star trek 2

No, but can you imagine being a Trekkie when Wrath of Khan was in theaters?

Like…they killed Spock…

I would have been on the floor of the theater sobbing my heart out during the scene at the reactor, and I might have just drowned from my tears during the funeral.  How did people emotionally survive that experience?  And Leonard Nimoy doing the voiceover at the end?  


Star Trek fact: When Matt Jefferies presented a concept model of the Enterprise to Gene Roddenberry, it was made of wood and hung from a string. But the model was top-heavy, so it tended to hang in an upside-down position (engineering hull on top, saucer on bottom).

Roddenberry liked the “upside-down” configuration, so much so that Jefferies had a hard time convincing him the Enterprise should fly in the orientation he’d intended.

The same thing happened with the Reliant on The Wrath of Khan. The ILM modelmakers’ design sketches had the ship’s nacelles above the saucer, but when these were faxed to producer Harve Bennett, he oriented the pages upside-down when he marked them for approval. So the ILM team built the Reliant in a configuration opposite from what they’d originally intended.

Of course, the Enterprise ended up in its “proper” position eventually, but the Reliant didn’t. Fitting for a ship best known as the space vessel of arch-villain Khan Noonien Singh.