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softwedge  asked:

hey you got any star trek blog recs for me?


that’s all i can think of at the moment; i don’t actually follow as many star trek blogs as everyone probably thinks lmao,, also @ all my trek friends and mutuals who aren’t on the list, i chose blogs that more or less exclusively post star trek- i didn’t forget you!

starmapstudies  asked:

hello!! my star trek blog is @jimothyandspocko for the icon requests could u do my boy spock?? (who is super gay btw) or maybe jim (who is pan af) ?? i don't mind either one bc i love them both so much haha but anyway this is such a sweet idea thank u for doing it! also congrats on your milestone :))

thank you! i did pan jim bc i have another request for gay spock coming up (; i hope you like it!

madison’s follower celebration!!

Anybody wanna join me for a good ol’ sci-fi and cry?

worf  asked:

hey hey

  •  First impression:

a cool star trek blog

  •  Truth is: 

a cooler, scifi blog. and other stuff like some chihuahuas

  •  How old do you look: 

uh, 17 (i hope this doesnt offend u lmao)

  •  Have you ever made me laugh:

hell yeah. that post of worf holding a knife makes me lose it 2 this day

  •  Have you ever made me mad: 

not really

  •  Best feature:

you have good text post ideas

  • Have I ever had a crush on you:

no but i love u finn

  •  You’re my:


  • Name in my phone:


  • Should you post this too? 

u already did

anonymous asked:

You're offered a job as an intern at Night Vale Community Radio. Do you take it?

Carlos: Cecil, I already have a job

Cecil: Yeah, but you get to wear this cool red shirt!

Carlos: Is that a target on the back??

New Trek Fans

Welcome! Congratulations! You are now a part of a huge too-close family of peace-loving hippies! Whether you want us to or not, we love you! If you’d like suggestions for further Trek, please feel free to ask me or any other trek blogs!

sciencespock  asked:

Hi, I have loved Star Trek for a while, but I don't post it often. But I just watched Star Trek Beyond and now have an imperative need to reblog all things Star Trek. Do you have any recommendations for some Star Trek blogs to follow? Thank you!

I mean it depends on which types of Star Trek are your favorites, since some users only stick to only one or two shows, and some post just about everything.

I don’t keep a rec list for the general fandom (as opposed to sub-fandoms, like specific shows/characters/ships) because I don’t like to exclude people from my personal “faves”. 

If I make rec lists, I inevitably will leave out someone I intended to include but somehow forgot about, since I’m guessing there’s around 300+ Star Trek blogs I follow. No one likes to be the “forgotten” one(s), so it’s better to just ask people to self-report as Star Trek blogs rather than giving out recs that are solely based on my own personal tastes. 

If you post Star Trek or consider yourself a “Star Trek blog”, reblog this so @aloivtyphoon and other people can check out your blog and follow!