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So. Much. Appreciation.

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Queer Eye for the Star Spangled Guy
(Part One)

For once, it was entirely not Tony Stark’s fault. 

(I swear, I didn’t do it, Pepper!)

So that Tony’s nuts are safe from a literal roasting by his eternally exasperated, loving Significant Other, we really need to start at the beginning.  And in the beginning, there was Bucky. 

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“Jan said we should wear something special for your birthday party! And she can’t wait to know if you like this idea so she sent me to ask you! What do you think? Do you like it?”

I can’t believe I never draw Tony in this costume!! I LOVE THIS COSTUME SO HERE IT IS! LOL

A belated Happy Birthday to Steve~~


Fanvideo | Steve & Tony | We Meet In Dreams **Soulmate AU**

Song by Gothic Storm

Fandom: The Avengers (Movies)


What would you do if you had a time counter on your wrist, telling you the time left until you meet your soulmate?

Two men, two time-counters. One, an endless row of numbers, he’ll be over 90 when he finally meets his soulmate. The other’s broken, numbers jumping and switching, never showing a definitive time.

Two men, their destiny an unknown, until one day the counters reset, only hours separate them from one another, and from the rest of their lives.

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i regret this, i was bored, then annoyed and now i wanna curl up and cry, it pains me to do these


Firstly, that background is not mine so credit for whoever it belongs to, because kudos to you, it is fantastic…

And the gif, again not mine, take credit if so…

The imagine itself:

You were simply sitting scrolling through your phone while taking short sips of tea, you were sitting at a small garden table on a hot day while Steve was decorating the outside of the house.

While Steve lunged upwards to reach a small crook below the second floor windowsill that had not yet been painted, you took this opportunity to photograph him looking so flawless. As you smiled at the photo Steve saw what you had just done, he wasn’t angry, he just wanted to see how good he looked.

Steve glamorously slid down the ladder and chucked his duster over his shoulder casually. He strolled over to you slowly, taking relaxed steps, the sun caught your eye as he stepped out of it.

“And the star spangled man stops in his work” you teased him as he had not yet stopped decorating for the past 3 hours.

“(Y/N) how long is going to take you to stop calling me that?” Steve joked around as he placed his hands on your shoulders.

You looked up at him, staring into his ocean blue eyes, “it’s your fault for letting stark use the nickname in the first place, now I’ve just adapted to it.” You joked around knowing that Steve would laugh at it.

“Technically I would of expected you to pick up capsicle more but okay… Now let me look at the perfect picture you took” Steve lent down so his cheek was touching the side of your cheek, he took one quick second to admire the photo before turning his face until your lips were just a centimetre apart. “My bum does look good in it, doesn’t it (Y/N)?”

“Don’t flatter yourself too much. Capsicle.” And with that, Steve lent in just enough to close that small space between the two of you in a slow gentle kiss.


thank you for sticking with me yesterday. in return, please enjoy the complete Sexy Avengers Costumes of Halloween 2014


Captain America and the star spangled cleavage

Princess Leia Stark

Hulk Life portrait

Black Widow (fully clothed surrounded by nude men)

Hawkeye in a corset

Thor’s nipple pasties


do not repost, sell, copy, steal

Whenever Steve’s beats Tony at video games (read as Tony lets Steve win) he always gets super hyped and the first time it happens Steve yells

“Yes! Eat my star spangled dick Stark!” And Tony who is trying not to laugh cuz Steve is so adorkable is like “ok”

Then Steve realized what he said and blushes and hides his face and Tony laughs. Ceiling Clint watches the whole thing. He tells Natasha about it and now all three of them tease Steve about his ‘star spangled dick’