star trail stacking

“Winter Night in the Countryside”

I’ve done a lot of these star trail photos of this barn. I’m still trying to get that “perfect shot” of this scene at night. I like this one, but it’s not my favorite, so Ill keep trying.
I made this time stack by combining 425 photos into one image.


Combination of Aurora Borealis and Star Trails created by stacking long exposure/timelapse images together.

“Night-Time Travelers”

Looking southwest towards Kingston from Rock Dunder, the stars cross paths with airplanes that fan out from the city of Kingston (and possibly some from across the border in New York)
I made this time stack by combining 513 photos into one image.

“Active Night”

The Aurora was as active as I’ve ever seen it, the stars were slowly “spinning” as they do, and something was floating or swimming by, producing the straight, orange coloured lines in the water. At fist I figured it was fish, but now I wonder if it was leaves or something else floating on the water, drifting by on the current. (since the lines are so straight) Any guesses?
I made this time stack by combining 167 photos into one image.

“Spin Cycle”

I’ve got quite the collection of photos similar to this, but I keep trying to raise the bar, and these days it’s proving hard to beat. Even more so with sunset timestacks of this barn, as I’ve been trying to best my most famous image for 4 years now.
I made this time stack by combining 242 photos into one image.

“Polaris and Friends, with Special Guests, the Perseids”

I caught 15 Perseid meteors during this 4 hour timelapse, along with a few planes, and a bunch of stars.
Here’s a version without the star trails, where you can see the meteors much better.

This might be the most photos I’ve ever stacked into one image. (I’ve only done a few time stacks that are over 1000 photos) This was made using 1489 photos!
The night was mostly cloudy until the end of the timelapse where the sky completely cleared up. That’s where most of the star trails came from, aside from a few breaks in the clouds here and there.
As usual, I used the scripts from to automate the stacking, and faded in the first and last 19 photos “manually” using 5% increments of the layer opacity.

“Evergreen Giant”
Although it has nothing on the size of the redwoods on the west coast (which are also considered evergreen trees) this tree is quite big for the area, especially considering that it’s in the open, without protection from the strong winds we get from living close to Lake Ontario.
I’m not sure what kind of tree it is. Likely some kind of pine or fir, but that’s about as far as my tree knowledge goes.
I made this image by stacking 379 photos using the lighten layer-blending mode in photoshop, automated with this script, I also faded in the first and last 19 photos (38 in total) using 5% increments of the layer opacity to taper the beginning and ends of the star trails.

“Orbs on Ice”
I love the reflections you get from light painting on ice and snow, so I did a fair bit of light painting last winter. I wish I was better at spinning orbs, as these ones are pretty sloppy. but you gotta start somewhere. Any tips?
This image was made from 390 photos. One for each orb, and the rest for the star trails.
As usual, I out it together in photoshop, and automated the stacking process with this script,

“Late Night Lights”
Star trails, car trails and train trails oh my!
I made this image by stacking 278 photos, the first and last 19 photos were faded in/out with 5% increments of the layer opacity. As usual, the process was automated with this script,