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can anyone explain to me why vulcans, a desert race, are as white as northern european people? why not look like anyone who might actually live in a desert climate? there are, of course, a wealth of different skin types in the middle east & african countries but i’m pretty sure the entirety of the population aren’t all whitey mcwhitersons?

Despite his name being in the title, Max is not the protagonist of Mad Max: Fury Road. Instead, it’s Imperator Furiosa, which is good, because her story is compelling and rad. … And despite what some random assholes on the Internet think, this isn’t a problem with the story. It’s the best part. You know why? Because we already got Max’s story. In a movie called Fucking Mad Max.

As much as I love superhero movies, the fact that they’re so tightly focused on Character Whose Name Is The Title is like a brick around the neck. … This is also the big thing killing the Star Trek movies right now. The first Star Trek was cool; it patiently and effectively got the team together, building up to a final shot where Kirk, Spock, Bones, and The Gang are ready to take on anything that comes at them. But then Star Trek Into Darkness stumbled into the room and, like a drunk idiot interrupting a conversation, forced everything back to square one. Because they didn’t know what to do with the characters.

Hey, how about this: Make them help some other characters on an adventure. It worked for Mad Max (clearly) and, incidentally, almost every episode of a little show called Fucking Star Trek.

5 Lessons All Movies Should Learn From ‘Mad Max’


One of the great things about detailed production design is that it pays off in unexpected ways. So today I explore the weird possibilities of that most common of objects: the chair.

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