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AoS Mirrorverse Uniforms

While I’m still on this 4am ‘Mirror Mirror’ kick– I doodled some Mirrorverse uniforms for the AoS movie crew as a warm up before that mind meld piece.

(this is definitely something that’s been done a lot before but I had fun with it, lol)

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cardassian uniform redesign - i always felt so meh about the cardassian uniforms cuz they feel like they could just be doing… so much more. it’s really hard to tell what officers ranks are too, which i feel is kinda ridiculous given how keen cardassians are on hierarchy. 

plus……..capes and battle skirts. that’s my jam. i honestly think my reasoning was, “how can i make dukat more pompous? oh, a cape, that’ll work”

the garresh - basically ensigns - get to keep the original design. gil get a pauldron upgrade to denote that they’ve received at least one promotion. that pauldron gets another upgrade for glinn - a layered pauldron and a green battle skirt. dalin get the double pauldrin and the battle skirt, this time in gray or black, and a half cape. guls get the full cape. legates get…everything: a full cape with wrap around, the double pauldron, and an ADVANCED battle skirt in green.

honestly i just liked how this update made it very easy to see an officers rank, and exaggerated the “roman” look the cardassians have going on.


It’s AMAZING. An incredible resource. Hell, it even tells me what fabric they used in most of the captions, which makes me GIDDY WITH GLEE.

I’ll make a post later about the really really cool things in here, but something happened when I first opened the book. This was the first thing I saw:



Nemesis Romulans had stirrup pants…? (top right)

Hold the phone

Even the Klingon ambassador’s dignity isn’t spared?!

and apparently you put them in pants that will never ride up.

Do you know what this means?



okay you have got to check out these uniforms. 

like on a functionality level these are astounding, but i can’t even begin to get into that before getting into the aesthetics of it all. 

i’m going to have to put this all under a read-more cut – i can’t help but nerd out about the costume design here! this is absolutely incredible and i am astounded by the thought put into the small details; this show is amazing. 

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More spotlight on Robert Blackman: “Trials and Tribble-ations,” Deep Space 9

This one is interesting to me because of the huge challenge it presented. What do you do when you need to make an exact replica, but none of the original materials are available to you thirty years later?

DS9’s take on the pesky rodents was to revisit the original series episode “The Trouble with Tribbles” in a very literal fashion. The crew winds up accidentally traveling back in time to the tribble incident onboard the Enterprise, and while they’re there, they uncover a plot to kill Jim Kirk. They go undercover as Starfleet crew, and the episode weaves in footage from the original 1967 episode.

Recreating the look of that episode was a tremendous challenge. The bar set, seen in two images above, featured chairs which were no longer in production; a single chair was found and a mold was created from it. DS9’s makeup supervisor, Michael Westmore, had worked in television in the 60s and was able to track down many of the products used at the time. They lucked out and found a handful of the old Klingon costumes in storage, but the rest had to be made from scratch. I’ll let Robert Blackman explain the challenge:

The uniforms that we did for The Trouble with Tribbles were fun to do because it became a real technical problem of how to find fabric that no longer exists that will photograph as if it is the same from the original series so that when they drop them in optically, and they’re standing next to Bill Shatner, the suits look the same. I was in a big sweat about it.

Eventually, they [the post production people] just said ‘we’ll just dial it’ - you know, we’ll fix it [the color] for you.

We had a couple of old uniforms, so we could actually draft patterns off of them and then make them. I think it was the most fun that the DS9 cast had. They loved it, they loved getting in that 60s stuff and messing around.

Honestly, the only thing they didn’t get quite right was the neckline of Dax’s minidress. But if I hadn’t known that nearly all the costumes were created from scratch, I’d have assumed they were dug out of deep storage.

The original costumes were designed by Bill Theiss.


So I’ve been marathoning Voyager lately, and the in-universe reasoning we’re given for Seven’s outfit is that the Doctor designed it keeping in mind she was used to being covered in Borg armor plating. But… it’s pretty damn flimsy compared to literal armor. I thought I’d try to design her something a little more durable while still maintaining the Star Trek Onesie aesthetic.

Also, flat heels, because if she starts off not knowing basics like how to eat food, why would she know how to walk in high heels???


“It is such an iconic look, and it’s so monumental to the story, and the whole Star Trek journey.

“I kind of am in love with this. When I see it on I feel like the actors look like superheroes. It’s a great accomplishment, what we’ve been able to do.” ~Costume designer Gersha Phillips


Ok, so I was thinking about what an abrupt change in uniform style there is between the original series movies and Next Generation, and basically a day later I had these drawings of transitional uniform designs (plus the canon ones seen on screen for a sense of continuity). There’s a lot more that could be done, and I didn’t research this much, so details are hazy, but you get the idea. I used drawings I found at as a guide.


S1Ep4 “Time and Again” or “Captain Janeway and Tom Paris save a planet full of gold and orange corsets & purses”

Doesn’t hurt to start with a hit, or miss depending on who you ask. I love these costumes. They are weird and imaginative and they make an otherwise forgettable episode memorable. Not that “Time and Again” isn’t a good episode, but it is very similar to many other Star Trek episodes. Had I been watching this very young series first run, they may have served to keep my attention as a viewer, even if just to see what they’d come up with next.

Also just on a technical level, look at all the extras they had to dress. Ever made a corset? That’s a lot of eyelet holes & boning.

89th Academy Awards - nominees

“Hacksaw Ridge”
“Hell or High Water”
“Hidden Figures”
“La La Land”
“Manchester by the Sea”

Casey Affleck
Andrew Garfield
Ryan Gosling
Viggo Mortensen
Denzel Washington

Isabelle Huppert
Ruth Negga
Natalie Portman
Emma Stone
Meryl Streep

Mahershala Ali
Jeff Bridges
Lucas Hedges
Dev Patel
Michael Shannon

Viola Davis
Naomie Harris
Nicole Kidman
Octavia Spencer
Michelle Williams

Denis Villeneuve
Mel Gibson
Damien Chazelle
Kenneth Lonergan
Barry Jenkins

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hey plaidshirtjimkirk - did you know plaid was totally in for stylin’ 30′s ladies?

knowing that…i’ve been wanting to play with period ‘city on the edge of forever’ lady trek designs for a while (uh, star trek and period costume? = POWER COMBO) your reblog of one of my earlier lady treks yesterday provided a little flurry of sorely needed external validation, so this one’s for you ♥