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I see so many fics about Garak and Bashir that are sweet or sexy, and they’re tons of fun, but what I don’t see enough of is the most compelling aspect of their relationship: the fact that Garak is a deeply damaged individual. He is much older than Julian, a different species, and from a totally different background. Where Bashir’s parents risked everything to enhance him and give him a fighting chance in the world, Garak’s father denied their relationship and turned Garak into an efficient wreck. He’s a liar, a murderer, a spy and a torturer, and even his good guy progression can’t change some of that. His charm and good-naturedness is a mask, and if he ever only showed Julian his beaming sarcasm and witty banter in the bedroom (as most fanfics would have us believe), then their relationship was never real. Even the TV episodes show more than that! In The Wire alone, we see Garak scream at and attack Bashir, lie to him repeatedly, and communicate his need for help through strategically placed clues. It’s the closest he can come to revealing himself, because that IS him. It’s all true, “especially the lies,” because that is what Garak consists of. His groanings about sartorial choices and human rituals are characteristic, but they don’t compose his character. I want to see more of the REAL Garak; and, if he can’t give that, more of Bashir’s real frustration at not receiving it.

Things my Family and I have said while watching TOS Star Trek

“The television stations loved Charlie X. I hate Charlie X.”

“Kirk, you made out with someone in like the last episode! You are in the last position to tell someone not to let their emotions get in the way.”

“McCoy was way too emotional.”

“Seeing Spock hanging upside down on a tree was not how I wanted to begin my morning.”

“Has Kirk tried to make out with anyone yet?”

“Oh God an attractive female.”

“Spock could literally communicate through his eyebrows.”

“Where is Chekov?”

“Why is this even a thing?”

“This is gonna be a weird episode, isn’t it?”

“Spock, has had a court-martial, Kirk has had a court-martial, all that’s left is McCoy.”

“I am feeling so empowered watching this.”

“I need Voyager.”

“Why aren’t the Borg a thing in this series.”

“Go Uhura!”

“The second-hand embarrassment is killing me.”

“That’s it. I’m out.”

“If sarcasm was an emotion, it would be Spock.”


“Just the idea that in the background they’re, like, basically ‘I love you. I love you.’..” (star trek 2009 commentary)


“you told me you’d been dying your whole life…”

They meet at a bar on Hikaru’s 26th birthday. Jim’s the one who introduces them, though Pavel swears they’ve met before. He is only 19, and he seems exotic to Hikaru- fascinating and foreign with his accent and his intelligence. To his surprise, Pavel seems equally interested in him, and so Hikaru asks him back to his apartment. Pavel accepts, but appears to grow increasingly nervous throughout the cab ride there- changing his mind at the last minute and asking to be dropped back home. The next time Hikaru sees Pavel, Pavel is jogging down his street, caught in a sudden rain storm. Though conscious of the way he’d previously been rebuffed, he asks Pavel if he’d like to stay with him until the storm passes, puzzled when Pavel accepts with no hesitation. Dressed in Hikaru’s clothes, he explains that he had rejected him only because he was afraid Hikaru would get emotionally involved. Pavel is sick, and it is terminal….

aka the fic that i’ve been drabbling bits of forever, and someday hope to complete in full

Musicians in the Celeb list, celebs in the Music list. So many lane changes in this week’s...

Television: Three out of three stars.

Big Brother Over the Top gets close to the top at No. 6.
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, the first Korean drama to make the list, debuts at No. 18.
☆ Hero in a hoodie, Luke Cage, debuts at No. 9.

Movies: Coming soon, in one way or another.

☆ With the release of its third trailer, Doctor Strange returns at a perfectly normal No. 8.
Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them (No. 16) dropped its final trailer before release.
Star Trek Beyond’s (No. 5) commentary track will be found exclusively on iTunes.

Music: A Fandometrics shake up!

Niall Horan debuted his solo single, which lead to his debut as a solo artist at No. 1.
Hayley Kiyoko (No. 8) switches lists from Celeb to Music with arrival of her new EP.
Solange (No. 10) bestowed us with the gift of two new music videos and we are forever grateful.

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Celebrities: These One Direction boys are all over the place.

Harry Styles (No. 1) is an easy, breezy, beautiful cover boy for Another Man.
Rob Kardashian’s debut is fueled entirely by getting revenge on Kylie. Find him at No. 4.
Emma Watson comes back at No. 16 after photos of her as Belle leak.

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Games: Play it again, Sam.

☆ Can’t keep Danganronpa 3 down. It’s back at No. 13.
Stardew Valley gets an update with new maps and questions, earning it a spot at No. 17.

Web stuff:  Not many have dethroned danisnotonfire like these vampires.

Carmilla takes back No. 1 this week. What about next?
RWBY jwmps to No. 5 in anticipation of season 4 and their Answer Time.