star sickness

signs + getting sick
  • Aries: Powers through it even when they breathe
  • Taurus: Hates everyone, short temper
  • Gemini: Gets super whiny and stays in bed all day
  • Cancer: Ignores everyone but wants their sympathy
  • Leo: Takes medicine and asks why it isn't working straight away
  • Virgo: "Kill me now, just kill me"
  • Libra: Goes on WebMD and thinks they are dying.
  • Scorpio: Demands to know who got them sick and won't stop until they know.
  • Sagittarius: Eats healthy and sweats it out
  • Capricorn: Cries in pain while being surrounded with tissues
  • Aquarius: Goes to the doctor, gets medicine
  • Pisces: Actual satan's spawn
Had it up to here with fascist white-boy apologia in the Star Wars fandom

Kylo is like if the son of an iconic feminist joined the alt right, then shot up his uncle’s place of worship and after years of running wild in the underground neo-Nazi scene emerged to murder his father. Just because some ugly dude on telepathic Force-chan introduced him to the tenents of fascist philosophy and edgelorddom while he was living with his clergyman uncle doesn’t mean he was brainwashed.