star should really go to bed but she's too excited!!!

Just a small, fluffy oneshot i wrote omg

Loud, thumping music could be heard through the entire house.Probably the entire neighborhood, even.
The walls were vibrating and lights were illuminating the sky for a good reason. It was Marco Diaz’ 18th birthday and if the Diaz family parties, they do it right.

Everyone was invited, and of course, Marco had to try making smalltalk with the crowd while not slowly becoming completely bored out of his mind.
A challenge which was harder than the so called safe kid imagined it to be.

Marco adores his family, it’s just so big, it’s impossible talking to all of them in one night. Especially about the same old things over and over again.
He halfheartedly sipped some punch from the cup in his hand while listening to his Grandma ramble to him in spanish.

As his mind drifted off, he started to wonder where Star was this whole evening and began to worry a bit. She might have gotten into trouble.
“Uh, un segunda, abuela!” He interrupted his Grandma while putting his cup down as he started looking for Star, but before his search even began, it already ended, when he took a step into the backyard.

He crossed his arms, slightly raising a brow as he looked up at the interdimensional princess hanging down from the branch of a tree.
“Ooooo, marco, marco! You’re finally here!” The blonde girl exclaimed happily.
“Check this out!” She cheered as she began doing pull-ups at the branch.
Marco’s eyes grew wide as he quickly rushed over to the tree.
“Nonono, Star. Get down here, you know what happened the last time you were climbing trees?”

He reminded her, a noticeable tone of nervousness in his voice.
Of course she did not seem to care much. “Ppfft, that was ages ago! Don’t be a buzzkill on your own birthday, safe kid.” She grinned at him only causing the latino to shake his head and sigh.
“Come on Star, just jump, I’ll catch you.”

Star let out a hearty laugh. “Aaaaalright, but only because you insist!” She cried, before letting go of the branch and letting herself fall on the helpless boy who was spreading out his arms, trying to catch the blonde.

Much to his downfall, Marco didn’t manage to catch Star, resulting in both of the teenagers crashing onto each other, landing on the ground in a really awkward position.
Marco cried out in pain. “Star, I wasn’t even ready yet!!”

Star got up quickly and gave her best friend a nervous smile. “Heh, sorry….my coordination is a bit…” She whispered. “faaaading.” She made a vague hand gesture while helping Marco up.
“What do you mean by faaaading??” He tried to mimic her as best as he could.
Star began to bounce up and down as she grabbed Marco’s wrist and inched closer.
Just then he could smell the faint scent of alcohol coming from the young princess.
“Oh my god don’t tell me you did tequila shots with my dad….” Marco facepalmed. He didn’t even need an answer, he already knew.

“It was totally awesome!!” She squealed, flailing her arms around. “You know Marco, we should really do this more often.”
Marco shook his head as he put both of his hands on the shoulders of the drunk girl.
“Listen.” He said in a calm, quiet voice. “We will get you to bed, you will drink a few glasses of water to avoid the worst hangover of your life tomorrow, and then you will sleep.” He ended his sentence with a stern and determined look on his face.

Just as he was finished, big puppy eyes met his gaze. “Awwee,marco!! But…it’s so early and it’s your birth-”
“No but’s, Star.” He cut her off midway. “You’re incredibly drunk and if you won’t go to bed right now you will feel absolutely awful tomorrow, trust me.”
“Eeuuurgghh” Star protested, but Marco already had an arm around her shoulder and dragged her back into the house.

The loud music mixed with all the different voices in the background plus the sticky, hot air on top of that really didn’t help the situation.
Marco let out a heavy sigh as he tried to lift Star up properly. She was slouching over and completely out of focus.

“Man,the alcohol really did a number on her, better get her to bed quick.” Marco thought as he was pulling her up the stairs in a careful manner, watching every step she made so Star wouldn’t fall over or hurt herself.

“Why did she even drink in the first place, I told her how dangerous it is to just dive into alcohol like that, she has no idea what her limits are.” He mumbled to himself more than anything.
They finally arrived in front of Stars room as the teenage boy made her face him.
“Okay, listen. We will go in, you will lay down and I will get you some water,alright?”
Marco was a bit overwhelmed with the situation and quite worried, he didn’t know how much Star consumed or when she even started drinking that night. He tried to conceal the concern in his eyes but it seemed easier than it was.

Star threw her arms around her friend and hugged him tight. “Thank you, Marco!! You’re always soooo sweet to me…” She lulled.

The confused teenager hugged back and sighed. “Let’s get you to bed,okay?”
Star slowly let go as she watched him open the door to her room as quietly as possible.
The night dipped the room in a dark royal blue, only the light of the moon flooding the chamber like tiny, silver waves, drawing a fine line from the window to Stars bed.

Marco slowly walked in, his hand on Star’s wrist, guiding her inside.
The princess glared at him for a second before freeing herself from his grip. She felt like she was back oin Kindergarden with a royal guard never leaving her side. She felt dumb.

“I can handle myself,Marco.” She babbled while trying to keep on her feet. “You never let me do things on my own!” The girl continued to accuse.

Marco turned around, his brown eyes pleading. It was a long night, he started to get stressed.
“Star, please. Just get to bed, let me do this for you.”
She shook her head and crossed her arms before her chest.
At this point Marco began to get highly annoyed and frustrated with her. How can she be so stubborn right now?

“Well, MAYBE if you wouldn’t have decided to get completely SMASHED tonight, you wouldn’t practically be falling over without my help, and we wouldn’t be in this mess right now!”
He snarled.

Star gasped as tears started to shoot into her big blue eyes.
“Oh nonono!” Marco exclaimed as he realised what he had done. He quickly dashed forward and gave the crying blonde a tight hug.
“I’m so sorry, Star, I didn’t mean to shout at you at all, I guess I just get a little too worried about you sometimes.” He whispered as he let go and swiped away the tears on her dampened cheek with his thumb.

“I don’t want you to think that I assume you’re not able to take care of yourself….i just..”
He looked away as he tried to explain himself better, running a hand through his hair. He was clearly anxious talking about this.
“I just want to be useful to you.”

Star looked up at him, her cheeks beginning to glow a bright pink.
The 18 year olds voice suddenly changed into a much softer, soothing tone.

“You’re the strongest person I know. Since you’ve came into my life,everything changed for the better in so many ways. You taught me how to be someone. You taught me that I should not be afraid to fall, and I lost my fear, because you were always there. Only weeks went by after I started to adore you. And only months went by before I started loving you. You bring me joy, hope and light! And you don’t expect anything in return. Hell, I am 18 now and I still haven’t told you how much you mean to me, I always chickened out! Because…you’re the princess of Mewni.”

The boy let out a weak chuckle. “While.. I’m just….the safe kid.” He said bitterly and paused, now looking Star directly in the eye. “I just want to be more to you.” He finished.

Just as he was about to go on another rant, warm,soft lips met his as he could feel Stars arms wrap around his neck.

Marco was absolutely surprised and in a daze, he surely didn’t expect such a reaction from the princess of Mewni.
Everything happened so fast, and still he felt like time froze.

It took him a few seconds until he was able to relax and just let go, melting into the warm embrace and placing his hands on her hips gently.
The two teenagers remained like that for a while until they had to catch some air, their arms still tangled around each other.

“…wow.” Marco began, his face tinted in a deep red.
“You are more to me.” Star whispered as she looked the boy in front of her deep in the eyes.
His heart was pounding like crazy, he was almost sure even Star could hear it. He gave her a bright, happy smile. “I am glad.”

Star rested her head on Marcos shoulder, her long, blonde hair glistening in the moonlight.
As Marco started stroking it, Star let out a big yawn. “I guess you were right all along, I am really tired now.”

“Told ya.” He replied shortly. “I’m doctor Marco, Phd after all!” They both let out a small chuckle while Star freed herself from the boys hug and crawled under the thick,soft blankets, which were spread across her bed.
“I really enjoyed tonight.” She mumbled as she looked up at Marco who was standing in front of the bed.

“Me too.” He replied. “But uh….I should better get going…it’s already late and all…” He stammered, as he scratched the back of his head.
Star’s eyes shimmered in disappointment. “Marco…do you think you could stay with me tonight?” She asked sweetly.

His cheeks turned even more red than they were before. He could feel them getting hot.
“UH…you mean…in your bed….with you?? In”
Star nodded in excitement. “Yeah! Just to be sure….I still feel a bit tipsy.”
The teenage boy nodded back quickly. “O-okay,sure!”
He wasn’t sure at all, he could tell that Star knew how nervous he was, but there was no turning back now.

He slid under the covers and turned around, facing the girl next to him. His heart hammering against his chest.
She took his hand and gave it a little squeeze. “I’m glad you told me how you felt.” She breathed while looking at him.

“I felt the same way for a while, I just didn’t know how to bring it up!” Star’s eyes flickered in the dim light.
“Me neither.” Marco confessed while inching closer. “But seeing you cry like that, seeing ME being the reason for you crying, broke my heart. I just had to tell you how I feel. I don’t ever want to see you hurt. And me being the reason is even more unacceptable.” Marco whispered in a hoarse voice.
“I love you.” Star hummed, half asleep.

“I love you too,Star.” Marco replied as he gave her a reassuring kiss on the forehead. “I really do.” He smiled, his eyes fluttering shut.