Warm up sketch: TOS Cadet AU - punk Kirk

ps that is a lollipop in his mouth, not a cigarette

A woman (Lucille Ball) single-handedly made sure that Star Trek got put into production and become more than a two-pilot never-been a group of men wanted it to be.

A woman (Bjo Trimble) orchestrated a letter campaigns when the show was in danger of cancellation after its first season.

Three women, (Joan Winston, Eileen Becker and Elyse Pines) was instrumental in creating the first ever exclusive Star Trek convention. Winston even wrote a how-to guide about it in 1977.

So tell me again how women are fake nerds and pushing in on men’s spaces in the Star Trek fandom. You wouldn’t even have one if not for women.


For many viewers and the show’s creator, however, Star Trek is a positive force for women. Gene Roddenberry, creator of both the original Star Trek and its second incarnation, saw himself as highly supportive of women. In the original series, he wanted the captain to be a woman, but this proved too radical a vision for network executives in 1966 – it is only in 1995 that a new series, Star Trek: Voyager provided us with a female captain.Sexual Generations: ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ and Gender


I get angry when I see that “Many Emotions of Mr Spock” poster. It just fuels people’s false belief that Spock is totally emotionless except while drugged. He suppresses them, but they are not absent. Here are some gifs of Spock’s real emotions peeking through.