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OMG!TrekPlease (Pt 2)

Again for @gadelingsofthegalaxy​ because I’m thankful for her and her friendship and the fact that it all started with a Star Trek AU.

(This is most self indulgent Star Trek OMGCP TRASH and this is all I have written, but hopefully I’ll have more coming up.)

  • Ransom and Holst’er graduate, Ransom goes into his speciality training at Starfleet Med and Holst’er takes on a teaching position at the academy, waiting for the ship he was assigned to be refitted in space dock.
  • Time passes. On his next tour Jack is bumped up to first officer of the USS Providence under the exuberant Captain Alexi Mashkov.
    • Or “Call me Captain Tater!”
      • Jack doesn’t know where that came from, but okay.
  • The squad is all dispersed and keeps up over group messages and subspace calls. It’s rough but they survive.
    • Well until Jack gets promoted to Captain and is given the newly built USS Samwell.

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anonymous asked:

What do you think of Star Trek 5? It seems to get a surprising amount of hate. I thought it was pretty unfocused and awkward, but contained a lot of really great character moments, especially with Bones. I really don't see why it inspires such vitriol.


I thought that The Final Frontier actually had a great story… until they got through the Great Barrier. Then, it got absolutely ridiculous. But I still REALLY enjoyed the character interactions throughout the entire movie, and that was enough to make up for the craziness of the ending. I would recommend any Trek fan to watch it–as long as they’ve seen the characters before. If they haven’t, they probably won’t appreciate all the banter and things like:

Blatant OMS flirting

Jim in plaid.

The triumvirate literally went camping together. (McCoy in this scene: Get that damn light out of my face! LMFAOOOO)

^ This

^ That


One more time.


So yeah. I actually really, really love this movie. I don’t know how many times over I’ve watched it.