The signs’ angel wings

Aries: fluorescent bright blue, small, look like shooting stars in the dark

Taurus: pale pink, easily hidden, emit a soft star-like glow

Gemini: one wing is white and one is baby blue, both with silvery tips, little but powerful

Cancer: deep crimson, blazing with beautiful fire (but they aren’t harmful!!… unless you want them to be *wink*) >

Leo: dark green with white flecks, the softest feathers

Virgo: shimmery gold wings that create magic dust, when in flight the shimmery dust floats down softly over only the sweetest people and they are given lovely dreams

Libra: dark purple and extremely delicate with soft blue patterns that look like flowers

Scorpio: jet black with small silver streaks that resemble lightning bolts

Sagittarius: very long, soft white feathers, taper at the bottom, the tips are fairy-like and translucent

Capricorn: opaque silver, look like they’ve been dipped in stardust, long wingspan

Aquarius: the colors of a stormy sky, cold to the touch, they sometimes flash like lightning when in flight (only when it’s dark)

Pisces: lavender, fluffy feathers and very small

how to tell if the signs have a crush on you

aries- always around you and try to make you laugh 

taurus- always texts you first and teases you in a joking way

gemini- gets really obnoxious around you 

cancer- very quiet and doesnt make eye contact but blushes a lot

leo- gives you cute nicknames and finds stuff in common with you and fangirls with you about it

virgo- acts really cute and innocent around you

libra- talks about all their ex date friends around you to see if you get jealous

scorpio- gets very sarcastic and always looks at you 

sagittarius- laughs at all your jokes and always embarrasses themselves around you

capricorn- smiles at you a lot and always sits with you whenever theres a chance

aquarius- literally always around you and handsy

pisces- helps you with stuff, no matter if you need it or not

The signs studying

Aries: Takes breaks a lot but finds it kinda easy to get back to being focused

Taurus: Listens to music while they study 

Gemini: Is either in the zone or just can’t even function 

Cancer: Studies last minute and has to have neat pages

Leo: Studies for a bit then goes on the internet 

Virgo: Has to have a neat environment or they can’t focus 

Libra: Internally stressed out because they think they aren’t going to remember anything 

Scorpio: Has to have really neat handwriting so they can remember their notes

Sagittarius: Studies for like two minutes then says fuck it 

Capricorn: Studies really well when they want to, when they don’t they fuck around into oblivion 

Aquarius: Uses colour coding to make themselves remember things 

Pisces: Has to read over everything a million times because they drift off into something more interesting

the signs as songs 5sos should bring back
  • Aries:superhero
  • Taurus:wherever you are
  • Gemini:the perfect disguise
  • Cancer:unpredictable
  • Leo:all i need
  • Virgo:i've got this friend
  • Libra:too late
  • Scorpio:if you don't know
  • Sagittarius:gotta get out
  • Capricorn:everything i want
  • Aquarius:over and over
  • Pisces:teenage queen
What I Think of When I Think of the Signs
  • Aries:forest fires, city skyline at night, lens flares, silhouettes, lightning, rollercoasters
  • Taurus:forests, mini cacti, long hugs, big sweaters, tan skin, candles
  • Gemini:old books, tornados, magic tricks, mirrors, clouds, black cats
  • Cancer:ripples, blue eyes, classical music, dew on grass, spring evenings, pillows
  • Leo:bonfires with friends, laugh attacks, driving with the windows down, spotlights, music festivals, golden hour
  • Virgo:telling stories, writing in journals, bitter coffee, whispering, playing hide and seek, smoke
  • Libra:starry nights, sundresses, window seats, first kisses, autumn leaves,
  • Scorpio:hurricanes, fireflies, eye contact, all black clothes, turbulent ocean
  • Sagittarius:neon, loud music, driving over the speed limit, carnivals, fireworks, smirks
  • Capricorn:fog, staying up late, messy sketches, sandlewood, pressed flowers, blush
  • Aquarius:water colors, old vinyl records, sunsets, deep conversations, first snowfall of the year, polaroids, waves crashing
  • Pisces:waterfalls, lucid dreaming, northern lights, pastel colors, songwriting, giving advice
The Signs playing GTA5
  • Aries:goes around beating people up and taking their money
  • Taurus:gets WREKT
  • Gemini:Hijacks a plane
  • Cancer:steals cars
  • Leo:kills ALL the hookers
  • Virgo:tries to drive by the light
  • Libra:literally always changing their outfit
  • Scorpio:always at the strip club
  • Sagittarius:has 5 stars
  • Capricorn:does all the missions
  • Aquarius:always plays as Trevor
  • Pisces:finds all the hidden shit
  • Request from @samboodeeeeee
The Signs As Vices & Virtues songs

Aries: Hurricane

Taurus: Kaleidoscope Eyes

Gemini: Nearly Witches… (Ever Since We Met)

Cancer: Always

Leo: The Ballad Of Mona Lisa

Virgo: Ready To Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind

Libra: Sarah Smiles

Scorpio: Bittersweet

Sagittarius: The Calendar

Capricorn: Memories

Aquarius: Let’s Kill Tonight

Pisces: Trade Mistakes

The Signs As Rejection Puns
  • Aries (symbol is the ram):They rammed my heart into nothing
  • Taurus (symbol is the bull) :They just tore us apart
  • Gemini (symbol is the twins):A gemini made me gemicry
  • Cancer (symbol is the crab) :Idk why they rejected me, they are probs just feeling a bit crabby
  • Leo (symbol is the lion) :The leo said le-no // I am not the king of the heart
  • Virgo (symbol is the virgin):Rejection is why I am still virgin
  • Libra (symbol is the scales) :I just couldn't scale the walls around their heart
  • Scorpio (symbol is the scorpion):This really stings
  • Capricorn (symbol is enki:I guess, I am just too corny for them
  • Aquarius (symbol is a water carrier):I just couldn't make them wet // They made my face wet with tears
  • Pisces (symbol is fish) :I still think their reasons for saying no are a bit fishy
shipping phan with the signs

Aries: makes gifs replaying adorable moments 

Taurus: makes edits everyone dies over 

Gemini: watches every video repeatedly, crying silently 

Cancer: writes fanfiction 

Leo: tells all their friends how much they ship it 

Virgo: draws fanart 

Libra: writes awesome AUs 

Scorpio: searches the phan tumblr tag religiously 

Sagittarius: desperately refreshes subscriptions hoping for a new video 

Capricorn: is obsessed with reading parent!phan 

Aquarius: comes up with ridiculous headcanons that actually work 

Pisces: needs help

the signs as sharja fanfiction tropes

Aries: backstage quickie
Taurus: melted chocolate
Gemini: trying to keep their affair hidden from rob (why is marcelo never mentioned in these fics anyway???)
Cancer: fluffy songfic
Leo: sharon always being the dominant one
Virgo: tarja swearing in finnish
Libra: making eyes at each other while singing Paradise on stage
Scorpio: vampire AU
Sagittarius: orgy with floor, anette and/or charlotte
Capricorn: references to things they said about each other in interviews to make it as realistic as possible
Aquarius: trying (and failing) to silently have sex in the tour bus
Pisces: fantasy AU with dragons