star streak

Please, don’t worry so much. Because in the end, none of us have very long on this Earth. Life is fleeting. And if you’re ever distressed, cast your eyes to the summer sky when the stars are strung across the velvety night. And when a shooting star streaks through the blackness, turning night into day… make a wish and think of me. Make your life spectacular.
I know I did.
—  Robin Williams, Jack (1996)

headcanon that the first phase of the clone armor didnt have very good protection on the hands and it got added later on because clones kept coming back from the battlefeild with broken hands. it wasnt there in the first place because the kaminoans didnt expect the clones to fucking punch the droids in the face this isnt how we trained you this is why you have a gun

Falling Stars (2)

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Pairing: none yet! (fem reader btw) (but shoot me a pairing!)
Word count: 1,242                                                                                            Summary; You just wanted a normal day for once but turns out you just can’t and end falling into middle earth and accompanying Thorin’s epic quest         Warnings: Swearing, awkward reader, modern!oblivious!reader   

It was a dream-it had to be, or else it was a really shitty prank and you were having none of it.

“I’m dreaming, it must be a dream. Yeah, no way I’m actually here…sitting in the middle of fucking nowhere with dwarves… J-just a dream.” You whispered to yourself, your arms covering your head while you rocked back and forth. Maybe if you closed your eyes and just concentrated you’d wake up in your own bed with a hangover, the only explanation to this wild occurrence.

“If yer tryin’ to wish us away, it ‘ent workin’.” One of them commented.

Fuck me, you wailed internally.

You really did have the worst luck in the world. Only you would end up in a situation like this; thrown off a cliff, betrayed by your own foot, and teleported into an alternate reality of some sort with tiny men sporting excess amounts of hair and various sharp weapons. Although, nearly right after you fell into mild hysteria, the only normal sized person here who had a grey beard and pointy hat came to your rescue with a cup of tea and gentle reassurance. He called himself Gandalf and he patiently explained where you were and who the strange men around were.

Like that helped any.

And after having that slight panic attack, you seated yourself on the ground as the Company eyed you with pity. Thus leading us to the present time, where you still sat.      

“Oh, I really shouldn’t of poured beer on that tree!” You sobbed, earning a few confused stares.

“My dear,” Gandalf sighed, placing a gentle hand on your shaking shoulder. “I do not know how you fell into this world, no do I know how to return you to your own, but for your own sake you eventually must get up.”

“It’s better down here.”

Another collective sigh. Gandalf scoffed and shook his head, you were nearly as stubborn as a dwarf!


“Gandalf, let me speak with the girl.” A deep rumbling voice interjected what the old wizard was about to say. You could feel the power behind his words and how rich each syllable sounded, leading you to the notion that perhaps the speaker was somehow had ties to royalty or just really full of himself.

Heavy footsteps stomped over to your hunched figure, steel-tipped boots entering the slanted view through your crossed arms. You curled into yourself even more as he let out his own deep sigh and muttered something under his breath.

Just as you parted your lips to threaten the dwarf into leaving you alone, a rough hand snatched your arm and yanked you from the ground with enough force to eject you into the sun, most likely. “Get up.”

You squeaked in surprise and nearly toppled face first into the dwarf, but his firm grip on your arm steadied you. You readied a poisonous glare just for him, but it died away and you though better of it after seeing his own cold scowl that rivaled your own. You were taken aback after putting the tone of his voice to a face and just like his words, he was powerful and rich in features.

“That wasn’t speaking,” you grumbled after a slight pause. “that was manhandling.”

The left end of his darkly bearded lips twitched ever so slightly in response to your sass, and he quirked a dark brow. “I saw no other option.”

With that he released your arm and spun on his heel, midnight locks streaked with silver flowing behind him. “Dwalin, keep an eye on her.”

Gandalf tutted in reply and waved an arm over your shoulders, wheeling you away before the even scarier dwarf with geometric tattoos and muscles for days could keep you tethered to his side.

As Gandalf led you to God-knows-where, you surveyed your surroundings and couldn’t help but admire the surrounding scenery of rolling green hills, distant forests, and brooding mountains far to the east. Even if you were here against your will, it sure beat any scenery back at home you thought impressive. But it still didn’t make up for the sharp pang of home sickness…


It turned out your unexpected arrival delayed whatever it was the group of dwarves, a wizard, and an even smaller creature with bare hairy feet that puzzled you greatly, were doing and so, sooner than you liked, you were hoisted onto a pony without your consent. Not like they cared of course…

The first few days they were skeptical of you tagging along(not that you wanted to), especially Thorin who you assumed to be the leader of them, but a few stern words from a meddling wizard changed his mind. But who could blame them? You pretty much fell from the sky and landed smack-dab in the middle of their camp without warning. Who wouldn’t be suspicious?

At least the strange little creature seemed to take an instant liking towards you and shared his sympathies. And after a few attempts of trying to engaging you in conversation you learned his name; Bilbo Baggins, a Hobbit from the Shire. You didn’t know what a hobbit was or why he was abnormally short with hairy feet, but you found him quite adorable and his odd mannerisms piqued you interest. He even offered to share his blanket with you!

You soon learned during the long hours of endless traveling that the Company was on a quest of sorts to reclaim a mountain lost to an over sized lizard with wings. Bilbo and some other members of the company thought your snide comment about Smaug was funny, Thorin did not and you succeeded in creating an even more horrid situation for yourself. Oh well.

Then there was the princes, Fíli and Kíli, whom you almost immediately became fast friends with after sharing ideas on how to properly prank a person. Not to mention your biting remarks that Fíli and Kíli found absolutely marvelous. Their particular favorite sassy remark being the one where you might of accidentally told their Uncle he had a stick up his ass in front of the whole Company. Oops.

And how could you forget about Bofur and Ori? Your first night with the Company, after easing back into your own skin after the traumatizing experience of falling into another world, you cracked a bawdy joke to ease some of the tension you had caused and Bofur eagerly responded with an even filthier one. A start of a beautiful friendship you liked to think.

Ori was shy and you all but adored him. He even gave you his extra change of clothing(you had never seen anyone blush as red as he did in that moment) and sheepishly showed you some of his drawings on the third night.

In the short time you had been here you began to grow fond of the Company, even Mr. Thorin Grumpypants and his dutiful sidekick, the miniature Hulk minus the green skin and a whole lot more tattoos than the actual Hulk. Though, even the two in mention, begrudgingly realized that you had grown on them, even if you were a bit odd and swore like a sailor.

You momentarily forgot about your life in the modern world, but you were reminded each time you felt yourself subconsciously reach for your phone to check your social media and your Snap Streaks.

Wait…If you were here and your phone was sitting on your bedside table in another dimension that meant-

“My Snapchat streaks!”

“Late to the Party”

I went down to the point to try and get some shots of the lake steaming under the stars, and I was lucky to catch a meteor streak across the sky while I was trying to figure out the best way to illuminate the steam coming off the water.
After checking out the 2016 meteor shower schedule, it looks like this was either a late Perseid meteor, or a random straggler. (The Perseids active peak ended August 26th. I shot this on September 3rd and the start of the next active shower was a moth away.)

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I'd really love a oneshot about Carlisle struggling with a mild case of jealousy. Like his SO talks to someone else, and is all nice and smiley because that's the person they are and Carlisle KNOWS that and he really does know better BUT DOES THIS GUY REALLY NEED TO STAND SO CLOSE TO THEM?

There were few things that Carlisle prided himself on. There was his self control, of course, as well as his ability to easily connect with people. It was a quiet sort of dignity, internalized and never boasted about, because that’s just how Carlisle was, wasn’t he? He was humble, and vanity didn’t suit him well. But there was one thing in particular, something that only Carlisle was capable of, that would occasionally go to his head.

It was you, or more specifically your eyes, and the way they came to life when he was with you. The way they widened in his presence, the way your pupils dilated the longer he engaged you, the way they focused in on him like he was the most captivating thing they ever saw. And there was always this animate twinkle in those beautiful, dark irises, a subtle glisten that Carlisle knew was for him and only him, akin to a shooting star streaking the black sky– striking and uplifting. 

And when Carlisle saw that twinkle– his twinkle– shimmering vibrantly in your eyes while in the presence of another man, something wildly unpleasant tore open in his chest, clawing up his throat and threatening to burst through his clenched jaw. Suddenly the air in the room was thicker, more suffocating, and Carlisle swore he could feel perspiration prickling on his hairline when the man leaned in closer towards you with an easy smile. 

It was a blow to the gut when you smiled back, when the stranger continued to bask in your glowing gaze. And Carlisle knew you were just being nice, he knew better than to let something so juvenile gnaw at him like this, but did this guy seriously just take another step closer to you? 

A red fog creeped in through his peripheral vision, and a deep, guttural growl resonated in his chest, like a low rumble of thunder reverberating from the earthy floor and shuddering the branches of a tree. His upper lip twitched threateningly, and Carlisle had to resist the overwhelming urge to bare his teeth. He may be falling apart on the inside, but he was not about to lose his hold on his self control too.

Your name scratched its way up his raw throat, the strained sound begging your eyes to flicker over to where Carlisle was standing off with rigid shoulders. He tried a smile, tightlipped but still sincere, and you smiled softly in response. He heard you mutter a brief ‘excuse me’ before you started walking over to him, the smile on your face never faltering as your scent grew stronger and stronger with each step you made.

If someone asked Carlisle why he did what he did next, he would say that he truthfully didn’t know. Maybe it was the harrowing jealousy banging its fists against his ribcage. Maybe it was your intoxicating, delectable aroma clouding his judgement. Maybe it was that damned twinkle that was dancing in your eyes as you approached him. Maybe it was all three together.

The exact second you were at arms length from him, Carlisle’s fingers hooked into the belt loops of your jeans and yanked you forward, chests and mouths roughly colliding. Another growl vibrated between your bodies as his lips greedily attacked yours, his tongue dominating, claiming, while unusually forceful fingers and sturdy palms encircled your neck to better control the kiss. His teeth stung as they sunk into your bottom lip, and he swallowed your gasp with a wide, hungry mouth. 

Carlisle ended the kiss abruptly, parting from your lips with a wet, salacious smack, the hands on your neck sliding up to frame your face and hold your head steady. He dragged the pad of his thumb possessively over your spit-slicked lips, and as he took in your hooded eyelids and rosy cheeks, he discovered another thing he could pride himself on; he was the only person who got to see you like this, so undone and wanton.

You swallowed, taking a steadying breath in before self-consciously narrowing your eyes. “People are staring, Carlisle.”

An uncharacteristically wicked smirk pulled at his lips, and he let his gaze cast over your shoulder to the now appalled man, a triumphant swell in his chest urging his smirk into a wide grin. “Good.”

He looked down at you again, pressing another brief kiss to your lips before finally letting his hands fall from your face, a warmth spreading from his chest up his neck when your eyes twinkled happily– his twinkle.

tonight all of my fear reflects
a burning plain
endless as mandala in a mirror
spinning into time
the unbearable light
of life collapsing in on itself
the crushing gravity of darkness
swallowing stars
the streaks of comets
searing the purple night sky
we all end in fire
I never knew
it would be a relief
to uncurl my fists
to lie down in the wet grass
and burn

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bellarke + 6 because I love stars and space a lot :')

thanks for the request bby! i legitimately thought no one would answer xD

bellarke + 6. things you said under the stars and in the grass

When Clarke finally finds Bellamy, he’s sprawled out in the grass with his hands behind his head, gazing up at the stars. For once, he looks almost at peace, and Clarke considers turning around and leaving him alone, because Bellamy deserves this - this rare moment of silence.

Instead of leaving, she lays down beside him.

Bellamy doesn’t look at her; his eyes are still trained on the breathtaking scene before them, the dark expanse of the night sky filled with a scattering of stars. “Hey, Clarke,” he says quietly.

“Hey. What are you doing out here?”

Bellamy sighs, stretches out his arms. “Just taking a moment before the next crisis. Space is beautiful from down here, you know? I’ve never really had time to notice.”

Clarke nodded. “If I had my old sketchbook and my charcoal pencils, I’d draw it all. Every single star.”

Something heavy hangs in the air then, a feeling of something lost. Childhood, perhaps. Innocence. Clarke knows she won’t have the luxury of drawing for leisure anytime soon, not when the world is ending, but in this moment with Bellamy, she can almost pretend.

They’re silent for a while, but it isn’t uncomfortable. (Things with Bellamy rarely are.) Then a shooting star streaks across the sky, and Bellamy says, “I finally figured out what I would wish for.”


“I once said that if I saw a shooting star, I wouldn’t know what to wish for. Now I know. And it’s kind of a selfish wish, but I think all wishes are, you know?”

Clarke nods, because selfish wishes that will never come true are something she understands all too well.

Finally, Bellamy turns to look at her. His expression is just as awestruck as it was when he was looking at the stars, and Clarke feels a blush creeping up her neck. “I’d just wish for a simple, quiet life. We’d have come down to Earth and it  would have been uninhabited, or the Grounders would have left us alone. And we’d just make a little camp and live peaceful little lives. And then I’d meet you and you’d become my best friend even if we weren’t fighting for our lives all the time.” His eyes are honest, vulnerable, and then he says, “We’d be happy, Clarke. We wouldn’t be broken the way that we are. That’s my wish.”

She bites her lip, because the words are threatening to spill over: I think I’m in love with you and that scares me half to death.

Instead she says, “Sounds like a fantasy.”

Bellamy turns back to the night sky. “Anything’s possible on a night like this.”

(He’s looking at the stars. She’s still looking at him.)

*After Bon Bon the Birthday Clown*
(Star’s Thinking): It all happened so fast. I don’t really remember muuch. Okay thats a lie. I remember a lot. I remember the creation of Bon Bon’s alter… I remember Ludo stealing my spell book and Glossaryck… I remember Marco and Jackie’s dat-
Marco: (fast asleep)
(Star’s thinking): …I remember their photo… I remember crying… I remember the skateboard and how Marco seemed- happy…
Marco: (still asleep)
(Star’s thinking): Ah what am I worried about he’ll be fine! There’s no need for him to be watched over. No more need our moments of randomness… no more need for exciting b-bike rides through the city… n-no more need for endless fun… no m-more need for best buds… no more need for…Me.
*Star feels something wrapped tightly around her*
Star: *awakens with tear streaks on her face* M-Marco?
Marco: *arms wrapped tightly around Star*
Marco: (Mumbles in his sleep) Im s-sorry Star.. We’ll get them both back p-promise…
Star: …
Star: *closes her eyes again and smiles*
…Ill get you back too :)
Me b4 Bon Bon the Birthday Clown: :)
Me after: 😭
Idk if the “action” text are too much in this one because I did use a lot of them :/
Sorry this one took so long but I “might” be getting into a schedule sooner or later ;)

Mabel woke up. She turned over to see that Henry, who usually stayed up a little longer than her at night, had finally joined her at some point and was now snoring quite noisily. She reached out a pointer finger, and played connect-the-dots with his freckles on his shoulder, his neck, his face. He slept through all of it; a welcome change from their first days of going out, when he would wake at the slightest touch or noise. She leaned over, to give him a kiss on the cheek before getting up.

She didn’t know what time it was, only that it was dark and the sun was still a few hours from blooming in the sky. As she walked through the house, her bare and calloused feet drifted over rough hewn floorboards long since worn smooth. Her bathrobe, borrowed from Henry, pooled in a train behind her. The Shack was old, but she had lived here now for the majority of her life, and she knew the house like the back of her hand. And important for here and now, she knew how to move to keep from making noise as she made her way through the house.

She looked upstairs for a second, to where the kids were sleeping. They had just made the transition from cribs to beds- should she check on them?


This was her time.

Through the kitchen, out the screen door and the porch, through the yard… Instantly, a smile bloomed on her face. Above her the night sky was lit with thousands upon thousands of stars, the great arm of the Milky Way arching across the sky. The night was cool and humid, dew clinging to the grass while a thick fog lurked in the forest. Occasionally Mabel caught glow in the dark flashes of light from the forest, the eyes of animals and Otherwise peering out at her.

Mabel closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and wiggled her toes in the damp.

Then she shucked the bathrobe off, exposing her flesh to the night sky. And naked, she began to dance.

Right now, as long as she danced, she was free. 

Right now, under the cold light of ancient stars, she was no one’s mother. She was no one’s wife. She was no one’s friend, no one’s niece.

No one’s sister.

Not that she begrudged any of those roles mind you. She welcomed those bonds of love, bonds she formed and created with her words and her body.

But right here and now, she belonged only to herself. Right here and now, as she jumped twisted and turned, she reminded herself of who she was.

She was brave.

She was fearless.

She was bold, wild, dangerous.

She was Chaos. 

A shooting star streaked across the sky, and Mabel smiled. It was good to know the universe agreed with her.


a/n: 1300 words. InuKag Day 7: Soul-Mates :)

“Just give me the shards, human.” He says abruptly.

“I have a name.” She sasses back calmly. “And it’s Kagome.”

“I didn’t ask.” He waves his hand dismissively and then lays it open and flat for receiving. “Give them to me.”

But she doesn’t give it to him, and walks away humming, wondering if he had been raised in a barn or abandoned in a forest to be raised by wolves.

“Raised by wolves-? woman-!“

“I know, I know,” she pats him softly, skin on his thigh like the smooth underside of a riverbed. “Let me keep telling the story.”

Wolves.” He grumbles.

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Quick Sketch for early 2016 <3 drew this before the new year while chatting with @drawinggheys @avenoire @star-streaked-skies and our other friends ( not sure if they also have tumblr accounts??? ) about how canon KonTim is. We were pretty much inspired by @marcusto marshmallow art and valentines post and OH MAN my heart. I haven’t been in this fandom for as long as most people but It’s pretty much been the greatest thing to find out that the artist of the actual comic might really ship them too <3