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morgynleri  asked:

Character Expression Meme: 11. Flustered; Julian Bashir (Star Trek: DS9), or Nyota Uruha (TOS or AOS)?

I think this might be the first time I’ve ever drawn Bashir.

Not bad, not bad.

(he’s such an adorable lil awkward,modified boop. You freakin’ know Garak just made a comment that basically equates to “Nice butt, my dear Doctor” in vague, Obsidian Order speak. )


“I thought I told you to get these tribbles off the bridge!”

I still can’t believe that Kirk got away with beaming tribbles into the engineering section of a Klingon ship. Twice. And it was the same ship.

Little Starship Captain | James T Kirk | Star Trek (AOS)

So Star Trek Beyond put me back in a Trek mood, and good thing too ‘cause I seriously need to do something about the fact I’ve never drawn Trek chibis until now.  O_o 

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