star trek aos

I finished the set! TOS meets AOS. :)

Also available on all kinds of things over on society6!
4/7 Update! Individual character sets are now available as prints and phone cases : Uhura | Scotty | McCoy | Kirk | Spock | Chekov | Sulu

Bonus Carol! I didn’t include her since there’s, you know, nothing on her in TOS until Wrath of Khan. So I made stuff up.


Star Trek Pocket Cowl 

Keep your neck warm with these made to order Star Trek inspired cowls. Soft and cozy with a perfect pocket for your communicator! Available in Command Gold, Operations Red, and Science Blue. The Command Gold is made from 100% wool, and the Operations Red and Science Blue are 100% acrylic. Stripes designate rank and are available in Captain (thick-thin-thick), Commander (thick-thick), Lieutenant-Commander (thick-thin), and Lieutenant (thick). 

Pin not included.

Available for sale at my etsy shop 


extremely nsfw 18+ ONLY

  • warp factor 8 mr sulu
  • did you know bones mccoy never actually swore during the original series
  • trouble with tribbles (go down on ur sexy partner when you say this)
  • sex was invented in russia
  • do you know what you get if you feed a tribble too much?
  • *the weird singing noises during the star trek theme song*

i want the plot of the next reboot movie to just be them dealing with the horror of an undead tribble. it gives birth to more tribbles. they all have inherited khan’s super blood. there are hundred of tribbles and they are all invincible and unstoppable.