/N: Let me start with sorry, then end with you’re welcome. This is a bit of a rewrite of the end of Into Darkness with a little fluff at the end for you <3 As always, comments are appreciated!

When Spock orders you to abandon ship, you roll your eyes. “Not likely.” You state, jumping out of your seat. “But I will find Jim and Scotty and help fix this.” Your eyes flash and you run out of the bridge as fast as possible. Things and people are flying around as the artificial gravity fails, and your face bloodies as a piece of equipment bashes your cheek, slicing the skin open. Grunting, you continue onward, finally catching up with your boyfriend and the head engineer as they dangle over the railings in the engineering section of the ship. You and Chekov help them up, and in the moment, you can tell Kirk’s face is unsure whether he is relieved to see you’re still alive, or upset to see that you won’t evacuate.

“I’m not going anywhere, Jim, so let’s get this ship back online.” You tell him, and you race with him to the warp core. You watch as Jim unlocks the door, and you set your mind to it. While he punches out Scotty and races back to buckle him in, you bolt through the door and seal it from the inside.

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Princess of the Stars (pt. 1)

Title: Princess of the Stars

Prompt: I heard it was Jim’s birthday; thought I’d get something done for it :)

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS)

Relationships: Reader x Jim Kirk

Warnings: n/a

A/N: So this is actually my first reader insert that I’ve done! Yaay!! Felt like trying something new :) I started it a few weeks ago, but hearing that Jim’s birthday was today spurred me to hurry up and finish the first part. I didn’t plan for it to be in multiple parts buuuuut it got longer than I expected and breaking it up seemed like a good idea. Let me know if you want to be tagged in the following installments of this series or be on one for all of my fics :)

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Prompt: “reader wakes up on the enterprise and jim falls in love with her ?” - Anon

Word Count: 2,966

Author’s Note: This one got a little out of hand. Also, I dig Awkward!Kirk, apparently. Anyway, please enjoy <3

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About Time

Originally posted by robstenkr

Prompt: “You just wanted them because they light up!” 

Pairing: Scotty x reader

Warnings: Drinking, I think there’s one curse word?

Words: 1452

A/N: So, when I was getting into this fandom, I had some friends select prompts for me at random, and I had an absolute blast writing this one! 

You were incredibly excited to be landing in Yorktown. Finally, you would be able to see your best friend from the academy, and not just on a tiny screen. You nearly bounced into the bar, ordering yourself a drink and craning your neck around, trying to see him.

“Looking for someone?” A man with bright blue eyes and dirty blonde hair approaches you. “Because I could be someone.” He shoots you a cocky grin and you roll your eyes.

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Ok so I’m like absurdly excited to be posting this. I’ve been working on basically this fic for the last month or so, so I’m really pumped that we’re starting! It’ll be multi chapter, I’ve got most of it written now and I like this fic. I really like it. 

An away mission gone wrong leaves McCoy stranded on a planet with little to no hope for rescue. He grudgingly accepts his fate and begins recording his log entries. Unbeknown to him, the Enterprise above is receiving his communications but are unable to respond. His boyfriend of a few months, Spock, is having a particularly hard time.


There’s a picture, too! Here’s a teaser:

I’m so proud of this. Please let me know if you enjoy it <3

Divided - Pt.1

This is a direct sequel to Unexpected Guest.

Thanks to @mccoymostly for planting the little plot bunny in my head and being my idea bouncer and beta. If everyone likes this and wants me to continue, there will probably be two more chapters.

2,685 word(s) of - fluff, fun and set up

No warnings  -  Leonard x Reader

You shimmered onto the transporter pad of the Enterprise, sighing deeply as you stared at the grey walls now surrounding you. You were standing in the front yard of your house just seconds before, with the warm breeze in your hair and the sun on your face. You loved space and were excited to be back, deep down, but it was always hard to leave your home and the blue skies behind.

You made your way down the familiar halls to your quarters, keying in the code to get into your room. The doors swished open quietly as you stepped inside the room. “Ahhh my home away from home.” You spoke quietly into the empty room, as you took your bags to your bedroom and dropped them inside the door, vowing to get to them later.

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....Take Me Back To When

Originally posted by now-s-cream

Pairing: Kirk x reader

Warnings: motherhood? Is that a warning? Lots of nostalgia

Words: 2749

A/N: Took me way longer than I intended, but here’s part 2 of “I Was Younger Then….” Thanks for sticking around and being mostly patient with me while life got in the way of pretty much everything. 

I’d love to hear any and all feedback you want to give me!! 

Part One is here if you missed it!

“I Was Younger Then….”

She groaned as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. Squinting at the alarm clock, she could barely make out the numbers that told her it was far earlier than she would have liked to be up. She felt the cold sheets beside her, and sighed as she remembered that she was still alone. She stretched, turning down the noise on the baby monitor as she grabbed her robe off the chair and pulled it tight around herself. She padded down the hall to her daughter’s nursery. Picking up the baby, she rocked her, whispering comforts as she headed to the kitchen to heat up formula. Shaking her head, she noted the dinner that had been left out was untouched. Her husband hadn’t come home last night as promised. Biting back disappointment, her mind wandered into a sudden memory of years ago.

She was eight years old. She and James had pulled yet another dumb prank on his brother, and they were pressed together tightly in a closet, each of them fighting to get to the keyhole and watch everything go down. “Shhh!” She giggled, and James turned to her, shooting her a glare. She clamped her hand down over her mouth to stifle the noise and he grinned at her. The two of them had become inseparable in the three years since they’d met, and she could tell that he was close to laughing himself. A set of footsteps had them both going silent, and he took the crack in the door so she could watch through the keyhole.

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Frog GC #5
  • Nursey: quick, who was ur first dude crush
  • Chowder: mario lemieux but if cait asks its her
  • Dex: Um, I've never had a crush on a dude.
  • Chowder: lmao
  • Nursey: lol
  • Dex: What?
  • Nursey: are u serious
  • Chowder: you talk about jacks ass more than bitty???
  • Nursey: i LITERALLY saw you making out with that tennis dude
  • Dex: I don't remember that.
  • Nursey: is it embarrassing
  • Nursey: is it captain kirk
  • Dex: No what the fuck
  • Dex: Uh
  • Dex: Bones
  • Nursey: really?? from the original show??
  • Chowder: oh my god,, dex,, i had to google who that even was
  • Dex: Yours isn't even a Sharks player Chowder, you're a fake fan.
  • Chowder: do you see this reach nursey
  • Nursey: u ever write star trek fan fic i bet u did
  • Dex: NO
  • Nursey: chowder.
  • Chowder: nursey.
  • Dex: I'm moving back to Maine.
  • Chowder: dex if you love me you'll send me the link
  • Dex: Good thing I don't love you
  • Nursey: 🖖🏾🖖🏾🖖🏾🖖🏾🖖🏾
  • Nursey: we're uhura and kirk in that one episode
  • Dex: Plato's Stepchildren.
  • Dex: Damnit.
  • Chowder: 🐥🐥
  • Nursey: you JUMPED on that shit dude
Simple Man

I’ve had a serious thirst for some Daddy!Bones here as of late. So I wrote this real quick in order to help pacify it. I think I just ended up making it worse! Ah, well! Everyone gets to suffer with me now! Enjoy :D

1,096 word(s) of fluffy daddy Bones. Leonard x Reader

Tags: @imoutofmyvulcanmind @yourtropegirl @bkwrm523 @arrowsshootyouforwards @starmission @fanscribbling @outside-the-government @captainjimsexypantskirk @imagineangryspacegrump @hellhoundsandunicorns  @malindacath @kaitymccoy123  @feelmyroarrrr  @kilismaiden @trekken81 

You and Leonard just had a beautiful baby boy a few days ago. You were both nervous about it, but you shouldn’t have been. As soon as the baby was born it all seemed to click into place. Leonard fell into the loving father and doting husband role perfectly. He did things for your son without question or complaint, and took care of everything you needed while you recovered, nearly running himself ragged trying to do everything so you wouldn’t have to.

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