star trek evil spock


Star Trek ongoing #43 - Eurydice, Part 1
(how to be a romantic dude vulcan style)

A bad poem about love

Let’s be like Kirk and Spock,
I will follow you through the endless space.
I am Dean and you are my Cas,
because I even would fight my own demons for you,
Like Steve and Bucky,
but pleaso don’t forget me,
We are Phil and Dan,
so let’s make a Dil,
You’re my hiro and I’m your Tadashi,
Oh baby, I would burn for you,
So let’s be Seb und Joseph,
fighting together against everything.

Would you be my Homura?
Because I will become magical for you,
I am the princess and you are the vampire
that makes my heart melt like bubblegum,
Like Korra and Asami,
let’s hold hands, my dear,
Like Christa and Ymir,
I can’t hear you over the sound how canon we are,
I am Sakura, so please, be my Hinata.

We are a little bit crack, but the same,
like Dante and Bayonetta,
Like Clint and Natascha, no super powers,
but still stronger than the Hulk,
I am Hinata, be my Naruto-kun,
Oh, I would do everything for you,
I will protect you like Yuno, my Yukii
I could call your name a thousand times.