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So I’ve been marathoning Voyager lately, and the in-universe reasoning we’re given for Seven’s outfit is that the Doctor designed it keeping in mind she was used to being covered in Borg armor plating. But… it’s pretty damn flimsy compared to literal armor. I thought I’d try to design her something a little more durable while still maintaining the Star Trek Onesie aesthetic.

Also, flat heels, because if she starts off not knowing basics like how to eat food, why would she know how to walk in high heels???


…”I tried to invent a design system for each one of the alien cultures,” [Robert] Fletcher explains. “I tried to make the Vulcans as far from Klingons as I could in the choice of fabrics and silhouette. They are very non-militaristic and have clothing closer to priestly robes.

“…One of the worst things about hiring two hundred movie extras is their hair. Trying to make them look unearthly, you must cover their heads. If you just wrap a cloth around them, they’re going to look [Middle Eastern]. If you go into very elaborate hats that have trim and a lot of doodads on them, you go into vast expense.”
Fletcher compromised, using simple headpieces, a lot of monk-type hoods, and some long straight wigs that conveniently covered ears.

Star Trek Costumes: Five Decades of Fashion from the Final Frontier, Paula M. Block and Terry J. Erdmann


It’s AMAZING. An incredible resource. Hell, it even tells me what fabric they used in most of the captions, which makes me GIDDY WITH GLEE.

I’ll make a post later about the really really cool things in here, but something happened when I first opened the book. This was the first thing I saw:



Nemesis Romulans had stirrup pants…? (top right)

Hold the phone

Even the Klingon ambassador’s dignity isn’t spared?!

and apparently you put them in pants that will never ride up.

Do you know what this means?



Ok, so I was thinking about what an abrupt change in uniform style there is between the original series movies and Next Generation, and basically a day later I had these drawings of transitional uniform designs (plus the canon ones seen on screen for a sense of continuity). There’s a lot more that could be done, and I didn’t research this much, so details are hazy, but you get the idea. I used drawings I found at as a guide.

hey plaidshirtjimkirk - did you know plaid was totally in for stylin’ 30′s ladies?

knowing that…i’ve been wanting to play with period ‘city on the edge of forever’ lady trek designs for a while (uh, star trek and period costume? = POWER COMBO) your reblog of one of my earlier lady treks yesterday provided a little flurry of sorely needed external validation, so this one’s for you ♥


Despite only appearing for only a few moments in the final episode, the Salt Vampire from “The Man Trap” remains one of Star Trek’s most iconic creatures. Wah Chang designed the costume and when the episode’s writer George C. Johnson saw it in Robert Justman’s office, he was at first disappointed, feeling that the teeth and appearance was not close to his original vision of “something like a refugee from a concentration camp.” He was convinced, though, upon seeing dancer Sandra Gimpel’s performance in the suit.

“She was incredible. She got the whole spirit of the damned thing,” Johnson recalled years later.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) Directed by J.J. Abrams

Michael Kaplan, who previously designed costumes for Abrams’ Star Trek films and first got his big break doing costume design for Ridley Scott’s 1982 Science Fiction classic Blade Runner did the costume design for this film.

The look of the storm troopers differs from the design of the original saga for 2 main reasons. 

- The old uniforms were brittle and fell apart and using the old vacuformed designs would lead to much of the same problems including breaking and cracking during action heavy scenes.

-The film takes place 30 years since the end of Return of the Jedi. The idea is that even in a war torn galaxy, various improvements and design changes would have been made to the basic uniform of the storm troopers. 

In contrast to the Empire’s black, blue, and metallic color schemes the Rebels in The Force Awakens use a lot of Khaki, Olive Drab, and Orange.

Many of the uniforms are built from surplus military equipment such as gas masks and flight suits.