star stacking

“Winter Night in the Countryside”

I’ve done a lot of these star trail photos of this barn. I’m still trying to get that “perfect shot” of this scene at night. I like this one, but it’s not my favorite, so Ill keep trying.
I made this time stack by combining 425 photos into one image.

“North Meets East”

Star trails circle around the north star (top left) and the lines straighten out as you look to the east (right side) if you could see the view to the right (out of frame) the lines would start to curve again, in the opposite direction as the stars appear to circle the south pole.
I made this time stack by combining 356 photos into one image. I also took out a few airplane trails, and faded in the beginning and end of the timelapse so the star trails don’t start and end abruptly.

“Night-Time Travelers”

Looking southwest towards Kingston from Rock Dunder, the stars cross paths with airplanes that fan out from the city of Kingston (and possibly some from across the border in New York)
I made this time stack by combining 513 photos into one image.

Photo of the Week

This week’s ‘Photo of the Week’ features a beautiful tracked photo of the Pleiades Cluster. Taken by talented amateur astrophotographer Ray Congelosi, this image consisting of 24 one-minute exposures happens to actually be his first tracked photo as well.
 The Pleiades star cluster – also known as the Seven Sisters   or M45 – is visible from almost anywhere on Earth. This open star cluster is one of the closest star clusters in relations to Earth.
 For more spectacular photos, be sure to check out Ray’s Instagram @inside_the_galaxy at .

“Star Trails and Fireflies”

A second attempt at this image I made back in 2013.
I think the star trails turned out a lot better in this version, but I still prefer the original.
I made this time stack by combining 350 photos into one image.

Day 14: BFTbookchallenge: Hobby

I love reading and rainbow book stacks!!


Combination of Aurora Borealis and Star Trails created by stacking long exposure/timelapse images together.