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Can I just say something? I love the fact that there’s all these Star Trek blogs that have specific content, and then you have ds9 specific fandom that just randomly have lizard vines with zero explanation but we all know why.

My Favorite Things: DS9

I was going to do some kind of “Get to Know Me” post, but since I’ve just started this blog and am trying to connect with DS9 folks, here instead is a list of 25 things I love about DS9. Going from broad to really specific.

  1. Any time Sisko goes “What?!”
  2. Kira busting up men twice her size.
  3. When Garak’s mouth makes that little O of surprise / “I’m going to kill you slowly.”
  4. The Art Nouveau stained glass in Quark’s.
  5. How Ferengi have painted finger and toenails.
  6. The amazing makeup, on recurring characters, repeat alien races (like the Jem’Hadar), or even one-offs.
  7. Story arcs – two-parters, 4-parters, the whole last season practically.
  8. Character development.
  9. Ensemble cast.
  10. Diverse cast and it’s no big deal.
  11. O’Brien just keeps on working.
  12. Way fewer utterly stupid holosuite episodes than TNG.
  13. Witty dialogue, especially Garak and Quark and anybody.
  14. Cardassians.
  15. Kira and Jadzia are badass women together.
  16. Rom’s character jumping from stereotype into something much more interesting.
  17. Rom’s snaggletooth.
  18. Odo’s voice.
  19. Characters getting into relationships with one another. (Except that dang, Garak and Bashir didn’t get to, boo.)
  20. Exploration of all kinds of ethical, social, political issues, with acceptance of shades of gray.
  21. Ubiquitous iPads.
  22. Humans are in the minority.
  23. Gul Dukat pops up every few episodes to strut and puff and be an asshole.
  24. Weyoun is so awful yet loveable.
  25. Garak Garak Garak Garak.

I know that was really, really random, but I did cover a lot, I hope!


new fan theory generated with @calamitylena: cardassians are nocturnal.

evidence for this is actually kind of overwhelming:

  • cardassians constantly complain about how bright certain locations are (garak in the wire immediately comes to mind). based on occupation era flashbacks (the collaborator, etc.) we know ds9 used to be kept a lot darker when it was run by cardassians, which supports the theory that, although they universally have pretty sharp eyes, cardassians have better night vision than day vision.
  • almost every time we see cardassia (pre-dominion war), the sky is red/orange or dark, which suggests that cardassians wake up at twilight and are active during the night.
  • cardassians take pleasure from sunbathing, especially from sleeping in the sun, or laying on heated rocks, which would make sense if they’re usually asleep during the peak of the day.
  • not to mention, cardassia prime is a desert hellscape where temperatures can reach well over 120 degrees fahrenheit. although cardassians can easily withstand that kind of heat (and even flourish in it, as proven by dukat’s behavior on dozaria in indiscretion), it would make sense for them to rest during the hottest parts of the day to avoid heatstroke.

also, this makes for really fun worldbuilding opportunities like:

  • cardassian cities that are especially beautiful/active in the early hours of the morning, and are designed to be viewed and used when the world is dark. imagine how beautiful cityscapes must be.
  • cardassians getting super cranky when they’re asked to prescribe to diurnal timetables. like… “i have to wake up at 8am? in the morning? that’s usually when i’m going to SLEEP! ugh diurnals are the worst”
  • cardassians being taken out to watch the sunrise on new year’s and literally hissing as it comes over the horizon like they’re gonna scare it back to the other side of the planet
  • cardassians dressing in colors/fabrics designed to be especially appealing by the light of streetlamps, or the moon
  • cardassians referring to diurnal species as “daywalkers”
  • nocturnal cardassians
A couple random head canons about ds9 characters on social media

Garak: uses twitter, intsta,and fb-never updates shit except to sarcastically advertise his shop, icon is the default logo for his store, anonymously leaves hate for Dukat and stalks people’s shit, gets drunk and leaves anonymous good reviews for Bashir.

Ezri: Uses insta, pinterest, and tumblr- cute/pale aesthetic, secret porn blog, leaves nice anonymous compliments but everyone knows it’s her.

Odo: Uses everything Kira uses: sees pics of people doing drugs and likes them, shares station announcements, default everything, Kira took my profile pic I am not a model.

Kira: Uses fb, insta, snap, tumblr, and pinterest- follows back, live blogs her problems, mostly talks about politics, and likes people’s posts.

Sisko: Has to have three separate accounts for everything(personal, work, and one for Bajor) Only uses personal and hires someone to update the others. Reblogs/Retweets his friends posts. Brags about Jake and leaves nice comments on everything. Layouts are all baseball themed.

O'Brien: Isn’t about the bullshit but Keiko and Julian tag pictures of him even if he can’t see it.

Worf: Uses fb for work and socializing, twitter because Jadzia asked him to, and soundcloud for his klingon opera covers.

Quark: Only advertisements and anonymous reviews that are obviously from him.

Rom: Only a facebook where he just posts pictures of Nog and Leeta, shares some of Quarks advertisements but mostly just uses it to keep in touch with Moogie.

Julian: Uses everything, and follows back. Multi fandom blog, secret porn blog, tennis blog. Anime icon.
Your Love Is My Drug - Chapter 1 - tinsnip - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 9/9
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Julian Bashir/Elim Garak
Characters: Julian Bashir, Elim Garak, Tanylek Rijal, Jadzia Dax, Kira Nerys, Quark
Additional Tags: Infatuation, Pursuit, courting, manners, Cultural Differences, Flirting, no sleep, Too much coffee, Dopamine out the ears, Cardassians, Oxytocin rushes
Series: Part 2 of On-station Garak/Bashir

Sequel to “When You Go Away.” Julian’s research project in speculative reproductive xenobiology is turning out to be a little more complicated than he’d hoped…

Silly and fun and very light. Highlights: second-season Bashir; flirtatious, fascinated Garak; Cardassian manners; lack of sleep; too much coffee; when when when can I see him again??

Note: this is a sequel, but can easily be read on its own.

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Star Trek Discovery

Will probably be shortened to ST: Dis or ST: Disc, but more than likely the first. 

The Original Series: TOS

The Next Generation : TNG 

Deep Space 9 : DS9

Voyager: VOY

Enterprise: ENT 

See the pattern, fandom? Those with multiple words after the Star Trek: gets shorten to the first letters of each word, or in DS9′s case letters plus number. The single titled ones gets the first three letters of their word. It will NOT be STD. 

Star Trek Big Bang! The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager, Enterprise!

Have you noticed just how much tos/aos fic there is out there, and just how little there are of the other series? Well, I want to fix that by running a Big Bang.

What’s a Big Bang? you ask.

A Big Bang is a collaboration between authors and artists to make a 15,000 word fic and accompanying art.

What fandoms could it be?

It can contain any characters from the Star Trek universe, as long as the focus is on characters from The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager or Enterprise. This selection is only because there is a lot of content out there for tos/aos, but that’s not to say you couldn’t use some of their characters, if you wanted a crossover. Oh yes, crossovers are okay too - within the Star Trek fandom and others. So you could write Beverly/Janeway or Sherlock/Tuvok.

How long would it be? (time wise)

You would have a period of three months to complete your first draft. Then you’d have a month to edit it.

Can I co write?

Of course you can!

What’s the go with betas?

Each work would be required to be beta'ed. Either they could be set up through the bang, or you could find your own. You can sign up to be a beta if you want!

How does the art work?

I’m glad you asked. Towards the end of the second month, authors would send in little summaries of their stories, to which the artists would pick. They would then have two months to complete the art.

What do you mean by “art”?

I mean drawings, paintings, manips, music mixes. Anything that tickles your fancy, really.


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