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(I'm not sure of this happened or not, I'm not done with tos) Spock, Kirk and Bones go on an uncharted planet and get infected with a disease that makes you say ALL your thoughts out loud and Kirk says, "Damn, they're both hot" when it's super quiet.

I am so sorry this took forever!! I finally managed to grab some time to write! I hope you haven’t given up on waiting, Nonnie.

Leonard can’t help but wonder if all starships have the same difficulties as the Enterprise. They were just supposed to map this planet, take few samples, and then continue on their way. According to Starfleet, this is a routine mission.

In Leonard’s experience, there has never been anything “routine” about an away mission on an uncharted planet.

Take this one for example: Class M, mostly tropical, uninhabited by intelligent life forms; it should be pleasant. And it had been, until the storm blew in.

Apparently the density of the clouds along with the reflective properties of the thick canopy of vegetation meant that their communicators couldn’t reach the ship. Honestly, Leonard knows he should have expected something like this, but it doesn’t make being practically drowned any more pleasant.

Fortunately, Spock seems to have learned his lesson. They’re now firmly ensconced in a cave, with some kind of nutrition cube stew simmering over a fire, because Spock had thought to bring along emergency supplies. It’s moments like this that make Leonard want to grab Spock and kiss him. But they’ve decided against open displays of affection in front of Jim, it seems to make him uncomfortable.

Now that food is taken care of, and they’re no longer in any immediate danger of drowning- “I’m not going to sit here soaking wet and shiverin’,” Leonard announces. It’s not like he’s got anything that Jim and Spock haven’t seen before. He grabs the back of his sopping shirt, and manages to struggle out of it. Moving to the entrance of the cave, he starts to wring it out. “You too,” he calls over his shoulder to Jim and Spock. “I’m not dealin’ with either of you if you get a cold from sittin’ there lettin’ wet clothes dry on you.”

“Of course, doctor,” Spock responds easily, and stands to join him at the entrance to the cave.

“I’ll watch the food while you guys strip down,” Jim says helpfully. “Then I’ll give you a show when there’s someone else to make sure our protein water doesn’t burn.”

Leonard rolls his eyes. “Try not to eat all of it before it’s done,” he calls back, his words muffled as he struggles out of the tighter, black undershirt of his uniform.

“Me? I would never!” Jim protests.

As soon as Leonard’s head is free of the wet, clingy fabric, he sees Jim popping a spoon into his mouth, and he arches his brow. “Oh, oh no. Of course not,” he drawls. He shakes his head and turns around to ring his shirt out as close to the entrance of the cave as he can. No point in getting their sleeping area all well.

“Damn, they’re both hot.”

Leonard spins around. “What was that?” he demands, damp shirt in hand.

“Nothing! I didn’t say anything!” Jim says, immediately defensive. “I was just thinking about how hot you both are all wet and glistening in the firelight.”

Spock, also shirtless now, lifts an eyebrow and stares hard at Jim.

“You were thinking what now?” Leonard demands, feeling a flush rise to his cheeks.

“I’m not- It’s not like I want to just blurt out how I kind of want to lick-” Jim’s eyes go wide and he clamps both hands over his mouth, muffling his next words.

“Fascinating,” Spock says softly. He returns to the fire and stares intently at Jim. “Captain,” he prompts.

Jim shakes his head, his hands still clamped firmly over his mouth.

Spock reaches out and pulls at Jim’s hand.

“Don’t think about how hot they are. Don’t think about it. Don’t think about licking the water off their bodies. Shit. I’m thinking about it.” Jim clamps his hands firmly over his mouth again, his face bright red.

Spock sits back, steepling his fingers and staring intently at Jim who is trying very hard not to look at either of them.  

“If I am not mistaken, Jim seems to be compelled to speak his inner most thoughts.”

Jim turns even more red at this pronouncement, but doesn’t remove his hand from his mouth, clearly terrified of what’s going to come out of it.

“Right then. So it takes some strange alien bacteria, I’m guessing bacteria, for Jim to finally say what he’s thinking,” Leonard sighs softly. “I never thought you were much for self-control Jim. But, it’s about damn time.”

“What?” Jim’s hands fall away from his mouth in shock. “You knew? How did you know? I didn’t want to say anything because you two are- well you know. But damn! You guys make it hard for a guy not to notice and to want a piece-” The hands go up again, and Jim is fairly glowing with embarrassment.

“Leonard and I have had occasion to observe your increasingly odd behavior around us,” Spock informs Jim easily. “It was not hard to form a hypothesis.”

“Maybe it’d be best to save this conversation until we’re all on a little more equal footing?” Leonard suggests, resting a hand comfortingly on Jim’s shoulder. “Though I will say, it’s not like we haven’t discussed the possibility.”

Jim stares, his hands in his lap, his mouth hanging open, but no words coming out.

“Fascinating. It appears that you have rendered Jim completely insensible, Leonard.”


Set of postcards I made for Shanghai Comic Con, less than two weeks away!

8 species of cats in Starfleet uniforms from various periods in Startrek history. Because of the international nature of Starfleet, I picked cats from each continent/region of the Earth (sans Australia, since it doesn’t have native cats)

Pallas Cat - Central Asia

Tiger - Indian Subcontinent

Asian Golden Cat - East Asia

Serval - Subsaharan Africa

Caracal - North Africa and Middle East

Jaguarundi - South America

Bobcat - North America

European Wild Cat - Europe

Come see me at Shanghai Comic Con on November 5-6! I will be Artist Alley table 38!